Best Asian Sex Doll 2020

For many men their ultimate fantasy is spending time with an Asian lady. It is therefore hardly any surprise that many men are desperate to buy the very best Asian sex doll of 2019. The best Asian sex dolls are a hugely popular choice nowadays and, in many cases, are among the best selling dolls on the market.

Best Asian Sex Doll 2020

The best Asian sex doll can cost quite a bit of money. While they range hugely in price it is important to understand that you really do get what you pay for. It is worth, in most cases, paying that little bit extra in order to get a highly realistic and hard wearing product that will last you a very long time. Of course when you are spending your hard earned money you want to be sure that you are spending it on the best product available. This is why we have tried and tested the very best Asian sex doll products available so you know you will be buying the very best to suit your needs and price range.

Best Asian Sex Doll - Asa Akira Sex Doll - RealDoll WickedAsa AkiraCHECK PRICE HERE
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Best Asian Sex Doll - Sai 1.0 Sex Doll - RealDollSai 1.0CHECK PRICE HERE
Best Asian Sex Doll - Sharon 167Evo - DS DollSharon 167EvoCHECK PRICE HERE
Best Asian Sex Doll - Kaori 1.0 - RealDollKaori 1.0CHECK PRICE HERE
Best Asian Sex Doll - SusanSusanCHECK PRICE HERE
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1 – Asa Akira – RealDoll – Best Asian Sex Doll Overall

Best Asian Sex Doll - Asa Akira Sex Doll - RealDoll Wicked

Anyone who is familiar with the various companies that produce sex dolls will hardly be surprised to find a product by RealDoll at the number one spot on any selection of the best Asian sex doll products.

The Asa Akira sex doll is a perfect replica of the legendary Asian adult film actress. A huge amount of time and effort has went into her design and manufacture making her one of the most realistic looking and feeling sex dolls available.

Just like the real Asa Akira the doll stands 5ft 2 inches tall with a 34 inch chest, a 24 inch waist, 34 inch hips, and C-Cup breasts. The only aspect of the Asa Akira sex doll which is not 100% accurate is her weight. The real adult film actress weighs around 110 lbs whereas the Asa Akira sex doll weighs between 65 and 70 lbs. Other than that even her shoe size, size 6, is exactly the same.

Aside from looking and feeling extremely lifelike the Asa Akira sex doll can be positioned into any pose that the real adult film actress could achieve. This really does add to the high degree of realism. You really will struggle to find a more realistic Asian sex doll.

She is also highly customizable. Should you care to it is possible to easily change nearly any aspect of the Asa Akira sex doll. Even after buying this doll it is still possible to buy accessories that will change her appearance. Her hair, skin tone, eyes, even her face and more can be altered to suit your own personal preferences.

Highly RealisticExpensive
Extremely High Quality
All Forms of Sex
Perfect Replica of Asa Akira


2 – Kiki – WM Dolls – Best Asian Sex Doll – Best Value

Best Asian Sex Doll - Kiki

Even a quick glance is enough to see that Kiki from WM Dolls is not just one of the best Asian sex doll products available but one of the most realistic. In fact Kiki is so realistic it can be difficult to tell that she is actually a sex doll. Even when you touch her it is difficult to tell that she is not real.

As you can see Kiki is an extremely beautiful and sexy doll. She stands 5ft 3 inches tall and features, not only an exceptionally attractive face, but an extremely sexy body as well.

She has beautifully shaped breasts which are B-Cups combined with an 29.5 inch chest, a 25.1 inch waist, and 35.4 inch hips. Weighing 90.3 lbs she even weighs the same as a real person making her all the more lifelike.

Kiki from WM dolls is also extremely customizable. Should there be any attribute of her that is not to your liking then this is easily changed. Such customizations include the ability to change her hairstyle and color, her eyes, skin tone, breast size, height, body measurements, pubic hair, even her head and more can be altered to suit your own personal tastes and desires.

This awesome Asian sex doll is also exceptional value for money. While she is certainly not cheap she costs a lot less than many other sex dolls available to buy. She is also looks a lot more realistic and, in most cases, is of a much higher quality all around.

Extremely RealisticUpgraded Feet Needed to Stand
High Quality Manufacturing
All Forms of Sex
Exceptional Value for Money


3 – Sai 1.0 – RealDoll – Petitie

Best Asian Sex Doll - Sai 1.0 Sex Doll - RealDoll

As we have already stated, RealDoll is a manufacture of extremely high quality and extremely realistic sex dolls. It is therefore hardly any surprise that another RealDoll product finds its place as our number three choice of best Asian sex doll.

The Sai 1.0 sex doll is a beautiful, exceptionally sexy, and extremely high quality Asian sex doll. Standing a mere 4ft 10 inches tall she looks and feels like your stereotypical Asian lady.

She is available in three different body types which should be enough to suit all tastes of people looking to buy the best Asian sex doll. All body types are the same 4ft 10 inches tall but you are given the options of a body with measurements which include 32C-22-32, 32DD-22-36, and 32A-22-32. This allows you to choose between a beautiful slender Asian lady and a curvy Asian lady.

It is not just the body measurements that are customizable. As with all RealDoll products every last aspect of Sai 1.0 can be easily altered to suit your own fantasy. You can even buy your best Asian sex doll then buy accessories at a later date allowing you to alter her appearance depending on your mood.

Highly CustomizableExpensive
Highly Realistic
High Quality Product
Capable of All Forms of Sex


4 – Sharon 167Evo – DS Doll

Best Asian Sex Doll - Sharon 167Evo - DS Doll

Sharon is part of DS Doll’s 167Evo range of products and is one of the best Asian sex doll products available. She looks and feels exceptionally lifelike not to mention beautiful and sexy. She offers the capacity of vaginal, oral, and anal sex.

The Sharon 167Evo gets her name because she is fitted with the DS Doll Sharon style head.

When stood up the Sharon 167Evo sex doll stands 5ft 4 inches tall. She is a little lighter than a real person weighing only 63.93lb although this does little to distract you away from the sense of realism she has.

She has D-Cup sized breasts with a 26.77 inch chest, a 23.23 inch waist, and 37.4 inch hips. Her body is a beautiful and sexy as her face. Every last inch of Sharon’s body is a highly detailed and as beautiful as her elegant facial features.

She is also highly customizable so should there be any aspect of her that does not suit your personal taste it is easily changed. Everything, including her hair, eyes, skin tone, fingernails, body size and height, breast size, pubic hair, and more can be customized. It is nice to see that DS Doll also allow for the head to be changed if the lack of an oral function is an issue.

Highly Detailed and RealisticNo Oral Function
High Quality Manufacturing
Realistic Posing


5 – Kaori 1.0 – RealDoll

Best Asian Sex Doll - Kaori 1.0 - RealDoll

Our number five choice of best Asian sex doll is yet another product designed and made by RealDoll. In this slot we have the stunningly beautiful, wonderfully sexy, and incredibly realistic, Kaori 1.0. This best Asian sex doll boasts all the characteristics of a very beautiful Asian woman.

In her pre-configured form Kaori 1.0 stands 4ft 10 inches tall, weighs 60lbs, and has size 4 shoes. She has A-Cup sized breasts with a 32 inch chest, a 22 inch waist, and 32 inch hips. This makes her as close to the most beautiful Asian woman you can possibly imagine.

Kaori 1.0, like all RealDoll products, is also highly customizable. At the point of sale you can choose between a range of body types which allow you to choose the perfect height, body measurements, breast size, skin tone, and more. Then, even after you have bought your Kaori 1.0 doll, you can buy further customizations which allow you to change her appearance. Such customizations include the ability to change her hair, eyes, head, and her face. There are also a large collection of accessories which are compatible with most RealDoll products. All these products are specifically designed to enhance the user experience.

Highly RealisticExpensive
Highly Customizable
Exceptionally High Quality
Capable of All Forms of Sex


6 – Susan – WM Doll

Best Asian Sex Doll - Susan

One of the most beautiful, sexiest, and best Asian sex doll products is the beautiful Susan from WM Doll. She boasts highly attractive facial features with brown hair cut in a bobbed style combined with huge breasts and a smoking hot body. This really is a highly realistic sex doll that will provide you countless hours of enjoyment.

Stood tall Susan measures a tall 5 feet 6 inches from head to toe and weighs 88lbs. This makes her heavy enough to feel realistic yet easy enough to move around, transport, and position into poses.

She has highly impressive, realistic, and large H-Cup breasts. Combined with her 36 inch chest, 24 inch waist, and 35.5 inch hips Susan has a heavenly curvy hourglass figure that is hypnotic to say the very least.

Susan also offers a high degree of customiaztion with many of these options offered free at the point of sale. This makes Susan not only a very well priced sex doll but a sex doll that is exceptional value for money.

Fantastic Cheap Sex DollRemovable Vagina Costs Extra
Capable of All Forms of Sex
Lifelike Posing


7 – Hillary – YL Doll – Best Asian Doll – Asian MILF /  Mature

Hillary - Asian MILF Sexy Doll

Not everyone who is looking for the best Asian sex doll is looking for a doll that looks young. There is a huge number of men who would like nothing better than spending some time with the best Asian sex doll that has a mature or MILF look about here. This is where the beautiful Hillary from YL Doll comes in.

Hillary is a beautiful, sexy, mature and confident Asian lady who takes great pride in her appearance. She looks and feels ultra realistic and features a stunning athletic body and beautifully sculpted breasts.

Standing up Hillary is 5ft 1 inch tall with huge H-Cup breasts. Her chest is 33 inches while her waist measures 22 inches and her hips measures 35 inches. Her weight even feels exceptionally realistic at 66lbs.

She is made from high quality TPE with a high level of skill been applied to making her look just as realistic as she feels.

Hillary is also highly customizable. There is quite literally nothing that can not be altered on this sex doll to suit your own individual desires. Everything from her nipple color, skin tone, breast size, even her face can be altered to satisfy your own fantasies.

If a mature lady is what you desire when buying the best Asian sex doll then Hillary should be at the very top of your list.

Best Asian MILF DollOptions Cost Extra
Exceptionally Realistic
High Quality
High Level of Customization


8 – Beth – WM Dolls

Best Asian Sex Dolls - Beth

Beth is a an exceptionally realistic doll with beautiful girl next door looks and has a well earned place among our choices of best Asian sex doll. She is designed and manufactured by WM Dolls and is sold at a price that will suit anyone on looking for the best Asian sex doll but happens to be on a tight budget.

She stands 5ft 5 inches tall with size 2 feet and beautiful large D-Cup breasts. Her chest measures 31 inches while her waist measure 21 inches with 30 inch hips. These measurements make her an athletic looking Asian sex doll with curves in all the right places.

As with all WM Dolls Beth is highly customizable which means on the rare occasion a person may find something not to their liking this is easily changed. Her skin tone, height, breast size, body shape, shoulders, and more can all be changed with ease.

There are also a large number of upgrades that are available for Beth at an extra cost. We would certainly recommend that you consider upgrading her feet which will allow her to be positioned in a standing pose. We would also recommend that you upgrade her mouth to the enhanced mouth. This enhanced mouth offers even more realism featuring a tongue and a more realistic look and feel when entering it.

Looks RealisticOptions Cost Extra
Great Price
High Quality
Provides All Forms of Sex
Beautiful Big Breasts


9 – Harmony – DollHouse 168

Harmony Sex Doll - Best Asian Sex Doll

Harmony is another best Asian sex doll with beautiful innocent girl next door looks. Designed and manufactured by DollHouse 168 from medical grade, non-toxic TPE which make her look and feels ultra realistic.

Harmony is one of the best Asian sex doll products for anyone on a budget or simply looking for an entry level sex doll.

When stood up she stands 5ft 2 inches tall. Her height makes her beautiful and ultra realistic D-Cup breasts look even bigger on her small frame.

She has an 32 inch chest, an 21.6 inch waist, with 32.6 inch hips and wears 2 size shoes which gives her the appearance of the perfect cute and sexy Asian girl next door.

Beth is also provides a level of customization. Although this level of customization is not as great as some of the more expensive best Asian sex doll products there are still a few options to choose from. Such options include pubic hair color and customized vaginal texture. There is also the option of adding transgender accessories to Beth.

Excellent Price and ValueOnly One Head Option
Extremely Lifelike and RealisticLimited Customization
Capable of All Sex Acts
High Quality


10 – Nell 167Evo – DS Doll – Best Asian Sex Doll – Japanese Sex Doll

Nell 167Evo DS Doll

Even though the Nell 167Evo is our final choice of best Asian sex doll this does not mean she is any less special than the other products we have chosen before her. She is designed and manufactured by DS Doll and is certainly one of the most realistic Asian sex dolls available to buy.

She is ideally suited for people who want an Asian sex doll that has a Japanese look to her.

Nell stands 5ft 4 inches tall with exceptionally beautiful and realistic looking D-Cup breasts which look even larger because of her height.

She has a 26.77 inch chest, an 23.33 inch waist, and 37.4 inch hips which contribute to her appearance as a beautiful and sexy Asian lady. weighing a mere 63lbs she is possibly a little lighter than a real woman her size but this really does not take anything away from how realistic this Asian sex doll feels even when in use.

Her eyes, skin tone, finger bones, fingernails, and pubic hair can all be customized at the point of purchase at no extra cost. Accessories and extra or different heads will cost extra. We would recommend considering the purchase of an extra head as Nell does not offer an oral sex function. If this is something you really wish to do with your sex doll there are many heads that look very similar to Nell that feature a mouth capable of offering oral sex.

High QualityNo Oral Function
Very Realistic
Best Japanese Sex Doll
Vaginal and Oral Capability


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