Best St Andrews Cross

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If you are one of the many people out there who enjoy BDSM, bondage or kink play you will be aware it is possible to buy a wide range of furniture. The best St Andrews Cross is one of the most popular pieces of bondage furniture that people choose to buy.

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Best St Andrews Cross

What is a St Andrews Cross

A St Andrews Cross is one of the most popular yet most basic pieces of bondage themed furniture. It is also occasionally called an ‘X Cross’.

In BDSM dungeons, the X-cross, X-frame, saltire cross, or Saint Andrew’s cross are frequently found items. Usually, ankle, wrist, and waist restraint points are provided by sexual furniture. The individual is held in a standing spreadeagle position while fastened to an X-cross.

X-crosses are adaptable and simple to make. Typically, they are securely fastened to a wall. The “bondage wheel” variation contains a central axle that enables upside-down rotation of the passengers.

Either the front or the back of the submissive may face the X-cross when it is fastened to it. The most common position for whipping is when someone is restrained facing the cross. Being fastened to the cross with one’s back is typically more of a sexual bondage posture or a sexual tease.

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Essential BDSM Dungeon Furniture

There really is a very wide range of kink play themed furniture that you can buy. Some of it is pretty elaborate and some of it is very expensive.

If you are just beginning to explore BDSM or bondage and are looking for your very first piece of bondage furniture you really should start here. This is a simple, budget friendly piece of dungeon furniture that should be your starting point.

If you search for bondage dungeons online you will always see a St Andrews Cross somewhere in the room.

Easy to Use

The good news is that this is among the simplest toys and furnishings to use. Just position them in the wrist and ankle restraints after deciding whether you want them facing you or away from you.

Floggers, paddles, hands (spanking), clamps, sex toys, whips, electro-stimulation devices, water bondage (with extreme caution), tickling, sensual massage, etc. are just a few of the many items you can utilize. There are so many things you can do to someone while they are restrained that the list is truly endless.

It’s also something that some shibari/kinbaku practitioners like to use. I once saw a show on the ropes that featured an erotic exorcism of a demon on a cross (holy wafers and all).

Last but not least, certain versions are mounted on a spinning wheel, turning them into a bondage wheel (so you can play with putting the body in different angles).

Stay Safe

Make sure it is securely fastened to the wall so there is no possibility of it coming loose first.

There are several with vertical stands or even horizontal bases so you can have someone lying down if connecting it to the wall isn’t an option (because you’re renting, etc.). Simply consider how much wriggling or “struggling” your partner will be engaging in and whether the cross will be able to support it without tipping over.

The next issue is the safety of the submissive.

If you plan to utilize jokes or anything else that will obstruct verbal communication, have your safe word agreed upon in advance. This includes a non-verbal or body language safe word. Make certain that the restraints are snug but not too tight (cutting off circulation is BAD).

Remember your limits vs. desires as well as the RACK dialogues you should be having beforehand.

Range of Materials

When choose which is the best St Andrews cross for you it is necessary for you to choose which material you would like it to be made from.

The most common material used is wood. However, in recent years, metal framed St Andrews Cross’s have become more and more popular. This is undoubtedly because there are some forms of metal which are lightweight. As you will guess this means a metal St Andrews Cross can be folded away and stored when not in use. This is ideal if you do not have a dedicated room or dungeon for your BDMS and bondage play.

It is also worth pointing out that there are a lot of high end, luxury options on sale. These options usually feature soft padding and a variety of anchor points to restrain your submissive.

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Budget Friendly

What is really good news is that if you want to buy a St Andrews Cross you do not need to spend a small fortune. Sure, there are some high end, luxury options out there. However, this simple piece of furniture can be purchased at some very budget friendly prices.

This is just one more reason why a St Andrew’s Cross should be the first piece of BDSM furniture that you every buy.

Where Can I Buy a St Andrews Cross

If you have tried to buy any form of BDSM or bondage furniture you have probably realised there are not many retailers selling these products. In fact, even online, it is pretty touch trying to find a reliable and trustworthy seller of this style of furniture.

The good news is that there are a handful of online retailers that are reliable and trustworthy. Because this style of furniture is not what you would consider mainstream it takes a little more effort to find a reputable supplier.

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