Ella Hughes Fleshlight Review

We always enjoy testing and reviewing new Fleshlight products that we get our hands on. Our Ella Hughes Fleshlight review led us to one of the most enjoyable experiences we have had in a long time.

Ella Hughes Fleshlight Review - Candy Fleshlight Sleeve

Ella Hughes Fleshlight Review – Quick Look

The Ella Hughes Fleshlight is a beautiful Fleshlight with an opening moulded to be a perfect replica of this beautiful adult film stars own vagina.  This is something which will massively appeal to her thousands of loyal fans all over the world.

The Ella Hughes Fleshlight features the specially designed Candy Fleshlight sleeve. This sleeve is made up of three different chambers, each with their own unique texture and each with their own unique form of stimulation.

Any fan who wants to spend some time with this sexy redhead will not want to miss the Ella Hughes Fleshlight. Our Ella Hughes Fleshlight review, quite literally, is one of the most enjoyable reviews we have ever carried out.

Candy Fleshlight Sleeve Review - Ella Hughes Fleshlight Review

Fleshlight Sleeve Candy
Stimulation ★★★★★☆
Tightness ★★★★☆☆
Suction Effect ★★★★☆☆
Realism ★★★★☆☆
Cleaning ★★★☆☆☆
Overall ★★★★☆☆

Chamber One

Ella Hughes Fleshlight Review - Candy Fleshlight Sleeve

As soon as you enter the extremely lifelike opening you find yourself entering the first chamber of the Candy Fleshlight sleeve.

This first chamber is made up of a thick ribbed texture. These ribs are extremely thick and well spaced out which generates a heavenly pulsating effect as you move back and forth over the texture.

What we found really fantastic about this first chamber is when you are fully inside the Candy Fleshlight sleeve pressure is applied to the base of the penis. This greatly helps to strengthen your erection making you feel harder than ever before.

Not only does this exceptionally tight chamber help you feel rock hard it helps you last longer. It also help deliver one of the most explosive climaxes you are ever likely to imagine.

As we said earlier. Our Ella Hughes Fleshlight review was a throughly enjoyable experience.

Chamber Two

Ella Hughes Fleshlight Review - Candy Fleshlight Sleeve

The second chamber of the Candy Fleshlight sleeve is made up from two textures. Firstly the walls of this second chamber are lined with fine ribs which are positioned closely together. This creates a very mild pulsating effect which is only really noticeable when the head of the penis rubs across it.

On top of these fine ribs the walls are lined with fin like nubs which run lengthways along the sleeve. In total there are three rows of these nubs which create a more intense pulsating effect.

These fin like nubs feel fantastic on any part of the penis but offer the most intense stimulation when applied to the tip of the penis.

The best way to describe the sensation generated from this second chamber is that it feels like a woman sucking on your penis as you move back and forth through it.

Chamber Three

Ella Hughes Fleshlight Review - Candy Fleshlight Sleeve

Combing the texture of the third and final chamber of the Ella Hughes Fleshlight with the very first chamber is the very reason this is such a highly enjoyable product.

This third and final chamber is lined with triangular shaped nubs which run length ways along the Candy Fleshlight sleeve. Although these nubs are soft they are pointed which generates, not only an intense tingling sensation, but a pulsating effect as well.

What makes this texture so intensely enjoyable is that it is only ever applied to the most intense part of the penis.

When you combine the tightness of the first chamber which makes you feel exceptionally hard with this final chamber you can be sure of mind blowing results.


Ella Hughes Fleshlight Review - Candy Fleshlight Sleeve

The Ella Hughes Fleshlight is a relatively easy product to clean.

We found the most difficult part to clean of the Candy Fleshlight sleeve was the second chamber. This was because the second chamber offers plenty of places where lube can easily become lodged.

Having said that you will find, as we did, running warm water through the sleeve with a finger to assist is more than enough to clean this sleeve properly. We would also highly recommend the use of Fleshlight’s own cleaning solution.

We found the Ella Hughes Fleshlight dried exceptionally quick after cleaning.

What We Like About the Elle Hughes Fleshlight

There really is a lot to love about the Candy Fleshlight sleeve. We really love how hard the Candy Fleshlight sleeve makes you feel. This leads to one of the most intense climaxes we have ever experienced with a male masturbator. You really must experience it for yourself to believe how fantastic it is.

Not only did we love how hard the Candy Fleshlight sleeve made us feel we loved how the most intense stimulation is applied at the most perfect of parts. We simply cannot put into words how enjoyable our Ella Hughes Fleshlight review was.

What We Do Not Like About the Ella Hughes Fleshlight

Ella Hughes Fleshlight Review - Candy Fleshlight Sleeve

There really is not much we can honestly find to complain about with this product.

If we were forced to say something negative about this product the only thing we can honestly say is that it could offer more variation that the three chambers.


Overall, the Ella Hughes Fleshlight is an exceptionally enjoyable male sex toy.

It make you feel rock hard as you use it and it delivers the most intense climax you will have ever experienced in a long time.

If you are wanting to be convinced as to why Fleshlight products are so popular we would highly recommend the Ella Hughes Fleshlight. This product alone will instantly make you understand what all the fuss is about. It really is that good. Treat yourself. You will not regret it.

We will look forward to bringing you an Ella Hughes Fleshlight review as soon as her butt version is available.

Ella Hughes Fleshlight Review - Candy Fleshlight Sleeve

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