Lovense Edge 2 Review – The Best Prostate Massager Yet?

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Welcome to our tried and tested Lovense Edge 2 review. I have been lucky enough to spend several weeks playing about with this interactive prostate massager and am now going to share my real world experiences with it. It is my hope that my experiences with this male sex toy will help you make an informed buying decision. Hopefully, this Lovense Edge 2 review will allow you to decide if it is worth your hard earned money.

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Lovense Edge 2 Review – The Best Prostate Massager Yet?

For those of you who are hear simply wanting a quick, no nonsense verdict on the Lovense Edge 2 I have included it at the top of this Lovense Edge 2. If you care to learn more about this prostate massager you can of course read my detailed verdict below.

My Lovense Edge 2 Verdict

After spending a month with the Lovense Edge 2 I am suitable impressed by its performance. This is what is known as an app-controlled prostate massager. The specially designed app allows you complete custom control over the vibrations produced by the toy. It also allows you to hand over control of the toy to anyone you choose regardless of their location.

Overall, I found this to be a prostate massager capable of producing the strongest vibrations I have ever encountered from this type of sex toy. To say it delivered the best prostate induced orgasms ever is a understatement.

I found that it can be used completely hands free a huge bonus. Simply put it in and let technology do the rest. Throw into the equation the insanely strong vibrations meant I didn’t even need to apply pressure to enjoy it. Something that is very, very rare with the many other prostate massagers I have tried over the years.

The Lovense Edge 2 is certainly a toy that I would highly recommend.

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Pros Cons
  • Powerful vibrations, comparable to Lelo Hugo
  • Dual motors for precise control
  • Adjustable arm for custom angle
  • App-controlled worldwide
  • Video chatting feature for partner play
  • Comfortable size with effective pressure
  • Reliable connection compared to other brands
  • Noisy for public use
  • Risk of slipping out while walking

Lovense Edge 2 Review - The Best Prostate Massager Yet?

If you are new to the world of prostate stimulated pleasure let me bring you up to speed before we go any further with this Lovense Edge 2 review.

Believe it or not, stimulating a mans prostate can lead to some seriously intense orgasms. If you can imagine a guy cumming like a baby gorilla then you’ll have an idea just how good prostate massage can be.

Of course, as with everything new in life, there is a learning curve to it. The great thing about prostate massagers like the Lovense Edge 2 is that they can dramatically reduce that learning curve.

The original Lovense Edge had long been my favorite sex toy. It was literally the very best sex toy I have ever played with. That is until now and me getting my hands on the Lovense Edge 2.

The aim of this Lovense Edge 2 review is to give real world experience of the Lovense Edge 2. I also aim to compare it to the original Edge for anyone thinking about upgrading and wishing to know if it is worth it.

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Lovense Edge 2 Vibrations, Power, and Patterns, and Quality

Over many years of playing around with prostate massagers like this I have come to one conclusion. That conclusion is that the two most important things about any prostate massager is the intensity of prostrate stimulation it delivers and the strength of the vibrations it produces.

In this section we will look at both this sex toys power and and its ability to stimulate.

Lovense Edge 2 Vibration Power

Lovense Edge 2 Review - The Best Prostate Massager Yet?

I really was astonished by the power of the Lovense Edge 2. This is without a shadow of doubt capable of producing some of the most insanely powerful vibrations I have ever experienced from a prostate massager. It is so much stronger than the likes of the Lelo Hugo or the We-Vibe Vector. In fact I would go as far to say it delivers stronger vibrations than the more expensive Lelo Hugo.

Having read all the technical specifications of the Lovense Edge 2 I would imagine that it is so powerful as it is fitted with two motors inside. In my month long experience with this toy I would definitely say that having two motors really does ramp up the level of vibration intensity.

Type of Vibrations

As anyone who is familiar with any kind of vibrating sex toy will tell you, there are two types of vibrations they produce. There are the type of vibrations that buzz and there are the type of vibrations that rumble. The difference between the two is like this. Rumbling vibrations will travel deep inside you. On the other hand vibrations that are descried as a buzz will focus more on surface level stimulation.

Personally, and I’m sure anyone else who enjoys prostate stimulation will agree, rumbling vibrations are the preferred choice.

My experiences with the Lovense Edge 2 found that it does indeed delivers those very desirable and heavenly deep rumbling vibrations. As you increase the intensity of the vibrations I would state that they become less deep and more of a buzz like sensation. However, I would say even at its highest intensity this thing really does rumble.

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Lovense Edge 2 Vibration Patterns

Lovense Edge 2 Review - The Best Prostate Massager Yet?

I will talk more about the Lovense smartphone app later in this Lovense Edge 2 review. For now I am mentioning it so I can state that by using the smartphone app you have quite literally complete control over the toy. You have the option of a limitless number of vibration patterns by using the app.

There is, as you would expect, preset patterns programmed into the app. Simply select one and away it goes. However, the feature that I truly fell in love with was that you can create your own custom patterns and store them in the app. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities. There is also the option of downloading vibration patterns from the internet that other users have uploaded. I like this because there is literally no way of getting bored with the toy.

Anyone who has read any of my other reviews will be aware I am not the most technically minded of people. I struggle to operate a toaster. With that said I had no issues or difficulty whatsoever controlling the vibration patterns or programming custom patterns into the app.

Lovense Edge 2 Prostate Stimulation

It would be my honest opinion that the Lovense Edge 2 is suitable for both beginners and intermediate users. When I first took the toy out the box I noticed that it is a little longer than the original Edge. I suspect that little bit of extra length and width may at first seem to be a little intimidating for beginners. To get an idea of the size of this prostate massager I would think it is about the same size as the majority of guys putting two fingers together.

The ability to flex and position the toy does give the toy a very custom fit. A fit that will be unique for each user. I really liked how I could bend and flex the toy so it applied the perfect level of pressure to my prostate.

If you happen to be one of the many guys out there who enjoys a deep penetrating toy then this may be a bit of a let down. You may want to consider something a little longer or thicker.

Overall, thanks to the strong rumbling vibrations and ability to position the head of the toy perfectly it does a seriously awesome job of stimulating you just where it counts.

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Lovense Edge 2 Comfort and Wearing

Lovense Edge 2 Review - The Best Prostate Massager Yet?

Over the course of the month I have been playing with the Lovense Edge 2 I have quite a bit to say about its comfort. Here is how it felt in real world use.

Firstly, the smooth silicone material that the Edge 2 is made from is a standout feature. The high quality material makes it incredibly comfortable especially during extended sessions. Once you get into the many pleasures of prostate stimulation you will find this a significant plus. The silicone is not just smooth. It also has a squishy texture. This provides a cushion-like feeling, which enhances the overall comfort during use.

It features a tapered head and it is certainly worth of a special mention. I found this design makes it very easy to insert. Those of you who are new to prostate stimulation will likely find the ease of insertion will make the whole experience less daunting. This in turn will make everything so much more enjoyable. Once inside you, the Edge 2 is able to hold a fixed angle. This helps in achieving a comfortable fit that doesn’t require constant adjustments. I found this fixed positioning is a huge improvement over the original Edge 1. It feels like it fits much more securely.

The Edge 2 has very pronounced curves. I found that these are a brilliant design feature as they prevent it accidentally slipping out. This is something I found wonderful especially when I was engaging in some of those more intense play sessions. I found that it stayed in place very well without slipping out.

Throughout this Lovense Edge 2 review I found that inserting and removing the toy to be pretty comfortable. I’d even go as far to say that a novice user will likely find this process to be pretty easy and hassle free.

I felt the Lovense Edge 2 really does excel at home in the bedroom. However, if you are looking for a toy you can get naughty with in public this may not be the best option. When you are walking around there is just to much chance of it falling out. If you are looking for something that can be used for public play with a little more confidence you may want to consider the We-Vibe Vector. The Lovense Hush may also be a more suitable choice.

The Edge 2 is a comfortable and enjoyable device for personal use in private settings. It’s a vast improvement from the original Edge. Specifically how securely and comfortably it fits. This makes it a great choice for anyone looking to enjoy prostate massage at home.

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Lovense App Quality

Lovense Edge 2 Review - The Best Prostate Massager Yet?

The Lovense smartphone app is very much an essential part of the toy. Here are my overall thoughts on how it performs. Even when using the app to enjoy play with my partner who was working away I found the connection to be solid.

The app certainly has plenty of features These features are both impressive and intuitive.

I found the process of connecting with my partner via Bluetooth is a straightforward process. Once you both have your toys connected to your respective phones you are easily able to control each other’s devices simultaneously. If you are in a long distance relationship this really does add a fun and interactive dimension to your relationship. The ability to control multiple toys at once is a fantastic feature. My wife often controls her Lush 3 and my Edge 2 at the same time, which enhances your playtime together, making it more exciting and varied.

There are certainly plenty of positive things about the Lovense App. However, this does not mean there is nothing they can improve on.

While the app is pretty user-friendly there are some features which could do with some additional refinements. This would greatly enhance the user experience even further. One such improvement woudl be to offer more customizable controls. Perhaps having easier access to certain app features which could be streamlined better.

The Lovense Remote app is certainly the better way of controlling the toy. It is certainly so much better than other remote control sex toy brands that I have tried. Its robust features and reliable performance make it stand out, and it significantly enhances the usability of the Lovense Edge 2, making it a key reason why the device is so enjoyable to use.

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How To Let A Partner Control Your Lovense Edge 2

Lovense Edge 2 Review - The Best Prostate Massager Yet?

Letting a partner control your Lovense Edge 2 is one of the best features the toy has to offer. Whether you are close together or far apart this feature really is a game changer. Here’s a detailed guide on how to set up and enjoy this exciting feature.

  1. Create Lovense Accounts: First, both you and your partner need to create Lovense accounts. This is a simple process that can be done through the Lovense website or directly in the app. Having an account is essential as it facilitates secure connections and personalized settings.
  2. Connect via the “Long Distance” tab: Once you both have accounts, open the Lovense Remote app on your smartphone and navigate to the “Long Distance” tab. This feature is specifically designed for long-distance interactions and is the gateway to connecting with your partner regardless of physical distance.
  3. Invite Your Partner: You can invite your partner to control your Edge 2 by searching for their username within the app. Once you find them, send them an invitation to connect. When they accept, you’ll both be linked through the app.
  4. Choose Control Options: After connecting, you can choose how your partner can control the Edge 2. Options include sending custom vibration patterns you’ve created or saved, or giving them full control to adjust intensity and pattern in real-time.
  5. Utilize Communication Features: To make the experience more interactive, utilize the video, voice chat, text, and photo sharing features available within the app. These tools can help maintain a connection and enhance the experience, making it feel more personal and intimate.
  6. Explore Vibration Patterns: The app allows you to customize and create limitless vibration patterns. You can also use popular patterns uploaded by other users. Experiment with different settings to find what works best for you.
  7. Sync with Music: For a unique experience, sync your Edge 2 with Spotify to have the vibrations respond to your favorite music. This feature sets the device to vibrate in sync with the music’s rhythm, providing a novel way to enjoy your tunes.
  8. Cam Performer Features: If you are a cam performer, utilize the tip-activated vibrator feature. This allows viewers to interact with your performance by sending tips that control the vibrator intensity or pattern, adding an interactive element to your sessions.
  9. Anonymous Control Sharing: For temporary or one-off experiences, you can share a control link anonymously. This allows someone to control your Edge 2 without having a permanent connection to your device, providing flexibility and maintaining your privacy.

By following these steps, you can enjoy a versatile and engaging experience with your Lovense Edge 2, bringing your partner into your playful moments in a variety of exciting ways.

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What I Think Lovense Could Do Better

I really have enjoyed every last minute of this Lovense Edge 2 review. It really has blown my socks off with its performance. With that said there are still a few things I feel Lovense could improve on even further. Here are my thoughts on what Lovense could do better:

  1. Simultaneous Control by Both Partners: As it stands the Lovense Remote app does not allow for both partners to control the toy simultaneously. This is a limitation which is a bit frustrating. This is especially true during interactive sessions where fluidity and spontaneity are key. I would love to see a feature introduced that allows both partners to control the toy at the same time, providing a more dynamic and engaging experience.
  2. Enhancements to Loop Patterns: When creating loop patterns in the app, there’s a noticeable disruption in vibration. Specifically, there’s a temporary drop in vibration intensity at the end of each loop pattern. This interruption can detract from the seamless pleasure that continuous patterns are supposed to provide. Improving the smoothness of loop transitions would make a significant difference in maintaining the rhythm and intensity of the experience.
  3. Overall App Satisfaction: Despite these minor issues, my overall satisfaction with the Lovense Remote app remains high. Its ease of use and the reliability of its connectivity are better than many other brands I’ve tried. The intuitive interface and robust features make it a standout choice, and these strengths significantly outweigh the few areas where improvements could be made.

The Lovense app and Lovense toys are already excellent overall. If they were to address these specific aspects could deliver an even better user experience. This would make some already good sex toys legendary. Enhancing simultaneous control capabilities and smoothing out loop pattern transitions would ensure that the app not only meets but exceeds the expectations of its users.

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Tips on How To Use The Lovense Edge 2

I will take use this section of this Lovense Edge 2 review to share some handy tips I learned this past month.

How To Insert The Lovense Edge 2

  • Preparation: Begin by gently penetrating with your fingers to acclimate your body to the sensation. This preliminary step ensures a more comfortable insertion of the Edge 2.
  • Lubrication: Apply an ample amount of water-based lube to both the Edge 2 and the entrance area. This not only facilitates smoother insertion but also enhances comfort.
  • Insertion Technique: Gently press the prostate arm of the Edge 2 in and out at the entrance, gradually increasing the depth. Take your time with this process until the Edge 2 inserts easily.
  • Adjustment: Experiment with the adjustable arm to find a comfortable angle that suits your body’s internal contours.

How To Adjust The Lovense Edge 2

  • Flexibility of Adjustment: The adjustable arm of the Edge 2 moves smoothly and does not have set positions, allowing for a continuous range of motion. This feature lets you customize the angle to your specific needs.
  • Handling Resistance: Although the arm may initially feel resistant to movement, it is designed to be adjustable. Carefully find the angle that works best for you.
  • Stability: Once the desired angle is set, the arm remains stable during play, ensuring that the device does not shift out of place and maintains consistent pressure where you want it.

How to Clean the Lovense Edge 2

  • Routine Cleaning: Cleaning the Edge 2 is straightforward thanks to its waterproof silicone material. It’s IPX7 certified, meaning it’s safe for submersion.
  • Cleaning Process: Simply rinse the device with warm water and mild soap, then thoroughly rinse off all soap residues. It’s important to avoid using extremely hot water as it could potentially loosen the silicone.
  • Charging Port: The magnetic charging port design eliminates the risk of damage from cables and ensures the device remains waterproof throughout its lifespan.

How Long Does The Lovense Edge 2 Battery Last

  • Battery Duration: The battery of the Edge 2 lasts between 1 to 1.7 hours, depending on usage. High motor usage, like continuous high-speed vibrations, will shorten the battery life.
  • Conserving Battery: For longer sessions, moderate usage is recommended. This can help extend the battery life to the upper range of 1.7 hours.

Lovense Edge vs Edge 2 Is it Worth Upgrading?

Deciding whether to upgrade from the Lovense Edge to the Edge 2 involves considering various improvements and changes between the two models. Here’s a detailed comparison to help you determine if the upgrade is worth it for you.

Lovense Edge 2

  • Secure Fit: The Edge 2 offers a more secure fit than its predecessor, which is a significant improvement, especially for those who found the original Edge prone to slipping. This enhanced fit improves prostate stimulation by maintaining better contact with the targeted area.
  • Length and Design: With an increase in length by half an inch, the Edge 2 may provide a deeper and more fulfilling sensation for users. This could be a critical factor for those seeking more intensive stimulation.
  • Charging and Durability: The inclusion of a magnetic charging port in the Edge 2 not only enhances the waterproofing but also adds to the overall durability of the device. This is a practical upgrade that improves the user experience by simplifying the charging process and increasing the device’s lifespan.
  • Public Play: Despite its improvements, the Edge 2 is still not secure enough for confident public play. For those interested in using a device discreetly in public, the Lovense Hush is recommended due to its more reliable security in such settings.

Lovense Edge 1

  • Pricing: Currently significantly discounted from its original price, the Edge 1 represents a more budget-friendly option. This makes it an attractive choice for those new to prostate massagers or those who are unsure about making a larger investment.
  • Beginner-Friendly: With its more subtle curves and shorter length, the Edge 1 is considered more beginner-friendly. This design can make initial use less intimidating and more comfortable for newcomers.
  • Stimulation and Power: While it provides good prostate stimulation, the Edge 1 is somewhat prone to slipping out during use, which might interrupt the experience. However, it is equally powerful in terms of vibration intensity compared to the Edge 2, so there is no compromise on the power front.

If you already own the Lovense Edge and are looking for a device that maintains a better position during use, upgrading to the Edge 2 might be worth it due to its improved fit and enhanced prostate stimulation. Additionally, the upgraded charging port and slightly longer design add to the overall appeal and functionality of the Edge 2.

With all of that said, if budget is a concern or you are new to this type of device, the original Edge still remains a viable and effective option, especially at a discounted price. Its beginner-friendly design and similar power output make it a sensible choice for those just starting out with prostate massagers.

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Lovense Edge 2 Alternatives


There are a couple of alternatives to the Lovense Edge 2 that you may care to consider. These are two main competitors that offer unique features suitable for different preferences and situations: the Lovense Hush and the Lelo Loki Wave. Each has distinct characteristics that might make them a better choice for certain users.

Lovense Hush vs Edge 2: Better for Public Play

  • Design and Fit: The Lovense Hush is an app-controlled butt plug that comes in two sizes, making it adaptable to various user experiences and comfort levels. It is the preferred choice for discreet public play primarily because of its secure fit, which minimizes the risk of slipping out.
  • User Experience: Although it has a slightly larger diameter, which may be challenging for beginners to anal play, the Hush is quieter than the Edge 2. It has only one motor and lacks external vibrating parts, contributing to its quieter operation.
  • Battery and Performance: With a longer battery life due to the single motor, the Hush maintains robust performance comparable to the Edge 2 in terms of power. However, it does not specifically target the prostate, making it a more versatile option suitable for individuals of all genders.
  • Promotions: Lovense often offers discounts on bundles that include both the Hush and the Edge 2, providing a cost-effective way to enjoy both devices.

Lelo Loki Wave

  • Prostate Stimulation: As my second favorite prostate toy after the Edge 2, the Lelo Loki Wave offers additional ways to stimulate the prostate that the Edge 2 does not. It features a unique handle that allows users to direct vibrations and apply more pressure to the prostate area.
  • Functionality and Motion: Unlike the Edge 2, the Loki Wave is not fully hands-free and may require occasional handling to maintain position. However, its “come hither” motion feature is a significant advantage, providing automatic back-and-forth movement in addition to vibration, which mimics the natural motion of finger stimulation.
  • Experience and Comfort: The Loki Wave allows for varying pressure without manual application, making it a more engaging option for those who prefer dynamic stimulation. It is also more filling than the Edge 2, with a maximum diameter of 1.4 inches, appealing to users looking for a more substantial presence.

Both the Lovense Hush and the Lelo Loki Wave serve as excellent alternatives to the Lovense Edge 2, each addressing different needs and preferences. The Hush is ideal for those seeking a secure, discreet option for public play, while the Loki Wave caters to users desiring more direct and varied prostate stimulation. Depending on your specific requirements and comfort level, either of these alternatives could be a suitable addition or substitute for the Lovense Edge 2 in your collection.

Lovense Edge 2 Review Conclusion

After spending extensive time on this Lovense Edge 2 review, I can confidently say it is one of the most effective devices I’ve used for personal pleasure. It provides some of the strongest orgasms I’ve ever experienced, underscoring its effectiveness and high-quality design.

The Edge 2 strikes a perfect balance in size; it’s non-threatening yet sufficiently sized to provide firm pressure and powerful vibrations that truly enhance the experience. Its easy insertion and comfortable wearability make it a standout option, not just for solo sessions but also during partnered play. The adjustable design and secure fit encourage exploring a variety of positions and activities, making it incredibly versatile.

Moreover, the Edge 2 is especially conducive to partner involvement. The intuitive app controls allow my partner to join in on the fun, adding an exciting dimension to our intimate moments. Whether we are in the same room or connecting long-distance, the Edge 2 enriches our shared experiences with endless possibilities for pleasure.

The Lovense Edge 2 is a superb choice for anyone looking to elevate their explorations of pleasure, making every session uniquely satisfying and profoundly enjoyable.

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