Crave Fleshlight Texture

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The Crave Fleshlight texture was designed and is primarily used for the butt version of the Dillion Harper Fleshlight. Everyone who has the pleasure of using the Crave Fleshlight texture agrees that it happens to be one of the most intensely stimulating anal Fleshlight’s available to buy.
Crave Fleshlight Texture - Crave Fleshlight Sleeve

Crave Fleshlight Texture Overview

The first chamber of the Crave Fleshlight sleeve consists of a ribbed texture. This ribbed texture generates a pulsating effect as you move across it. The second chamber also features a ribbed texture. What makes this chamber different to the first is the fact the ribs are pointed unlike the first chamber which uses round ribs.

Chamber three is the most realistic of the entire Crave Fleshlight sleeve. This chamber is lined with ball shaped nubs. While this chamber is not as intensely stimulating as the first two it is highly realistic and lifelike.

The forth chamber is where the stimulation begins to become extremely intense. It is lined with nubs which point ever so slightly towards the opening of the sleeve. As you move into this chamber the nubs bend on the sleeve walls in the direction you are moving. This creates a tightening which feels delightful. Especially when it is applied to the head of the penis.

The final chamber is what delivers the intense climax. This chamber is very much like the first and features a ribbed like texture. The fact this ribbed texture is only applied to the most sensitive part of the penis is what makes the climax from this sleeve so explosive.

Intensity ★★★★☆
Stimulation ★★★★☆
Penetration ★★★★☆
Suction Effect ★★★☆☆
Realism ★★★☆☆
Variation ★★★★☆
Orgasm Rating ★★★★☆
Noise Level ★★★★☆
Lube Use ★★★☆☆
Cleaning ★★★☆☆
Drying Time ★★★☆☆
Overall ★★★★☆

Fleshlight Girl

Dillion Harper Fleshlight - Fleshlight Girls

Dillion Harper Fleshlight

Having filmed her first porn movie back in 2012 Dillion Harper became an overnight success story. In no time at all she had gained a large and loyal fan base all over the world and was in high demand among porn producers.

Born and raised in Florida Dillion Harper is the perfect blend of ultra sexy with a classic girl-next-door look.

Throughout her career in the adult film industry she has been nominated for many top awards.

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