Best Japanese Sex Doll

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If you are looking to buy the best Japanese sex doll you are in good company. There are, quite literally, thousands of guys all over the world who has a thing for beautiful Asian women. Sadly, most of these guys are not in a position to ever enjoy this desire. Therefore if you are to buy the best Japanese sex doll you can satisfy your sexual desire and gain a loyal Asian companion.

Best Japanese Sex Doll

When it comes to Asian sex dolls it is Japanese sex dolls that appear to be in the highest demand. Here we look at the companies which produce the very best Japanese sex doll products.


Best Japanese Sex Doll - Buy Asian Love Dolls - RealDoll - Asa Akira

When it comes to choosing the best Japanese sex doll, in most cases, realism and quality will undoubtedly be the most important factor a person considers. With that in mind we cannot recommend RealDoll highly enough.

This is an America based sex doll manufacturer with a stellar reputation for producing some of the most realistic sex dolls in the world.

Not only does this company produce the most realistic sex dolls all their products are of the very highest quality.

The only negative thing that can be said about RealDoll is that if you are looking to buy the best Japanese sex doll they only make one preconfigured product. However, it is worth pointing out that you can create your own custom doll using their website.

The one Japanese love doll they do produce will blow you away.

Why will it blow you away?

Well, put simply this is the Asa Akira sex doll which is part of the company’s Wicked Doll range. This doll will prove to be perfect if you areĀ  fan of this adult film star or if you are simply looking to buy a highly realistic Asian sex doll.

DS Doll

Best Japanese Sex Doll - Buy Asian Love Dolls - RealDoll - Asa Akira

Another option if you are looking to buy the best Japanese sex doll is DS Doll. This is yet another sex doll manufacturer that is very well known for producing highly realistic love dolls.

They even produce DS Summit Series which features sex dolls that really are exceptionally wonderful.

You will quite literally find yourself mistaking some of these dolls for a real living woman. Exactly what you want from a sex doll.

What really stands out about DS Doll products is not simply their realism or their exceptionally high quality.

It is the huge selection of sex dolls that they produce. Whatever you desire a sex doll to look like you can rest assured that DS Doll will have something that will be nothing short of perfect to meet your needs.

Their range of Asian and Japanese dolls is exceptional.

WM Doll

On the subject of the best Japanese sex doll products it would certainly be a sin if we failed to mention WM Doll.

WM Doll is possibly one of the best known and most popular sex doll manufacturers in the world. They certainly have one of the largest selections of sex dolls of any manufacturer.

Best Japanese Sex Doll - Buy Asian Love Dolls - RealDoll - Asa Akira

The dolls produced by this company range from the budget end of the market all the way through to the luxury high end of the market.

Anyone looking to buy the very best Japanese sex doll from WM Doll should take a very serious look at the highly realistic, very sexy, and drop dead gorgeous Kiki sex doll. This doll stands at 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 92 lbs. This is a little lighter than a real woman but has proven to be around the ideal weight for any sex doll. Heavy enough to feel just like the real thing when in use. Light enough to move around with relative ease.

The Kiki sex doll has perfectly formed breasts which are C-Cups. She has a 35 inch bust combined with a 26 inch waist and 36 inch hips.

This, along with other WM Doll products are certainly among the very best Japanese sex doll products for sale. They are ideal if you are wanting to buy a sex doll but are on a tight budget.

Gynoid Dolls

Yet another sex doll manufacturer which you really should consider is Gynoid Dolls. This company has a limited selection of Japanese love dolls for sale.

Best Japanese Sex Doll - Buy Asian Love Dolls

However, the dolls they do produce are remarkably lifelike. Many of these beautiful dolls will easily have you taking a second look to make sure they are not real women.

We would highly recommend you check out the Fleue, Jamie, Raylie, Kerica, and Nerissa dolls from this company. They are among the most beautiful and realistic love dolls you will ever see.

AI Tech Doll

If you are looking for something more than simply the best Japanese sex doll, perhaps an artificially intelligent robot love doll, you really should check out products manufactured by AI Tech Doll.

Ai Tech Doll is a company well known for producing high end, artificially intelligent robot sex dolls. This high end robot technology is exactly what makes these products stand out among a sea of love dolls.

These dolls have the ability to alter their facial expression, move their lips, blink their eyes, and move their head. They can also hold a conversation with you, learning the things you like and dislike.

These amazing sex doll robots can even respond to your touch. It is truly amazing having sex with a robotic doll when she begins to respond to whatever you are doing to her. It adds a whole new dimension to the possibilities of owning a sex doll.

Best Japanese Sex Doll - Buy Asian Love Dolls

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