6 Long Distance Relationship Sex Ideas

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6 Long Distance Relationship Sex Ideas - LDR Ideas

Pretty much everyone loves to be in a relationship. There really is something wonderful about having a special someone in our lives. Someone you can share your life with and someone to hold. There is something so natural in this. What makes such simple things difficult is distance so if you happen to be in a LDR this is ideal. Here are 6 long distance relationship sex ideas.

6 Long Distance Relationship Sex Ideas

1 – FeelHey Touch Bracelets

Possibly one of the hardest things about a long distance relationship is the fact you cannot touch your partner. Touch is a huge part of any relationship and this is why it has the number 1 spot among our 6 long distance relationship sex ideas. It allows both you and your partner to know you are thinking of each other. There is also the fact it provides a sense of comfort and togetherness.

The great news is that modern day technology finally has a solution to this. Now it really does not matter how much distance is between you and your partner. All it takes is a tap of a finger or two and your partner can feel your touch from anywhere in the world. This is made possible by the FeelHey Touch Bracelet.

FeelHey Touch Bracelets are synced together by using a specially designed app which is installed on your smartphone. Both partners then wear a FeelHey Touch Bracelet allowing them to feel the touch of the other.

When one partner touches the sensor on their FeelHey Touch Bracelet the other is able to feel it. It does not matter where you are in the world. All that matters is that you have a cell or WiFi signal.

The FeelHey Touch Bracelet offers a long distance couple much more than a way of feeling each others touch. It allows them to develop their own long distance, discreet way of communicating. A couple could agree that one tap means they are thinking of the other. Two taps could mean you are feeling horny. Three taps could mean you wish you were in bed with your partner right now.

You can check out the FeelHey Touch Bracelet here.

2 – Use Remote-Friendly Sex Toys

Another really difficult part of any long distance relationship is the lack of physical intimacy. Once again, thanks to the wonders of modern day technology, craving for sexual intimacy in your long distance relationship is now a thing of the past. Regardless of distance it is now possible to experience sexual intimacy with your partner from anywhere in the world.

Undoubtedly you are wondering how this is actually possible. Well, it is possible because of the ever growing range of interactive smart sex toys that are now available.

These type of sex toys are available for both men and women. They are able to be synced together using a simple internet connection and controlled using an app installed on a smartphone.

The very best interactive sex toys for couples are made by Kiiroo. This company has created a fantastic range of these sex toys for both men and women. What is truly fantastic about these sex toys is that couples are able to feel exactly what each other is feeling as if they were physically together. The perfect way to have a sexual relationship over any distance.

Should one partner care to treat the other these toys can also be controlled over any distance using the specially designed smartphone app. Just imagine how much fun you could have during a video chat or sexting session with these Kiiroo sex toys. They certainly bring a whole new dimension to any long distance relationship and come highly recommended.

You can check out the Kiiroo’s range of interactive sex toys for couples here.

3 – Have Erotic Conversations

Believe it or not but simple spoken words on their own are a great way of creating sexual intimacy. Spoken words are much more than a way of creating sexual intimacy.

If you take the time to have simple erotic conversations with your partner you will quickly learn how to communicate better. After all communication is key to all successful relationships. Even non-long distance relationships need good communication between partners.

When you are finally physically together you will have have built sexual suspense. You will also be a much better communicator. There is also the fact that you will most likely become a master in the art of talking dirty.

4 – Sexy Notes

Anyone in a long distance relationship will tell you that it is vital you make the most of ever second you have together. A great way of making the most of your precious time together is to do everything you can to extend it. What better way to do this than by leaving a hand written note or two in your lovers luggage. This can be done while they are preparing to leave and will be an amazing surprise when they find it.

Try leaving notes that say things like “I cannot wait to touch you again,” or “next time I see you I’m not going to hesitate to rip off your clothes.” Perhaps you could say things like “I am touching myself while thinking about you and the last time we made love.”

5 – Naughty Photos and Videos

A great way to keep the spark alive in a long distance relationship would be to send naughty photos or videos. This will most certainly have your partner thinking about you all day long. Therefore it is the perfect way to keep that sexual flam alive.

It is most certainly worth pointing out that you should only ever do this with a trusted partner. Sending naughty photos or videos is certainly not something to do with a new partner. You HAVE to trust them 110%.

6 – Mail them Something Personal

Can you remember the days before eMail? The days when we loved to receive a letter through the post. Well, not much has really changed since those days. In fact we all till love getting things that are fun through the mail. Something that is not a bill.

With this is mind why not send them a passionate hand written letter or a non-digital nude photo. If you are uncomfortable with a nude why not try something with a more teasing nature. Perhaps you could send a sex toy to your long distance lover. This could be one of your own sex toys or a brand new sex toy for them. Maybe some worn underwear.

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