Alternative Uses For Sex Dolls

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If you own or are thinking of buying a sex doll you may possibly be wondering about alternative uses for sex dolls. We all know sex dolls are anything cheap so it makes perfect sense to use them for more than just sex. This leads to the obvious question – what are alternative uses for sex dolls?

Alternative Uses For Sex Dolls

The simple truth is that pretty much everyone who owns a sex doll uses them for much more than just sex. This bring us to the top alternative uses for sex dolls.

Companionship and Friendship

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Number one on our alternative uses for sex dolls list is companionship and friendship. It will probably come as very little surprise to hear that the majority of men buy a sex doll with the hope she will become a friend and companion.

This is a truly wonderful thing about sex dolls. Not only can they help fill a sexual void. Because they are so lifelike and realistic they can really help people suffering from loneliness. Lots of men find themselves quickly developing feelings for their sex dolls. They watch television and movies with them. They cuddle their dolls and share meals, bathe, and sleep with them.

If you are looking to buy a sex doll as a companion we would highly recommend one of the many artificially intelligent robot sex dolls. These robotic dolls usually feature a head and face that is animatronic. On top of that these artificially intelligent robotic sex dolls are capable of holding a conversation with you. They are capable of learning things about you and even respond to your touch. You really could not ask for anything more if you are looking to ease a bad case of loneliness.

We would personally recommend RealDoll products. There simply is no sex doll manufacturer in the world that produce dolls that are this realistic. They are so lifelike you could easily mistake them for a real woman. Even when you know they are a sex doll you can so easily get confused. Their line of artificially intelligent robot sex dolls are the very best and most advanced in the world. You can check them out on the RealDoll website by clicking here.

Adults Sex Education

Buy Sex Dolls For Sale - Strange and Alternative Uses For Sex Dolls

When it comes to alternative uses for sex dolls adult education is also a hugely popular use.

Many guys who buy sex dolls do indeed buy them so they can have sex with them. However, many of these guys are also looking for ways to gain sexual experience. For most of us we are lucky enough to have fumbling experiences with the opposite sex as we grow up. Sadly there are all to many guys who are not lucky. They end up as adults feeling inadequate and anxious about any sexual encounter they may have as an adult.

Because high end sex dolls are so very realistic they offer the perfect way of giving a man experience. Not only do sex dolls allow a man the chance to experiment with a woman’s body it allows them to explore their own likes and dislikes. Most sex doll owners report the same anticipation with a sex doll as they would with a real woman. This very fact can greatly help improve any guys confidence in the bedroom.

Just imagine how much more confident you could have been if you could have experimented with a sex doll when you were new with dating.

Art Projects and a Muse

If you are looking for alternative uses for sex dolls have you ever considered from an artists perspective?

Buy Sex Dolls For Sale - Strange and Alternative Uses For Sex Dolls

Imagine if you were a painter and wanted a subject to paint but had no one willing at hand. Well, if you owned a sex doll then all your problems would be solved. Many artists undoubtedly struggle to find a woman willing to pose nude for them. A sex doll cold be the answer to all your prayers. The very same concept could be said of photographers of all genres.

Some people may even choose to use sex dolls as part of an actual work of art. Such works of art have been created and have become hugely popular.

There are other artists, writers for example, who may want to use a sex doll as a source of inspiration. Because high end sex dolls are so lifelike and beautiful it is easy to see why their beauty would be inspirational to writers.

Joke Gifts and Parties

You have probably lived under a rock since birth if you are unaware one of the most common alternative uses for sex dolls is as a gag gift. Surely we have all seen batchelor parties where someone shows up with an inflatable sex doll. Obviously we are realise sex dolls have come a long, long way from those inflatable dolls. However, these blowup dolls are still available and make an ideal joke gift for all types of occasions.

If you have money to burn there is nothing to stop you buying a high end sex doll for a joke gift.


As you have undoubtedly realised sex dolls are much more than sex toys for men. Alternative uses for sex dolls are limited by nothing more than your own imagination. They prove themselves to be everything from the perfect companion to teachers and self-development devices.

Buy Sex Dolls For Sale - Strange and Alternative Uses For Sex Dolls

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