Blake Blossom Fleshlight

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The Blake Blossom Fleshlight is a true gem of a sex toy capable of delivering pleasure that is out of this world. It is available in a vagina and butt version. The lady vagina version uses the Bombshell Fleshlight texture while the butt version uses the Boom Fleshlight texture/

Blake Blossom Fleshlight - Bombshell Fleshlight Sleeve - Boom Fleshlight Texture

Name :- Blake Blossom

Birthday :- 14th February 2000

Zodiac :- Aquarius

Height :- 5 feet 7 inches

Weight :- 125 lbs

Eye Color :- Blue

Bra Size :- 32DD

Blake Blossom Fleshlight

If you have ever dreamt of discovering how it feels to enjoy a passionate encounter with a real life porn star today is your lucky day. The Blake Blossom Fleshlight, available in a pocket pussy and butt version, lets you feel what it is like to be inside Blake Blossom.

Watching Blake Blossom porn will never be the same with this Fleshlight as you get to feel exactly what you are seeing on the screen.

That is right!

This is your chance to get closer than ever to the very sexy Blake Blossom.

Bombshell Fleshlight Texture

Blake Blossom Fleshlight - Bombshell Fleshlight Sleeve - Bombshell Fleshlight Texture

This blonde bombshell is packed with sensation. Sensation that will make you go wild with the level of ecstacy it will deliver. Experience the layers of twisting texture before being thrust through a tight notched centerpiece directly into a cascade of ribbing. This Fleshlight will take your breath away and make you explode. This is your chance to discover how it feels to be inside the real Blake Blossom.

Boom Fleshlight Texture

Blake Blossom Fleshlight - Boom Fleshlight Sleeve - Boom Fleshlight Texture

BOOM is right! This tight ass features twisting ribs and ridges. Creating an explosive sensation that will make you lose control. The search is over for the perfect ass, Blake will take a pounding until you go boom!

This is one of the most realistic butt Fleshlight sex toys that money can buy. It feels just like enjoying anal sex with the real and very sexy Blake Blossom.

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