5 Best Virtual Date Ideas

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5 Best Virtual Date Ideas - Date Ideas for Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships sure are difficult. Even being away from your partner for a short while is not the best. Not to worry. As the saying goes where there is a will there is a way. Here we look at 5 best virtual date ideas.

5 Best Virtual Date Ideas

If you are in a long distance relationships check out our ideas that should help keep the magic alive. After all the only thing you really need is a way to video chat and a willingness to use your imagination. There is no reason any couple should let distance get in the way of their love.

1 – Date In A Box

This is not only a superb idea for a virtual date it is the perfect way to let your long distance partner know you are thinking about them. Put simply this is a box which you will fill with things you know your partner will enjoy. Once filled simply send it to them.

Try packing the box with everything they will need for a perfect, fun evening. Things like entertainment such as a DVD, snacks, maybe a sexy outfit, a pamper set. Whatever you think your partner loves to enjoy a wonderful evening. If you were feeling a little naughty you could even include an interactive sex toy that would allow you to control it from anywhere in the world.

2 – Movie or Video Themed Night

Nowadays there really is so much choice when it comes to movies. Unlike the olden days where you needed a VHS cassette or a DVD all you need now is an internet connection. In fact the likes of Amazon Prime Video even have a watch party option. You simply pick a movie and invite whoever you choose to watch it in realtime with you regardless of where they are in the world. This is perfect for a long distance date night. Connect using your favorite form of video chat and start you movie away at the same time. Perfect!

Alternatively you could connect via your favorite video call platform and watch YouTube videos together. Take turns choosing a video for you to watch. Whether it is funny cat videos or practical joke videos this could well be the perfect virtual date evening.

3 – Stargazing

This is a superb idea to try over the likes of Facetime or even a simple normal telephone call. Connect with your partner over your preferred method then head outside. Take with you your favorite beverage and a blanket then look up at the stars with your partner. Regardless of where you happen to be it is a highly intimate feeling to be looking up at the night sky and know your partner is looking at the exact same thing.

Take the time and try to identify constellations. Maybe you could keep an eye out for shooting stars are simply talk about your day. There really is something so special about the night sky that is so very romantic.

4 – Wine and Cheese Night

We all love evenings where we can get dressed up with our partner and do something fancy. However, this is pretty much impossible if you are in a long distance relationship. Or is it?

Why not plan a wine and cheese night. You could buy the supplies in advance, set a time, then use your favorite video platform to meet. You could even get a little naughty if the wine makes you that way. Consider an interactive sex toy set for couples such as those offered by Kiiroo. These toys connect over the internet and allow both partners to feel each other in realtime.

5 – Exercise Date

Sure, it is fair to say exercising together is not everyones cup of tea especially for a date. But exercise is well known to improve your mood and to help your sex life. With that said some couples find it a major turn on when they exercise together. You could perhaps exercise together while chatting over Skype. Alternatively you could simply choose start the same exercise plan and share your progress along the way.

What are your favorite ways to keep your Long-distance relationship exciting?

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