Text Messages to Tease Your Submissive With

Text Messages to Tease Your Submissive With - Sexting - How to Sext - Dirt Text Messages

Whatever the reason behind you being away from your sub it is perfectly understandable that you are feeling a little frisky. In fact it does not even have to be a sub that you are missing. It could simply be your girlfriend who you want to turn on from wherever she happens to be in the world. She may simply be on the other side of the living room surrounded by her parents. With that in mind here are some great text messages to tease your submissive with.

Text Messages to Tease Your Submissive With

It is obviously worth us pointing out that these text messages to tease your submissive with should only ever be sent to someone who consents to receiving them. If you are stupid enough to send kinky or dirty texts to someone you have just met or even someone who has not gave permission you are swimming in dark waters. It could go much further than offending someone. You could end up being charged with harassment.

It is fine to feel a little awkward sending these type of text messages to begin with. This article is broken down into segments. Each segment gives examples of different levels of explicit texts you could send. Choose a level that is comfortable with both you and your sub.

Teasing Text Messages

If you are new to sending these type of dirty text messages it is always best to start with something light-hearted. These teasing text messages are not too intense and fairly light hearted. The perfect introduction to sexting. They are also perfect in the early stages of a relationship.

  • I had this amazing dream last night. I was astonished how flexible you were.
  • Remember that dress you wore the other day? Come over to mine wearing it for a romantic dinner. I might not be able to keep my hands off you though.
  • If you’re getting stressed out over everything going on come over to mine. I will take your mind off it.
  • I keep thinking about you and simply cannot get this picture of you out my head. When I say that I mean you ass wiggling as you sit on my face.
  • Have you ever wanted to be kissed in just one place on your body? Before you answer take some time. Think carefully because it may just come true.
  • Had the most stressful day. I hope that later we can enjoy a massage and fall asleep totally naked together.

Text Messages to Tease Your Submissive With - Sexting - How to Sext - Dirt Text Messages

Mild Kinky Text Messages

If you found our examples of sexually teasing text messages a little on the tame side you may prefer something a little sexier. These mild kinky text messages are the perfect way to start adding just a little bit of kink.

  • I keep thinking about the next time you are going to undress while I watch. You can then get on your knees in front of me.
  • Having a day where I am in complete work mode. Hope you are okay with being treat like a naughty employee later.
  • It seems like forever since you were bent over my knee a taught a lesson. Maybe tonight could be the night we remedy that.
  • I was just wondering. have you ever been tied up? Perhaps we should try that tonight.
  • If you can manage to be good for the rest of this week the weekend is going to be playtime. You can expect a full body massage before I tease you with my tongue.
  • Think about this week. On a scale of 1 to 10 how good have you been. I challenge you to prove it and if you do I have a surprise ready for you.
  • Tell me something. What are your thoughts with me being extra rough with you tonight?
  • Do you want to know what I wish? I wish you were on the sofa here with me behind you. I would reach round and slip my hand between your legs. My other hand would squeeze your breasts as we watch TV. I wonder if you could make it to the end of whatever we are watching without a climax.
  • I think I’ve had a great idea. What if there was no clothes. No Talking. We just fuck like animals all day. Are you up for that?
  • I’ve had the most stressful week. The bottom line is that I need your super sexy body to use. How about you meet me in the bedroom in 10 minutes.

Commanding Text Messages

If you are looking for text messages that have even more a hint of kink this is where you want to be. Here we are moving towards text messages you will send to your sub not your average girlfriend. These are text messages which have a much more commanding tone about them. They are perfect for remote domination or a long distance relationship.

  • I was just thinking how it must be time for your weekly challenge. I want you to get your largest butt plug and wear it. Text me with a photo when you have it in and I’ll text you sometime in the next few hours giving you permission to remove it.
  • Tonight when I get home I will be expecting you to be waiting for me. I want you by the door, on your knees. I want you naked, wearing a collar and ready for me. Do you understand?
  • I want you to remind me how you are the perfect little slut. Lift up your skirt, slide your panties to one side and take a photo. Then send it to me.
  • I want you to show me what a good girl you are. Take off your panties and take a photo of you holding them as proof you have done as you were told. Do not put them back on until I tell you that you can.
  • Get your favorite vibrator out and climb on your bed. I want you to slide the vibrator onto your clit. You are to keep it there until you cum. I want you to record the sound of your orgasm and send it to me so I know you have done as I have instructed.

Text Messages to Tease Your Submissive With - Sexting - How to Sext - Dirt Text Messages

Really Dirty Text Messages

These really dirty text message ideas are the most explicit form of messages. They are certainly not for everyone so make sure you only use these ideas with a person you have a well established sub dom relationship with.

It is important you use only the dirty text message ideas that suit character of your relationship. Whether that happens to be Master and Slave, romantic, DDLG, purely sexual, and everything in between. It is also important that you think about changing wording around to suit your relationship. You could maybe replace “slave girl” with “fuck toy” for example.

What you are wanting to do is make sure that the recipient of these highly dirty text messages are excited by the words you use. You do not want them to be turned off. Remember even the very slightest of changes can make a huge difference.

  • Tonight I am looking forward to tasting that beautiful slit of yours. I’m going to taste it then fuck you so hard until you pass out in heavenly ecstasy.
  • I’m buying some rope today. When I get home I am going to tie you up face down making sure both your holes are exposed for me.
  • Tonight I am going to tie you to the bed by your wrists and ankles. Then I am going to use each of your holes one by one.
  • I have decided it is far too long since I cum with my cock in your mouth. This is something we need to change.
  • I’m sat at my desk at work wishing you were under it with your lips wrapped around my cock. One thing for sure is my meetings and calls would be so much more fun.
  • When I come home this evening all I need is for you to be my personal fuck toy. Something I can use for my own pleasure.
  • I’m sitting dreaming that you are slowly riding my cock as I lay there and admire you stunning body. Then I cum all over it.
  • For the past hour I have been dreaming about the look you give me as I look down at you with my cock in your mouth. I keep thinking how amazing it feels as I look into your eyes as you run your tongue over me cock. This is the very reason why you are such a good girl.


Obviously these are only suggestions and ideas for text messages to tease your submissive with. Hopefully they will give you plenty of inspiration to create your own.

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