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Since you are here you are obviously looking to buy the best sex pillow. Here we have looked at, tried and tested and created a review of the very best products that money can buy. Here, there is something for every budget.

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Best Sex Pillow

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What is a Sex Pillow

Sex pillows may initially sound kinky, and they may definitely be used for kink play, but what they are in reality is a tool to assist you position your partner’s or your own body in various ways.

Sex pillows are often made of stiff foam, surrounded by padding, and covered with a detachable cloth or plastic. They occur in a variety of forms, but the cube, rectangle, wedge, ramp, bar, and chaise are the most common ones. The majority of pillows are available in standard or plus sizes.

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How to Use a Sex Pillow

Not only are sex pillows for lying on! You can position them in various ways because of the wide variety of shapes they come in.

All of them are meant to aid alignment and enhance comfort.

The ramps and wedges are fantastic for lifting the hips and/or supporting the back; the cubes and bolsters can be great to lean on or hug during rear-entry; the chaises can support numerous postures and frequently have bondage rings built in, she adds. In order to place sex toys for simpler use, you can also purchase sex pillows with pockets or attachments.

But they are not rigid laws. Choose a shape that appeals to you, then try out several placements.

Even though they are only “pillows,” you should read the instructions before usage since they are tools.

When first utilizing them, use caution. Try new things with your partner; go slowly and, as usual, stop if something doesn’t feel right.

Not only are sex pillows used by straight couples. Both same-sex relationships and solitary experiences can benefit from their use.

Why Should You Buy and Use a Sex Pillow


The main purpose of a sex pillow is to increase a person’s comfort during sexual activity. You can discover the optimum situation by adjusting your position, angle, and depth of penetration.

Due to the fact that many people cannot enjoy climax or sex if they are uncomfortable, this is not only nice but also important. He continues, “You shouldn’t just put up with painful or awkward sex.”

The duration of the relationship may increase with your level of comfort.

Reduction in Pain During Sex

One in three women experience pain during sex, and the pelvic floor muscles may be to blame.

All of the pelvic organs are surrounded by a complex of muscles, and when these muscles are tight or tense, it can result in “penetrational dyspareunia,” or discomfort that penetrates deeply.

When working with sexual health experts, we can frequently assist women in having pain-free sex. Sex pillows frequently allow couples to explore with different positions.

Greater Sexual Enhancing Pleasure

Many women do not orgasm only while serving as missionaries. Sex pillows might assist you in finding a posture that promotes greater clitoris stimulation, easier oral sex, or more effective penetration. Additionally, it might make it simpler to utilize sex toys—alone or with a partner.

Great for Kink Play

Before you learn your bed has nothing to tie to or is too shaky, getting tied to it sounds wonderful.

With a wide range of loops and attachments made for bondage and other forms of kink play, sex pillows may safely and easily address that problem.

Perfect For Those With Mobility Issues

Sex can be challenging and uncomfortable for people who suffer from arthritis, back pain, or other medical conditions. Sex pillows can provide wider range of motion than you could do on your own, support your hips and back, and lessen pressure on joints.

A Great Pregnancy Sex Aid

Nearly everything is uncomfortable by the time pregnancy is through, so it’s not a good idea to spend a lot of time flat on your back. You can still enjoy pleasurable sex while getting into a safe and comfortable posture with the aid of a sex pillow.

Improves General Health

Regular, fulfilling sex is healthy for your body and your mind. It improves your relationship with both yourself and your lover. A sex cushion is worthwhile if it allows you to have more satisfying sexual encounters.

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Things To Consider Before You Buy the Best Sex Pillow

A Good Quality Cover

It must have a detachable, washable cover. You’ll want to be able to quickly clean up after your sex because it can get messy.


The firmness of pillows varies, so make sure to choose one that will be as firm or soft as you require.


To find out what is used as the filling, look at the tag. Certain pillow fillings irritate or cause allergies in some people. This is already uncomfortable enough, but when it comes in contact with your most delicate parts, it can become a serious issue.

The Return Policy

Although some adult businesses sell sex pillows, the largest selection can be found online. Buy from a respected manufacturer rather than shady Amazon merchants, advises Queen. This manner, you are certain of what you are purchasing, and the majority will offer a return policy if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

Discuss Things With Your Doctor

Speak to your doctor or a sex therapist about the size and design that will work best for you if you are using the pillow to treat pain or a medical condition.

The Sex Aid That Everyone Needs

Everything in your life may feel better when your sex life is fulfilling. When it’s awful, it can also have repercussions outside of the bedroom. Everyone should be able to enjoy healthy, happy sex, and fortunately, there are many options available today to support you in doing so. The best sex pillow products are underutilized items that have a lot of potential uses. They’re so effective at reducing discomfort, enhancing pleasure, and accommodating a variety of health conditions that sex specialists nearly consider them mandatory.

Where Can I Buy the Best Sex Pillow

There are plenty of online sex retailers where you can buy a wide range of products. However, not all of them are what you could consider reputable.

We would highly recommend as your choice of retailer to buy the best sex pillow. You can check out the LoveHoney website by clicking here.

You can check out the best sex pillow products at the very best prices by clicking here.

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