How to Take Care of Your Sex Doll

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In recent years sex dolls have become exceptionally popular among men of all ages and from all works of life. With so many men buying sex dolls and treating them as they would a living partner it is hardly any surprise that men are asking – How to Take Care of Your Sex Doll.

The simply truth is that if you want to get them most out of your sex doll then you really need to give it the proper care. With the proper care your sex doll will last you a lifetime.

How to Take Care of Your Sex Doll.

1 – Clean Clean Your Doll Regularly

How to Take Care of Your Sex Doll - A Complete Guide to Looking After Your Sex Doll

It is more than fair to assume that no one likes a real living partner with poor hygiene habits. The same applies with your sex doll. After all who wants to spend time with a dirty sex doll?

As an absolute minimum you should be cleaning your love doll thoroughly every month. If you are using your doll more frequently, which you undoubtedly will be, you should be thoroughly cleaning your doll more frequently.

The best way you can clean your sex doll is to give her a bath. This bath should use fresh and clean water. You should then use anti-microbial soap to clean all areas and parts of your sex doll. This should be done exactly as you would if you were bathing a real person.

It is certainly worth pointing out that you should always avoid submerging your doll’s head under water.

Cleaning Your Doll’s Sensitive Areas After Use

While a head to toe clean of your doll should be carried out at least once a month it is important that you clean your dolls sensitive areas after each use. It does not matter if you use vagina, anus, or mouth of your doll it is important these areas are cleaned after each use.

Failure to clean these areas of your sex doll is simply unsanitary. It will provide the perfect breeding ground for all kinds of microorganisms and other nasty things. Above all else; who wants sloppy seconds even if those seconds are your own?

There are plenty of cleaning products available that are specific to sex dolls. However, you can always use simple warm water combined with an anti-microbial soap. You should make sure that all bodily deposits are cleaned along with left over lube. Once you have cleaned your sex doll you should then dry her with a soft dry towel. It is also highly advisable that you use renewal powder. This will help keep your doll in the best possible condition for the longest amount of time.

The Head Requires a Unique Form of Cleaning

How to Take Care of Your Sex Doll - A Complete Guide to Looking After Your Sex Doll

One thing you really do not want to do when cleaning your sex doll is fully submerge the head underwater. For this reason you will need to follow a different procedure.

The easiest way to clean your sex dolls head is by using anti-microbial soap or shower wash. This can be applied to the head of your sex doll using a clean and soft towel or cloth. Soap, shower wash, and water should then be dried from your dolls head using a different dry and clean towel.

Each sex doll manufacturer will have different recommendations when it comes to cleaning their products. With that in mind always refer to the manual that came with your sex doll for further advice. This manual will also advise you the best way to wash your doll’s hair.

Post Cleaning Care

Just like cleaning a sex doll there are recommend steps to take once your doll is clean.

Firstly, you should always make sure that your sex doll is completely dry after cleaning. Any leftover moisture can seriously damage your doll. Moisture provides the perfect breeding ground for molds and bacteria to grow. The best way to dry your sex doll after cleaning is to do so using a soft, clean, and dry towel. One thing you should never use is anything that emits heat. For example you should never consider using a blow dryer. Blow dryers generate an insane amount of heat which will most certainly damage your doll.

Once you are sure that your sex doll is properly dry we would always advise that you apply renewal powder to the dolls skin. This will maintain the lifelike texture of your sex dolls skin.

2 – Do Not Put Excessive Weight On Your Dolls Extremities

How to Take Care of Your Sex Doll - A Complete Guide to Looking After Your Sex Doll

Any good quality sex doll can take a fair amount of punishment. What people sometimes fail to realise is that extremity parts of a sex doll are not designed to bear any great amount of weight. Extremities parts include wrists, hands, ankles, and feet. These areas of your sex doll will not take kindly to bearing the weight of your body.

Applying the full weight of your body to these parts will likely cause these parts to break. For this reason you should always take care when having sex with your love doll. We would highly recommend that, when in certain sex positions, you use pillows or furniture to add support to your doll.

3 – Only Use Water Based Lubricants

One thing many people fail to consider when learning how to take care of your sex doll is that only water based lubricants should be used. Not everyone has sex with their love doll but most do. For those people who do have sex with their dolls it is essential that you only use water based lubricants. Never let yourself be tempted to use any other form of lubricant. Doing so can severely degrade materials used in your sex doll. Once the material in your doll is degraded you will likely find that it has caused significant and irreversible damage. Obviously this will dramatically shorten the overall lifespan you a love doll.

You will find there is a wide range of water based lubricants available. More importantly if you opt for a decent quality lubrication you will find it works just as well as non-water based lubricants.

4 – Do Not Use Clothes That Transfer Color

One of the most fun things about owning a sex doll is being allowed to dress her up. Whatever your tastes or fantasy happens to be the fact you can dress your doll up how you desire is wonderful.

When it comes to choosing clothes for your doll to wear you should always choose high quality products. You should always make sure that the clothes you choose do not bleed colors. The material used to make sex doll skin, mainly TPE, have a habit of absorbing dyes that are used to color fabric.

In most cases you will find that any stain from fabric will prove to difficult, even impossible, to remove. For this reason we would always recommend using clothes made from color-transfer resistant fabrics.

5 – Be Gentle With Your Love Doll

How to Take Care of Your Sex Doll - A Complete Guide to Looking After Your Sex Doll

In general your sex doll is designed to withstand a fair amount of abuse. However, you do not want to put so much weight on a doll that it breaks the skeleton. You should also avoid throwing your sex doll around.

You will find that the majority of sex dolls will move in all the same ways a real living person can. It is worth noting that while sex dolls have a fantastic range of motion there are limits. Never force a limb or joint as this will likely cause damage to the skeleton. In most cases if you find yourself moving limbs further than what you would expect a living person could achieve then you are pushing beyond the dolls limits.

6 – Take Care When Storing Your Doll

You probably have not considered storage when learning how to take care of your sex doll. The simple fact is if you want to keep your love doll in the best possible condition how you store it is vitally important.

The very first thing you need to make sure is that your love doll is not exposed to direct sunlight. If it is stored in direct sunlight it will begin to degrade over time. This applies to both silicone and TPE sex dolls.

Secondly, you want to make sure your doll is stored well away from any object that contains ink. Such objects include newspapers, magazines, and pens.

You also want to keep your doll stored well away from any materials or fabric that uses oil-based pigments.

Finally, and possibly most importantly, you must keep your love doll stored away from any form of sharp object. Common sense says that sharp objects can easily pierce the skin of your doll. In some cases sharp objects can even damage the skeleton of your love doll.

7 – Always Use A Doll Responsibly

How to Take Care of Your Sex Doll - A Complete Guide to Looking After Your Sex Doll

You are probably scratching your head wondering what using a sex doll responsibly means. Well, it is vitally important in order to prolong the lifespan of your doll. It is also vitally important for your own personal safety and health.

You should never ever, under any circumstances, share your love doll with anyone else. Just like real life people this can easily increase your chances of contracting a sexually transmitted infection. It is also advisable to use a condom with your sex doll. This should be considered even if you are the only person who uses your sex doll. Put simply this is because there is always the chance, however small, you have not cleaned the doll properly and come into contact with forms of bacteria or mold.

Finally, the most responsible thing you should do with your doll is ALWAYS clean its sensitive parts after each use. This should be done religiously and properly. This way your doll will alway be in mint condition and you will not need to worry that much about bacteria or mold.


If these simple steps are followed you should have years and years of enjoyment from your doll. Sex dolls are not cheap so it makes sense to take the very best care of it. If you take the time to care for your doll the amount of pleasure and enjoyment it will provide you will blow your mind.

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