Hot Octopuss DiGit Review

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Welcome one and all to our Hot Octopuss DiGit review. Here we take a tried and tested, real world look at this compact vibrator from what is becoming one of the worlds leading sex toy manufacturers. We hope to be able to help you deiced whether or not this vibrator is worth you spending your hard earned money.

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Hot Octopuss DiGit Review

Hot Octopuss DiGit Review - Best Finger Vibrator Sex Toy

What is the Hot Octopuss DiGit

The Hot Octopuss DiGit is a wearable finger vibrator designed for versatile and hands-free pleasure. It features a compact and ergonomic design that allows it to be easily worn on the finger, providing targeted stimulation to erogenous zones. With its powerful motor and intuitive controls, the DiGit offers a range of vibration patterns and intensities to suit individual preferences. It is rechargeable and waterproof, making it suitable for use in various settings, including the bath or shower. The Hot Octopuss DiGit is a discreet and innovative toy that enhances solo and partnered play experiences.

Hot Octopuss DiGit Design

The Hot Octopuss DiGiT is a wearable fingertip massager. It has two loops at the base that fit around your index and middle fingers. When you wear it, the vibrating part of the DiGiT sits along your finger like a small extension.

For a finger massager, the DiGiT has a stylish design. The smooth body is black, with a rose-gold colored ring near the base and a pink-ish base. The brand logo is a small crown, indicating it’s from a British company.

The DiGiT is quite small. The vibrating part is only about 2.5 inches long. The main finger loop is one inch wide, so it can fit a variety of finger sizes. There’s also a second loop for extra stability for people with smaller fingers.

The DiGiT has three buttons for control:

  • A power button on the side, next to the charging port.
  • Up and down buttons on the other side.

The buttons don’t have any labels, so you might need to refer to the instructions at first.

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Hot Octopuss DiGit Review - Best Finger Vibrator Sex Toy

How to Use the Hot Octopuss DiGiT

Before we go any further into this Hot Octopuss DiGit review let me explain to you how to use it.

  • To activate the DiGiT massager, press and hold the power button (located next to the charging port) for two seconds.
  • The massager will start on the lowest intensity setting. To adjust the intensity, use the up and down buttons (pictured earlier). There are five intensity levels in total.
  • To switch between the different vibration patterns, press the power button repeatedly.
  • Put your fingers through the designated loops, with one finger (either your index or middle finger) supporting the main body of the massager.
  • Glide the massager against your desired area. While designed for targeted use, it can be applied to other areas as well.
  • To turn off the massager, press and hold the power button for two seconds.

As much as I love gadgets in my life one thing I hate is gadgets that are complicated to use. A gadget is only worthwhile to me if I can instinctively know how to operate it.

The good new is that from the very beginning of this Hot Octopuss DiGit review I found it simple and easy to use.

What is the Hot Octopuss DiGit Like in Use

Upon first inspection, the Hot Octopuss DiGit appears to be a typical bullet vibrator, but it boasts a unique feature that sets it apart. At the base of the vibrator lies an adjustable finger strap, resembling two rings. Constructed from plastic, I found this to be somewhat uncomfortable on my fingers, particularly for individuals with larger hands. However, the instructions illustrate that it can be worn at various positions along the fingers while maintaining effectiveness.

The purpose of the finger strap is to create the sensation that the Hot Octopuss DiGit is an extension of your hand or your partner’s hand, allowing for guided control of the vibrator without the need for a firm grip. This feature can be beneficial for individuals with limited finger mobility, although I experienced some discomfort and cramping with prolonged use.

The included instructions are straightforward and easy to follow. The Hot Octopuss DiGit vibrator arrives fully charged and ready for use. To power on, simply press and hold the button on the side for two seconds. The same method is used to power off, although responsiveness may decrease as the battery drains. During use, you can cycle through vibration patterns by repeatedly pressing the power button until you find the desired setting. Speed adjustments can be made using the “up” and “down” buttons on the opposite side, easily accessible with your free hand.

The flared end of the vibrator adds value compared to standard bullet vibrators, although its size still limits penetration. Nonetheless, the DiGit offers six vibration patterns and speeds, ensuring a diverse range of sensations to prevent monotony. Additionally, its waterproof design allows for safe use in the bath or shower, expanding its versatility.

This is a vibrator that produces some seriously deep rumbles. Any experienced user of vibrators will know that deep rumbles equals a toy that is not the most quiet when in use. This is certainly not the loudest sex toy I have used. But the high pitched buzz may be an issue for anyone who wants a super quiet sex toy.

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Hot Octopuss DiGit Review - Best Finger Vibrator Sex Toy

Charging and Battery Life

I was delighted to learn that this finger vibrator is a rechargeable sex toy. I am sure you will agree that the days of having to look for fresh batteries for your sex toy are very much a thing of the past.

Hot Octopuss claim that the DiGit takes 2 hours to charge and that charge will give you 40 minutes of use.

As we all know what a manufacturer claims and what happens in the real world are two different things. That is why during this Hot Octopuss DiGit review I experimented with both charging and running the toy extensively.

I found that in most cases the DiGit took less than two hours to charge. As an average I would say it takes approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes to reach a full charge.

In terms of runtime from a single charge I did get it to run for longer than the claimed 40 minutes. However, this was on the toys lowest setting. The speed you run this toy, as with all sex toys, very much dictates the use you will get from a single charge. In everyday use I averaged around 30 minutes before it cut out. Personally I think that is quite good as, let us be honest, who is really going to last 30 minutes with a vibrator on their clit?


The Hot Octopuss DiGit is a completely waterproof sex toy. That means you can take your play into the bath or shower. What I loved during this Hot Octopuss DiGit review is that the vibrations are not so insane that water slashes all over the place.

The fact this sex toy is waterproof also means it is so easy to clean after use.

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Hot Octopuss DiGit Pros and Cons


  • Suitable for use with a partner
  • Ready to use straight out of the box
  • Non-intimidating design


  • Flimsy finger holder
  • Potential for hand cramping during use
  • Relatively high price for its features
  • Short battery life of only 40 minutes

Hot Octopuss DiGit Review Conclusion

The Hot Octopuss DiGiT comes close to being an ideal personal massager for the reviewer, and likely for many users. The reviewer finds it to be a well-suited option for those new to using massagers, citing its manageable intensity, user-friendly design, and ability to enhance rather than replace finger stimulation. While not without drawbacks, the reviewer considers it a reliable choice, particularly for those who enjoy deep rumbling vibrations.

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