Lit Fleshlight Texture

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The Lit Fleshlight texture is primarily sold as the butt version of the Riley Steele Fleshlight. The opening is moulded from the adult actresses own body and therefore a perfect replica. It looks and feels just like the real thing. The Lit Fleshlight texture is made up from three individual chambers with each chamber having its own texture and form of stimulation.
Lit Fleshlight Texture - Lit Fleshlight Sleeve

Lit Fleshlight Texture Overview

The Lit Fleshlight sleeve is made up from three individual chambers. Chamber one is lined with nubs which are shaped like the letter V. This is the widest chamber of the sleeve and initiates the feeling of realism as soon as you enter it. The second chamber is slightly tighter than the first and is lined with small cube shaped nubs. Once again this chamber feels very realistic and lifelike.

Chamber three is the final chamber and the chamber which delivers the explosive climax you can expect from the Lit Fleshlight sleeve. This chamber starts at its narrowest then gets gradually wider. The walls are lined with a ribbed texture which generates a pulsating sensation. Since this chamber only comes into contact with the tip of the penis, the most sensitive part, the stimulation and resulting climax is out of this world.

Intensity ★★★★☆
Stimulation ★★★★☆
Penetration ★★★★★
Suction Effect ★★★☆☆
Realism ★★★☆☆
Variation ★★★★☆
Orgasm Rating ★★★★☆
Noise Level ★★★★☆
Lube Use ★★★☆☆
Cleaning ★★★★☆
Drying Time ★★★★☆
Overall ★★★★☆

Fleshlight Girl

Riley Steele Fleshlight - Fleshlight Girls

Riley Steel Fleshlight

Super sexy blonde porn star Riley Steele is one of the very few actresses who are as well known in then mainstream world as they are in the world of adult entertainment.

Since starting her career in the world of adult entertainment Riley Steele has been nominated for the likes of AVN’s Best New Starlet. Her crossover to the mainstream began when she appeared in the movie, Piranha 3D.

Now, thanks to Fleshlight you can be inside this beautiful blonde.

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