Squirt Fleshlight Texture

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The Squirt Fleshlight Texture has been specifically designed for use as a fake vagina. It has primarily been used for the vagina variant of the Emily Willis Fleshlight and therefore features and opening which is a perfect replica of Emily Willis’ own body.
Squirt Fleshlight Texture - Squirt Fleshlight Sleeve

Squirt Fleshlight Texture Overview

The Squirt Fleshlight sleeve is divided into five individual chambers. Each chamber features its own texture and form of stimulation. The first chamber is lined with a variety of lumps and bumps which are perfectly designed to mimic the sensation of entering a real vagina. Chamber two increases the level of stimulation and is lied with pointed but soft nubs.

The third chamber is lined with semi-circular discs which are laid out lengthways along the chamber walls. This generates a pulsating sensation as you move over it.

Chamber four is lined with ridges running at 90 degree angles to one another and, like chamber one, is perfectly designed to perfectly mimic the feeling that you are inside a real woman. The fifth and final chamber is lined with small ball shaped nubs which continue the theme of a highly stimulating and exceptional realism.

The Squirt Fleshlight texture is one of the very few male sex toys that manages to successfully combine intense stimulation with a highly realistic experience.

Intensity ★★★★★
Stimulation ★★★★★
Penetration ★★★★☆
Suction Effect ★★★★☆
Realism ★★★★★
Variation ★★★★☆
Orgasm Rating ★★★★☆
Noise Level ★★★★☆
Lube Use ★★★★☆
Cleaning ★★★☆☆
Drying Time ★★★☆☆
Overall ★★★★☆

Fleshlight Girl

Emily Willis Fleshlight - Squirt Fleshlight Texture - Smash Fleshlight Sleeve

Emily Willis

Believe it or not the sexy Emily Willis was born in Argentina and raised in a Mormon household in Nevada.

She officially started her career in the adult film industry in 2018 and since then she has performed in all kinds of scenes. Such scenes include girl-on-girl, creampie, interracial, gangbangs, sub/dom, and many more.

She is a huge fan of Riley Reid and loves her place in the girl-next-door niche of porn.

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