Best Sex Swings

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Alternatively, you can check out our in-depth reviews below.

Best Sex Swings

Check out the best sex swings at the best prices possible by clicking here.

What Are Sex Swings

A sex swing is a contraption that suspends and raises one partner off the ground so that the other partner or partners can move freely about them while having sex. Sex swings offer flexibility and diversity for sexual action. They are typically composed of rope, fiber, leather, or another robust material that can hold a person’s body gently and safely.

A sex swing is anything that elevates you and/or your partner, making it easier for you to get into unfamiliar or go-to positions.

There are several varieties of sex swings as well as numerous applications for them. The majority of people utilize them to make their sex life more exciting. There are a few standard kinds:

Traditional Sex Swings

These come with two main straps, stirrups, and extra choices like handles and headrests. They can be mounted in a variety of places, including on ceiling hooks, in free-standing frames, and in the spaces between the walls of a hallway. They permit the greatest variety of sexual postures.

Door Sex Swings

The door frame secures these swings when they are mounted above a door. They function similarly to playground swings, with a strap across the butt of the partner in the air providing support. Leg and arm restraints are also possible among these. Although the range of motion is restricted, installation is quick and simple.

Body Sex Swings

Additional straps that support the buttocks and legs are worn by the partner as a life jacket-like sex swing. On the ground, the partner can move and control the harness using handles and leg straps.

Sex Slings

A free-standing foundation is typically included with sex slings, which resemble hammocks and provide support. When compared to other swinging forms, sex slings are generally more expensive and offer fewer position options, but they are more comfortable for the swinging partner.

Check out the best sex swings at the best prices possible by clicking here.

Why Are They So Popular

Due to the ease with which you can switch up the positions you can try during sex, sex swings have grown to be very popular. With sex swings, you and your partner can experiment with different body postures and pleasure various body parts from perspectives that aren’t feasible with sex on a bed.

Additionally, people enjoy sex swings for their accessibility and affordability. Less than $100 is typically spent on sex swings. A couple hundred dollars can be spent on the more expensive ones.

Best Sex Swings Positions to Try

Here are some of the best and most popular positions to try when you buy your new sex swing.

Reclining Missionary

How to Try It :- Lay the bottom (person being penetrated) back in the swing and have them hold the straps for stability. The top partner, who will be penetrating, can then creep up and do so. In order to stabilize the swing (so that it doesn’t move around too much), they can hold on to the straps for added support.

What Make it Awesome :- Deep penetration and manual clitoral stimulation can be achieved by the missionary while they are swinging.

Doggy Style

How to Try It :- Make sure the swing’s bottom is facing down. To provide support, they placed a strap over their belly and a second across their chest. Ensure that your legs are secured if your swing has stirrups. The top might then swoop in from behind.
What Make it Awesome :- On a swing as well as a bed, doggie style works well. the ideal stance for ass lovers.

The Lie Back

How to Try It :- A strap is placed behind the bottom’s mid-back and another behind their booty as they lay on the swing on their back. When the penetrating partner is still, they put their knees on top of their shoulders.

What Make it Awesome :- If your partner has a clitoris, it will be right there for you to play with in this position, which offers great depth.


How to Try It :- Depending on how near the ground the swing is to, the precise features of this position will change. However, in most cases, one person uses the swing while the other conducts oral sex while lying down or kneeling beneath their partner.

What Make it Awesome :- On the swing, it’s a fantastic method to incorporate oral! Also feeling like a goddamn queen is the individual who is riding their partner’s face.

Air Rider

How to Try It :- Okay, since you’ll both be off the ground, it’s obvious that this one is for more experienced people. The penetrating partner is now lying back in the swing. After that, the rider straddles them and, well, rides them.

What Make it Awesome :- This posture allows for close eye contact, which fosters a sense of bonding because you are both floating in the air, in addition to being excellent for deep penetration.

Swingin’ Cowgirl

How to Try It :- The person who is doing the penetration leans back in the swing while the other partner is in the cowgirl position across from them. To support themselves while they move their body, the person straddling should hang on to the straps.

What Make it Awesome :- Many vulva owners actually enjoy this position because it involves more undulating together rather than pushing in and out. You can also manually stimulate your partner’s clitoris directly.

The Pterodactyl

How to Try It :- It’s a little trickier with this one. The middle strap is passed through their legs at the bottom so that it is wrapped around their thighs. They then put their legs into the stirrups while holding onto the upperstraps.

What Make it Awesome :- For anal or vaginal sex, it’s still another excellent position for booty lovers.

Swinging 69

How to Try It :- The straps are around one partner’s back, lower butt, and heels as they recline in the swing. With both of their legs firmly on the ground, the second partner stoops down. When that happens, you two start hitting it off!

What Make it Awesome :- If you are one of the many people who love a 69 it can only get better with the use of a sex swing.

Open Up

How to Try It :- One partner leans back while strapping their arms and legs in. For an oral sex smorgasbord, the other gets down on their knees.

What Make it Awesome :- Yes, it’s excellent for oral use, but it’s also very easy to move straight from here to penetration.


How to Try It :- The main distinction between this and the Lie Back is that the knees of the bottom person don’t cross the shoulders of the top person. Instead, the person on the bottom bends their legs and rests them on the chest of their partner.

What Make it Awesome :- In this position, the person on top might grab their partner by the ass and push them forcefully and deeply.

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Make Sure Your Sex Swing is Safe

Consider which swing you and your partner would like to attempt first. A door sex swing is a good place to start due to its low cost and simplicity of setup, according to one expert.

Determine where it will be placed second. When finished using it, will you keep it up permanently or put it away? An open space in the middle with a robust ceiling bar makes an excellent, secure place to hang a sex swing. Another method is a sex swing with its own support network. Although they are more expensive and take longer to assemble, sex swings with swing stands may be simpler to use than other swings that call for digging out hammers, nails, screws, and screwdrivers.

Whichever sex swing you decide on, be sure to carefully read the installation and instruction manuals.

How to Clean and Care for a Sex Swing

Any sex toy should be cleaned, especially if you use it with a partner. For nylon or leather swings, just use antibacterial soap and water, while you can wash fabric sex swings in the washing machine.

Where is the Best Place to Buy a Sex Swing

If you are looking to buy the best sex swing there are only a handful of retailers we would recommend. Those online retailers are :

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StockRoom :- You can check out the sex swings they offer by clicking here.

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