Best Cheap Fleshlight 2020

The great thing about Fleshlight products is not just the fact they are an industry leader in sex toy products for men. It is also the fact that they are of an exceptionally high quality, highly stimulating, and exceptionally well priced. However, just because Fleshlight products are so well priced doest not mean that people do not ask what is the Best Cheap Fleshlight products available.

Best Cheap Fleshlight 2020

The truth is Fleshight products vary in price. There is the high end products which include the likes of the Fleshlight Launch but there are also Fleshlight products which cater for those on a budget. Here we have selected the very best cheap Fleshlight products available.

Best Cheap Fleshlight - Blue Ice With CaseFleshskins Blue IceCHECK PRICE HERE
Best Cheap Fleshlight - Quickshot: VantageQuickshot: VantageCHECK PRICE HERE
Best Cheap Fleshlight - Quickshot: BoostQuickshot: BoostCHECK PRICE HERE
Best Cheap Fleshlight - Flight: PilotFleshlight: PilotCHECK PRICE HERE
Best Cheap Fleshlight - Classic Pink LadyClassic Pink LadyCHECK PRICE HERE
Best Cheap Fleshlight - Ice LadyIce LadyCHECK PRICE HERE
Best Cheap Fleshlight - Go Surge LadyGo Surge LadyCHECK PRICE HERE
Best Cheap Fleshlight - Flight: AviatorFlight AviatorCHECK PRICE HERE
Best Cheap Fleshlight - Go Surge LadyGo Torque IceCHECK PRICE HERE
Best Cheap Fleshlight - Sex In A Can - Lady LargerSex In A Can: Lady LagerCHECK PRICE HERE

1 – Fleshskins Blue Ice – Best Cheap Fleshlight – Overall

Best Cheap Fleshlight - Blue Ice With Case

In the past anyone looking to buy the best cheap Fleshlight would have had to settle for one of the companies Quickshot products. While the Fleshlight Quickshot products are highly stimulating, excellent quality, and extremely cheap, their one disadvantage is that they are half the length of a conventional Fleshlight.

This is the very reason we have chosen the Fleshskins Blue Ice as the very best cheap Fleshlight. The Fleshskins Blue Ice is very much like a conventional Fleshlight but it does not include the familiar black case we all know, love, and recognise as a Fleshlight product.

We must say that the fact the Fleshskins Blue Ice has no case actually gives this a huge advantage over conventional Fleshlight products. Because there is no case you can quite literally control the intensity and the tightness as you use it. The same applies if you use the Fleshskins Blue Ice with a partner. In this case they would be controlling the tightness and the intensity of the stimulation.

The sleeve of the Fleshskins Blue Ice is the same high quality, skin-soft, and insanely textured as you would expect from a Fleshlight. The inside of the Fleshskins skin not only offers a high degree of stimulation it feels highly realistic as well. What we really like about the Fleshskins Blue Ice is that the sleeve features slots for your fingers which help when gripping the sleeve. We also love that while the Fleshskins Blue Ice does not come with a case that is used when this product is in action it does come with a storage case.

Of course, as you would expect from our best cheap Fleshlight, the Fleshskins Blue Ice is sold at a superb price which makes it excellent value for money.

Highly StimulatingSleeve Only
Finger Loops to Aid Grip
Excellent Price and Value
You Control the Intensity
Transparent For Intimacy With Partner
Discreet Storage Case


2 – Quickshot: Vantage – Best Cheap Fleshlight – Compact

Best Cheap Fleshlight - Quickshot: Vantage

In your search for the very best cheap Fleshlight you will have to go a long way to find one better or better value than the Quickshot: Vantage.

This is a Fleshlight that is somewhat smaller than what many assume to be a typical Fleshlight but that in no way takes anything away from just how awesome the Quickshot: Vantage really is.

Not only is this an ideal product for men who are using it by themselves it is also a fantastic product that can be used as extra stimulation when used by couples. This means it is the perfect addition for couples and allows that extra bit of stimulation when used for during oral sex or could be used as a solo sex toy.

The Quickshot: Vantage is half the size of a conventional Fleshlight which makes it the ideal travel companion. It can be entered from either end, something that makes cleaning the Quickshot: Vantage exceptionally easy.

Despite its small size the Quickshot: Vantage still offers a high degree of stimulation thanks the the texture on the inner walls of the sleeve.

Like all of the best cheap Fleshlight products the Quickshot: Vantage also comes with its own discreet storage case.

High Degree of StimulationShorter Length than Conventional Fleshlights
Discreet Storage Case IncludedTransparent Case Not Very Discreet
Easy to Clean
Excellent Price
Transparent Case Highly Intimate for Couples


3 – Quickshot: Boost – Best Cheap Fleshlight – 2nd Best Compact

Best Cheap Fleshlight - Quickshot: Boost

The Quickshot: Boost is nearly identical in every way to the Quickshot: Vantage. It looks the same, has the same textured walls on the inside, it is even priced the same. The reason why we decided that the Quickshot: Vantage was the best cheap Fleshlight product over the Quickshot: Boost is because of the color.

The Quickshot: Boost comes in a black case with a grey sleeve whereas the the Quickshot: Vantage comes in a clear case and features a clear Fleshlight sleeve. We found that the fact the Quickshot: Vantage was clear gave it a higher degree of intimacy when used with a partner. It was this reason alone that made us feel the Quickshot: Boost deserved second place over the Quickshot: Vantage.

Other than the coloring everything else is the same. The Quickshot: Boost is a highly stimulating Fleshlight which feels nice and tight when in use. It allows for entry from either end, is exceptionally easy to clean, and comes with its own discreet black storage case. Where the Quickshot: Boost did win over the Quickshot: Vantage is the case. Because the case supplied with the Quickshot: Boost is black rather than transparant it means it can be stored in a more discreet fashion.

High Level of StimulationHalf the Size of Conventional Fleshlights
Great PriceGrey Sleeve Not as Intimate for Couples
Discreet Storage Case Included
Easy to Clean
Black Case is Highly Discreet


4 – Fleshlight: Pilot – Best Cheap Fleshlight – Full Size Fleshlight

Best Cheap Fleshlight - Flight: Pilot

It would be impossible to ignore that most people looking to buy the best cheap Fleshlight also want to buy what we a typical Fleshlight product. A full length, highly stimulating Fleshlight sleeve, and discreet case with a screw on top.

This is where the Fleshlight: Pilot comes onto our list of best cheap fleshlight products. The Fleshlight: Pilot is a full size, highly stimulating Fleshlight which looks just like we all imagine a Fleshlight product should look. What makes it different to any other typical full size Fleshlight is its exceptionally low price which makes it superb value for money. Yes, the Fleshlight: Pilot is slightly more expensive than Quickshot or Fleshskins products but only a very small amount more expensive.

The Fleshlight: Pilot consists, like all full size Fleshlights, of a discreet black case and a Fleshlight sleeve. This is what makes this product so fantastic. Unlike smaller Fleshlights the Fleshlight: Pilot has a full length sleeve which offers a variety of different textures and tightnesses as you move through it. One thing for sure is that the Fleshlight: Pilot will certainly not disappoint. It is highly stimulating and feels highly realistic.

The only negative thing we can really say about the Fleshlight: Pilot is that the opening does not look realistic. It looks okay but it lacks a visual sense of authenticity. However, this in no way distracts from just how real and stimulating the Fleshlight: Pilot really is. Besides, you really could not ask for anything more especially when you consider the awesome price.

Highly StimulatingOpening Does Not Look That Realistic
Highly Realistic
Great Value and Price
Full Size Fleshlight
Varied Stimulation


5 – Classic Pink Lady

Best Cheap Fleshlight - Classic Pink Lady

It would be a sin not to include the Classic Pink Lady among our picks of best cheap Fleshlight products. Especially when you consider just how well priced the Classic Pink Lady is nowadays. This is the original and still considered by many to be the very best Fleshlight product available. One thing for sure is now it has such a highly attractive price tag it has become a highly desirable product.

The Classic Pink Lady has an opening that looks highly realistic. It not only looks highly realistic it feels just like the real thing. Even once you are inside the sleeve of the Classic Pink Lady you will be amazed just how real it feels. You could easily mistake it for the real thing.

The Classic Pink Lady still comes with the sleeve inside the original Fleshlight casing complete with a screw on lid. The sleeve easily comes out of the case for cleaning which is exceptionally easy thanks to the simple texture of the internal walls of this Fleshight sleeve.

Great PriceSleeve Has Only One Texture
Looks and Feels Highly Realistic
Highly Stimulating
Full Size Fleshlight


6 – Ice Lady – Best Cheap Fleshlight – For Couples

Best Cheap Fleshlight - Ice Lady

The Ice Lady Fleshlight is not only one of the best Cheap Fleshlight products it is also one of the best Fleshlights for couples. This is thanks to the fact the Ice Lady is a transparent Fleshlight which means both you and your partner can see what is going on inside which greatly enhances the level of intimacy.

The Ice Lady looks realistic thanks to the way the opening is moulded. However, the fact the entire Fleshlight sleeve is transparent does reduce the sense of realism a little. However, it in no way distracts from how real the opening feels.

The sleeve itself is highly stimulating offering a wide range of stimulation as you move in and out of it. No less then an impressive seven different textures line the internal walls of the Ice Lady with each one increasing the stimulation and becoming tighter.

The Ice Lady is encased in a transparent classic look Fleshight case. The sleeve is easily removed from this case which makes the Ice Lady extremely easy to clean.

Delightfully Tight at End of SleeveTransparent Case Lack Discretion
Transparency Is Highly Intimate for Couples
Feels Highly Realistic
Highly Stimulating


7 – Go Surge Lady – Best Cheap Fleshlight – Full Size Travel Fleshlight

Best Cheap Fleshlight - Go Surge Lady

The Go Surge Lady is not only one of the best cheap Fleshlight products it is one of the best Fleshlights for anyone travels. Basically, the Go Surge Lady is a light, compact, compressed version of the original and best selling Fleshlight.

The sleeve of the Go Surge Lady offers a wide variety or stimulation as you progress back and forth through the chamber. It also feels highly realistic. In total the sleeve of the Go Surge Lady no less than five different chambers each with their own texture and form of stimulation.

As you would expect the Go Surge Lady comes in its own black case which is highly discreet and compact. This means you do not need to worry that much about hiding your Go Surge Lady away. This level of discretion is also something that is highly desirable when travelling should you be asked to open your cases at the airport.

Excellent Travel CompanionPossibly Too Tight For Larger Men
Highly Realistic
Great Price
Highly Discreet Case


8 – Flight Aviator – Best Cheap Fleshlight – Anal Sensation

Best Cheap Fleshlight - Flight: Aviator

Not everyone looking to buy the best cheap Fleshlight product will be looking for a Fleshlight modelled on a vagina. Many people will be looking for the best cheap Fleshlight which is modelled on a female butt. If this sounds like what you are looking for then you really should check out the awesome Flight Aviator. While this is not a Fleshlight which makes the claim of taking its inspiration from a butt it comes remarkably close to the real thing.

The opening of the Flight Aviator certainly does not look realistic but it does feel just like the real thing. It feels both soft and tight. Once through the opening of the Flight Aviator you enter the Fleshlight sleeve. This sleeve consists of a single ribbed like texture which provides and insane level of stimulation while feeling super realistic. The sleeve starts quite wide for an inch or so then quickly becomes heavenly tight which increases the level of stimulation.

As you would expect from a Fleshlight product the Flight Aviator comes complete with its own case. This is the one thing that does let the Flight Aviator down if you are buying a Fleshlight because of their discreet casings. Since the case of the Flight Aviator is transparent it lack the discretion of a solid color case.

Transparent Gives Intimacy for CouplesTransparent Case Lacks Discretion
Highly Realistic Butt Experience
Heavenly Tight
Intensely Stimulating


9 – Go Torque Ice

Best Cheap Fleshlight - Go Torque Ice

The Go Torque Ice is another product from the hugely popular Go range of Fleshlight products. Like other products in the Go range the Go Torque Ice is a light, compact, and discreet Fleshlight which makes it ideal for travel. The Go Torque Ice is basically a compressed version, with a few modifications, of the original best selling Fleshlight.

This is not only a great Fleshlight for anyone who cares to take it on their travels. Because the Go Torque Ice is a transparent Fleshlight it gives a high degree of intimacy for couples who enjoy using sex toys together.

The sleeve of the Go Torque Ice offers a high degree of intense and varied stimulation. In total the Go Torque Ice provides seven different textures throughout the internal chamber which means you will never get bored.

As you would expect the Go Torque Ice comes with its own Fleshlight case which provides handy storage and protection. It is worth pointing out that the case of this Fleshlight is transparent so the level of discretion when storing it is limited.

Transparent Adds Intimacy for CouplesTransparent Case Lacks Discretion
Multiple Champers with Different Textures
Highly Stimulating
Ideal Travel Companion


10 – Sex In A Can: Lady Lager – Best Cheap Fleshlight – Unique

Best Cheap Fleshlight - Sex In A Can - Lady Larger

One of the great things about the Sex In A Can: Lady Lager is that not only is it one of the best cheap Fleshlight products it is also one of the most unique. Rather using a Fleshlight case to contain and store this Fleshlight sleeve the Lady Lager comes contained in a case that looks just like a regular can of larger. This makes the Sex In A Can: Lady Lager a highly discreet Fleshlight. Even if someone is familiar with such products they are less likely to spot this wherever you happen to store it.

Despite the fact the Sex In A Can: Lady Lager is smaller than a conventional Fleshlight it still offers a sleeve which is highly realistic, varied, and highly stimulating. There are no less than five variations of the texture inside this Fleshlight sleeve which is incredible considering the size of it.

The sleeve is easily removed from the lager can case which means the Sex In A Can: Lady Lager can be used with the can or you can take greater control over the simulation by using it without. Removing the Fleshlight sleeve from the can also makes this an exceptionally easy to clean Fleshlight.

Highly Realistic OpeningCase Could Look More Realistic
Compact and Ideal for TravelHalf Size of Conventional Fleshlight
Highly Stimulating
Discreet Case


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