Can You Have Sex in the Metaverse

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Can You Have Sex in the Metaverse - Internet Sex - Webcam Sex - Remote Sex - Long Distance Sex

Since Facebook announced what they have called the Metaverse there has been a huge buzz around this subject. You can buy art work, buy homes, and interact with friends in this virtual space. One thing people seem to struggle with is an answer to one specific question – can you have sex in the metaverse.

Can You Have Sex in the Metaverse

If you are wondering – can you have sex in the metaverse – the answer is very simple. The answer is – yes, you can certainly have sex in the metaverse. You can have sex with other people who are using the metaverse. You can also have sex with virtual creations if you were to use virtual reality porn experiences. If you are new to virtual technology you may well find yourself overwhelmed at the experiences that can be achieved using virtual reality and the various interactive sex toys that are out there.

So, what exactly do you need to have sex in the metaverse? Let us take a look.

Virtual Reality Headset

Can You Have Sex in the Metaverse - Internet Sex - Webcam Sex - Remote Sex - Long Distance Sex - Virtual Reality Headset

The first and most important thing you are going to need for sex in the metaverse is a virtual reality headset.

If you are looking at the top of the range virtual reality headsets such as the Oculus Rift of HTC Vive you will be correct in thinking these are expensive. Not only are the headsets expensive so are the high powered personal computers that are needed to run them.

However, if you are new to virtual reality and want a cheap entry level option there are plenty available.

There are plenty of cheap VR headsets on sale that use your existing smartphone as a screen. Simply insert your smartphone into the headset and you are ready to go.

This is the easiest and cheapest option available for anyone wanting to get started with a VR porn experience. It will most certainly wet anyones appetite and show what is available in this exciting new world. Just imagine how amazing it will be coming face to face with your favorite adult pornstar.

One of the best budget VR headsets is this option from Kiiroo. You can check out the best price of the Kiiroo VR headset by clicking here.

Kiiroo Keon

Can You Have Sex in the Metaverse - Internet Sex - Webcam Sex - Remote Sex - Long Distance Sex - Kiiroo Keon

Most people think that VR porn or sex in the metaverse is as simple as strapping on a virtual reality headset. Once the VR headset is strapped in they find themselves immersed in a virtual world while they sit there and masturbate.

The truth is, thanks to modern technology, VR porn and sex in the metaverse is now more immersive than you could imagine. Nowadays it it possible have a totally handsfree orgasm. Sure, you need to add some tech to your VR setup but the end results are nothing short of astonishing.

The first male sex toy we would highly recommend is the insanely popular Kiiroo Keon. Basically the Keon by Kiiroo is a device which takes a Kiiroo stroker and automates the stroking process. The stoking can be controlled using buttons on the side of the unit, using a smartphone app, or by syncing it with another compatible sex toy or your favorite adult content. This allows two users on opposite sides of the world to meet up in virtual reality and, quite literally, feel everything that they are seeing in real time. With the Kiiroo Keon both partners can feel the physical aspects of sexual intercourse from anywhere in the world.

In fact you do not even need a virtual reality headset to enjoy sex in the metaverse. The Kiiroo Keon can be connected with other sex toys using the specially designed app installed on a smartphone. This allows users to message each other or even video chat while using these interactive metaverse sex toys.

Put simply if you want to have sex in metaverse you must own the Kiiroo Keon.

Check best price by clicking here.

The Handy

Can You Have Sex in the Metaverse - Internet Sex - Webcam Sex - Remote Sex - Long Distance Sex - The Handy

For some people out there wondering can you have sex in the metaverse the Kiiroo Keon, as awesome as it is, may be just that little bit too big.

These type of people are likely looking for an interactive male sex toy that works very much like the Kiiroo Keon but want something a little more compact. Something that is more discreet and easier to hide away when not in use.

If you happen to be one of these type of people we would highly recommend you take a look at a sex toy which has been named, The Handy.

The Handy works pretty much the same way as the Kiiroo Keon but is designed differently. Rather than a full size male stroker that can accommodate the full length of the penis The Handy uses a smaller sheath. The Handy consists of what can be pest described as a thin pole which makes up the main unit. On the side of this unit is the sheath which moves up and down the main unit creating the stroking motion.

The user places the pole styled unit above the penis, inserts the penis into the sheath, then The Handy does the rest.

Like you would expect The Handy can be controlled in several different ways. Control methods include using buttons located on the main unit, syncing the device to your favorite adult content, or with another toy. It is the last feature that makes The Handy a fantastic toy for anyone wanting to have sex in the Metaverse.

Check best price by clicking here.

Kiiroo Onyx +

Can You Have Sex in the Metaverse - Internet Sex - Webcam Sex - Remote Sex - Long Distance Sex - Kiiroo Onyx+

Perhaps discretion is extremely important to you when it comes to sex toys. But you may also desire a toy that can accommodate your entire penis. In this instance we would highly recommend the Kiirro Onyx+.

The Kiiroo Onyx+ is a highly unique interactive male sex toy. Unlike the Keon or The Handy this toy generates stimulation in an extremely unique way.

When using the Onyx+ the user inserts his erect penis into the device. Once inside the device the penis will be surrounded by several rings located at different points. Stimulation is generated when these rings contract or expand. The idea is that the contracting and expanding of these rings creates the sensation of bing inside a real female vagina.

This form of stimulation means there is no need for any stroking motion. As a result the Onyx+ has been designed as a compact and discreet male sex toy.

Just like the Kiiroo Keon the Onyx+ is 100% interactive. It can be controlled using buttons located on the unit. On the other hand it can be controlled using a smartphone app or when synced with a compatible sex toy. The perfect way to discretely enjoy sex in the metaverse.

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Can You Have Sex in the Metaverse - Internet Sex - Webcam Sex - Remote Sex - Long Distance Sex - Fleshlight

At the time of writing the metaverse is still a somewhat new idea. It is even fair to say that technology such as virtual reality is still somewhat new. It is certainly still considered a technology that is yet to be considered mainstream.

For this very reason much of the technology is still quite expensive.

With that said you can still start your journey into sex in the metaverse keeping things cheap and cheerful. Sure, doing things this way will not give you the best experience but they will indeed get you started.

Using just a simple virtual realty headset, the type that holds your smartphone, is the cheapest way to get started. In many cases the results are actually quite good so do not fall into the trap where you feel you must spend a small fortune to get started.

The same applies when it comes to the sex toys you will need. There is nothing wrong with making an ordinary Fleshlight or other male masturbator work for you.

A Fleshlight is certainly not perfect but once you enter the metaverse or experience virtual reality porn you will be glad of it. Even if you have to carry out the stroking motion yourself you will certainly be glad of it.

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