The Foundation of A Successful Long Distance Relationship

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It seems like most long distance relationships that are successful tend to have a fair few things in common. When we talk about success we mean a long distance relationship that those in them feel positive about things regardless of whether they see things moving to a non-distant relationship. So, what is the foundation of a successful long distance relationship?

The Foundation of A Successful Long Distance Relationship

One thing seems abundantly clear. It really does not matter how or why a relationship got started. What seems to be important is honesty. Other than honesty what is important?

1 – Communication

According to research those couples who get in touch at least once a day find themselves happier with their relationship. Of course you do not want to be so obsessed that you never put the phone down. This would only lead to you missing out aspects of your own life and potentially stifling your partner.

Take the time to catch up with your partner once or twice a day. But in the same breath make sure you enjoy your own live.

2 – The Feeling When You Are Together

There is simply no getting around the fact that if you are a happy couple your long distance relationship will be more likely to succeed. Talk about someone pointing out the obvious, right?

The truth is many couples mistake regular arguing for passion. This is likely because anything dramatic is often thought of as the most raw and real. What is important to realise and understand is if you wish your long distance relationship to thrive there must be trust and cooperation.

3 – Your Outlook About The Future

It really does not matter if you plan things far in advance or if you take things day by day. There really is no right or wrong here. However, what is important is that both you and your partner are on the same page. It is important that you both have compatible strategies when it comes to looking towards the future. If not it is vital you can accommodate each other’s point of view.

A great tip for anyone in a long distance relationship is to schedule your visits. At the very least you will both know when the next visit is and have something to look forward to.

4 – Growing Together

As human beings we change all the time. No one is the exact same person they were ten years ago. Heck not many of us are the same person we were even five years ago. This is perfectly normal and part of life. When a couple grow together they will most likely grow closer which makes their relationship even stronger.

It is these facts which make a long distance relationship so challenging. Especially because long distance couples are not able to share as many experiences. This can make it difficult yo grow together. If you want your long distance relationship to succeed you must expect your partner to change and grow. Not only that you must support them the best you can and they should do the same for you.

5 – How You See a Challenge

It will come as little surprise that two people with a positive outlook are more likely to be satisfied with their relationship. The moral of this story is that anyone who starts a long distance relationship thinking it will never work is destined to be right. This is very much like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The conclusion is that if a long distance relationship is going to be successful it really is down to only a handful of things. How do you cope with long distance? And, of course, what does and does not work for you?

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