Fuego Fleshlight Texture

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You had best prepare yourself for heaven on earth if you are looking to buy the Fuego Fleshlight texture. This sleeve has been designed primarily for use as the vagina version of the Nikki Delano Fleshlight. The Fuego Fleshlight texture features an opening which is molded from Nikki Delano’s own vagina. It looks and feels just like the real thing. In fact it is so lifelike you will swear you are inside the real thing.
Nikki Delano Fleshlight - Fuego Fleshlight Sleeve - Fuego Fleshlight Sleeve

Fuego Fleshlight Texture Overview

The Fuego Fleshlight sleeve is divided into three main chambers. Each chamber is lined with its own unique texture and generates its own form and level of stimulation.

Chamber one starts narrow and grows wider till you reach the end. It is lined with a ribbed texture which generates a pulsating sensation as you move over it. This feels exceptionally enjoyable when applied to the tip of the penis.

The third chamber is lined with thread like ribs which twist around the walls of the sleeve. As you move through this chamber a twisting sensation is experience. It twists one way then the other and it feels amazing.

The third and final chamber is made mainly from several thick ribs. Like the first chamber a pulsating sensation is experienced although the pulsating feels much deeper in this chamber. It is this chamber which delivers such an explosive orgasm. You really have to experience the Fuego Fleshlight texture yourself to fully appreciate how amazing it really is.

Intensity ★★★★★
Stimulation ★★★★★
Penetration ★★★★☆
Suction Effect ★★★★☆
Realism ★★★☆☆
Variation ★★★★☆
Orgasm Rating ★★★★☆
Noise Level ★★★★☆
Lube Use ★★★★☆
Cleaning ★★★☆☆
Drying Time ★★★☆☆
Overall ★★★★

Fleshlight Girl

Nikki Delano Fleshlight - Fleshlight Girls - Fuego Fleshlight Sleeve - Fantastica Fleshlight Texture

Nikki Delano Fleshlight

Having gained her degree in Forensic Psychology the stunningly sexy Nikki Delano decided to turn her attention to the world of making porn movies.

She quickly gained a huge following with loyal fans all over the world.

Having worked with the majority of the industries top studios she has also been nominated for and won many of the top awards.

Such awards include “Best Latino Performer” in 2012, “Best Ass” in 2013, and “Best Butt” in 2014.

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