The World of Altocalciphilia: High Heel Fetish

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The World of Altocalciphilia: High Heel Fetish - Foot FetishIt could be assumed that a predilection for high heels, whether it’s a fetish or just admiration, is only a behavior exhibited by males, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. One only needs to mention brands like Christian Louboutin or Jimmy Choo to understand that the thought of owning a pair of five-inch spiky footwear can make anyone, regardless of gender, feel empowered and confident. It is easy to see the allure of a high heel fetish.

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The World of Altocalciphilia: High Heel Fetish

In fact, some individuals might even experience an intense physical response just by looking at them. So, today, let’s explore the topic of Altocalciphilia!

It’s worth noting that the use of the term “women” throughout this article is merely for simplification purposes, but it is inclusive of all gender identities, including binary, non-binary, and so on.

What is Altocalciphilia?

Altocalciphilia refers to a particular form of sexual attraction that centers around high heels. It may encompass a variety of manifestations, ranging from vivid sexual fantasies to an intense and compelling desire to have them in close proximity to feel aroused. Nonetheless, it is not solely the footwear that is alluring – specific details and features also play a significant role in the fetish.

Here are some examples of the more detailed elements of this fetish:

  • Design: The design of the shoe can play a crucial role in the fetish. Some individuals may be drawn to a specific style, such as pumps or sandals, while showing no interest in other designs.
  • The Foot: The appearance of the foot while inside the shoe can be a significant factor in the fetish. Fetishists may find pleasure in seeing well-pedicured, clean feet in high heels, or even be turned on by feet that are dirty or sweaty.
  • Material: The materials used in the construction of the shoe can also influence the fetish. Leather, velvet, or other textures may elicit a tactile preference for some individuals.
  • Smell or Taste: The sensory experience of the shoe can be an essential aspect of the fetish. The smell of new shoes or the taste of the leather can trigger a strong sexual response.
  • The Sound: The audio connections of high heels, such as the clicking sound they make on the floor or the sound of stomping around, can be a potent source of arousal for some.
  • Age: The age of the shoes can also play a role in the fetish. While some fetishists may prefer new shoes, others may find that worn-in shoes elicit a stronger sexual response.

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Is a High Heel Fetish Normal?

The World of Altocalciphilia: High Heel Fetish - Foot FetishUndoubtedly, Altocalciphilia is a prevalent fetish among many individuals. In fact, it is not unusual to have some form of fetish as it is often a component of a healthy sex drive. High heels, in particular, can bring about visible physical transformations when worn, adding to their allure.

Wearing high heels can produce several physical changes that enhance a person’s overall appearance and appeal. Here are some ways in which high heels can transform the body:

  • Breast size: Walking in heels creates a straighter, over-arched posture, which pushes the chest forward and makes the breasts appear larger.
  • Shoulder posture: High heels also cause the shoulders to move back, creating an aura of confidence and poise.
  • Calf and glute tension: The calf and glute muscles tense up when walking in heels, resulting in a more shapely and curvaceous appearance, which can be a primal mating signal.
  • Hip sway: The smaller steps required when walking in heels can produce an undulating motion in the hips, which can be very appealing to some.
  • Height: The additional height that high heels provide can be a major attraction for some individuals who find taller people irresistible.

While some may contend that the Altocalciphilia fetish has a more sinister side, implying that wearing high heels can make it more difficult for women to flee from danger, such viewpoints are only shared by a small and disturbed segment of society. In general, most individuals approach this fetish with a sense of admiration and reverence. For some, the mere presence of high heels can trigger a submissive response, further intensifying the allure of this fetish.

High Heels Fetish For Everyone

It’s fascinating to note that the high heel fetish appears to be all-encompassing in the realm of sexuality. This fetish has been reported by gay couples, straight couples, and those identifying with a wide range of sexual orientations.

Interestingly, other fetishes, such as toe or foot sucking, seem to be interlinked with Altocalciphilia, adding another layer to the complexity of this fetish.

Moreover, an astonishing fact that might surprise you is that according to a study conducted by Giannini et al. (1998) at Ohio State University, foot and high heel fetishism occurs more frequently during times of sexually transmitted epidemics. For example, during the gonorrhea outbreak in 13th century Europe, the syphilis epidemics in the 16th and 19th centuries, and the AIDS epidemic, non-genital objects such as feet and shoes were regarded as a safe alternative to more common forms of sexual activity.

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High Heel Fetish Conclusion

This particular fetish is not just widespread, but it is one of the most popular ones out there. Regardless of sexual orientation, individuals from all backgrounds can be drawn to this type of fetish, attracted by the allure of the footwear and the feelings they inspire.

It is not surprising to see how some people become devoted to their high heels when considering the incredible attention to detail and craftsmanship that is devoted to each pair. Every little element from the heel height to the material choice can make or break a shoe, creating a complex, almost magical bond between the fetishist and the shoe.

So, indulge in your passions and let those Jimmy Choos transport you to a world of fascination and desire!

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