Veronica Rodriguez Fleshlight Review

Our Veronica Rodriguez Fleshlight review takes a look at the signature product from a hugely popular pornstar.

Veronica Rodriguez Fleshlight Review - Caliente Fleshlight Sleeve Review

This male masturbator is part of the best selling Fleshlight Girls range. A range of products based on some of the most famous names in the adult film industry.

Veronica Rodriguez Fleshlight Review – Quick Look

The lady variant of the Veronica Rodriguez Fleshlight features an opening moulded from the body of this adult film actress. This give you the chance to experience the joy of using a vagina which is a perfect replica of Veronica Rodriguez. As you would expect this is one reason we were exceptionally excited to start our Veronica Rodriguez Fleshlight Review.

The Veronica Rodriguez Fleshlight is made from the Caliente Fleshlight sleeve. This is a sleeve which is made up from a single chamber which runs the entire length of the internal walls. It is fair to say there are many Fleshlight sleeves which offer more varied stimulation although few can be considered as lifelike.

Veronica Rodriguez Fleshlight Review - Caliente Fleshlight Sleeve Review

Fleshlight Sleeve Caliente
Stimulation ★★★★☆☆
Tightness ★★☆☆☆☆
Suction Effect ★★★★★☆
Realism ★★★★★★
Cleaning ★★★★★★
Overall ★★★★★☆

Chamber One

Veronica Rodriguez Fleshlight Review - Caliente Fleshlight Sleeve Review

Once you enter through the opening of the Caliente Fleshlight sleeve you find yourself moving along its one and only chamber.

The texture of the Caliente Fleshlight sleeve is made up from nubs which are laid out in a spiralling fashion. Very much like a corkscrew the nubs twist around the walls from the opening to the end of the sleeve. The twisting pattern of the texture creates a rotating sensation. This stimulation is best described as if you had Veronica Rodriguez on top of you twisting her hips.

The corkscrew texture is made up from two style of nubs. The first style of nub is somewhat simple. Consisting of nubs which resemble a thick line of string they generate the majority of the twisting sensation.

A series of ball shaped nubs create the second twisting texture in the Caliente Fleshlight sleeve. These nubs aid the twisting sensation. They also generate a heavenly tingling sensation as you move over them.

We also noticed that this Fleshlight sleeve produced an exceptionally pleasant suction effect. This suction effect pulsates as you move into the sleeve.


Veronica Rodriguez Fleshlight Review - Caliente Fleshlight Sleeve Review

When it comes to cleaning the Veronica Rodriguez Fleshlight is one of the easiest. Because of the internal texture there are hardly any places for lube or other deposits to become lodged.

In most cases you will find running warm water and using Fleshlight Wash will be more than enough to fully clean your male sex toy. This Fleshlight sleeve dries in record time which means there is little time for mould to develop. It also means you can quickly hide your sex toy away after use.

What We Liked About the Veronica Rodriguez Fleshlight

As with all products in the Fleshlight Girls lineup there really is a lot to love. The Veronica Rodriguez is certainly no exception to that rule.

There is the fact that the opening is a highly realistic replica of Veronica Rodriguez’s own vagina. If that is not enough there is also the fact that this is one of the most realistic Fleshlight products we have tried. The twisting sensation that is generated from the sleeve texture feels incredibly lifelike. This is as close as any of us will get to having this legendary pornstar going wild with you.

Finally we really think it is worth mentioning how easy this product is to clean. You really could not ask for an easy male masturbator to clean and dry.

What We Did Not Like About the Veronica Rodriguez Fleshlight

Veronica Rodriguez Fleshlight Review - Caliente Fleshlight Sleeve Review

There really is little to complain about the Veronica Rodriguez Fleshlight. It really is an enjoyable male sex toy to use.

Some men may wish the sleeve was a little tighter but this will only apply to the smallest of men. There is also the fact the sleeve is made up of a single texture. If you are looking for a Fleshlight with varied stimulation this is not the product for you. With that said the single form of stimulation is what makes the Veronica Rodriguez Fleshlight feel so realistic.


The bottom line is if you are looking for a highly realistic Fleshlight this is a product you really should buy. Not only is it highly realistic it provides a level of stimulation which is only available should you have a woman reaching a climax with your penis inside her.

The Fleshlight sleeve is exceptionally easy to clean, feels very much like a real vagina, and is sold at a price which makes it exceptional value for money. It is fair to say we enjoyed every last second of our Veronica Rodriguez Fleshlight Review.

Veronica Rodriguez Fleshlight Review - Caliente Fleshlight Sleeve Review

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