Henessy Fleshlight

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Anyone looking to buy the Henessy Fleshlight is in for a real treat. If is for sale in a vagina version which uses the truly awesome, not to mention thrilling, Fantatic Fleshlight sleeve. With an opening molded from the acresses own vagina it is a 100% perfect replica. Not just in the way it looks but the way it feels. The Henessy Fleshlight is the closest you could ever hope fo coming to the real thing. What is not to love about that idea?

Henessy Fleshlight - Fleshlight Girls - Fanatic Fleshlight Sleeve - Fanatic Fleshlight Texture

Name :- Henessy

Birthday :- 15th November 1989

Zodiac :- Scorpio

Height :- 5 feet 3 inches

Weight :- 114lbs

Eye Color :- Brown

Bra Size :- 33C

Henessy Fleshlight

Henessy decided to try her hand int he adult film industry when she was 18 years old back in 2008. She travelled throughout Europe shooting various scenes for various adult studios along the way. Once she landed on American shores she found herself working with legends such as Rocco, Siffredi, and Pierre Woodman. From that point onwards her career quite literally exploded. Now, Thanks to Fleshlight you can finally experience the heavenly delights of what it would really be like to be with this naturally beautiful woman of the adult film industry.

Fanatic Fleshlight Texture

Henessy Fleshlight - Fanatic Fleshlight Texture - Fanatic Fleshlight Sleeve

Fanatic Fleshlight Texture

The Fanatic Fleshlight sleeve is a mind blowing experience.

Used as the sleeve for the Henessy Fleshlight it is divided into five individual chambers. Each chamber  features its own unique texture and therefore unique form of stimulation.

You can expect various highly enjoyable sensations with this sleeve ranging from twisting, pulsating, and stroking.

This is truly a Fleshlight sleeve you really do not want to miss. It has to be experience to be truly appreciated.

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