5 Lessons You Learn After Using Sex Dolls

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5 Lessons You Learn After Using Sex Dolls

In recent years sex dolls have become extremely popular. The guys who buy them do so not just for the purpose of sex. Many guys actually buy a sex doll because they feel lonely and want a companion. We all know some of the most important lessons we learn in life are from our closest companions. This leads to the question – what can we learn from having a sex doll as a companion. Here are 5 lessons you learn after using sex dolls.

5 Lessons You Learn After Using Sex Dolls

The 5 lessons you learn after using sex dolls are what sex doll owners have told us over the years.

1 – Sex Requires Practice

The great thing about sex is that it really does not require any form of perfection. There is no right or wrong way to have sex. With that said the majority of us probably all wish we could be better in the bedroom. The only way we can become better at sex is to practice. As with everything in life the more you practice the better you will become.

The great thing about sex dolls is they are always ready and always willing. If you feel like going all night then a sex doll will never ever get tired. This makes them the perfect sex toy to help you learn and perfect your technique. Once you know what you are doing and are confident in what you are doing intimacy will be so much more enjoyable.

A sex doll is much more than a sexual partner or companion. They can be a fantastic instructor. Pretty much every sex doll owner will tell you they feel they are more confident in the bedroom because of their sex doll.

2 – Commitment is Key

Nowadays STD’s are more common than we care to admit. For this reason is really does not pay to go bed hopping racking up as many notches on your bedpost as you possibly can. Sexual intercourse is most certainly a fantastic experience but is those few minutes really worth risking your health and life for?

When we buy a sex doll she becomes our perfect sexual partner. She will likely remain your perfect sex partner for a long period of time. You may find that a special romantic bond ties you together. Such a bond is special and should be cherished and appreciated.

When you are in a relationship with a real woman this exclusiveness is something you should retain. Switching sexual partners on a regular basis is anything but safe. The biggest lesson you should learn here is that your health and life are much less at risk if you are committed to your partner.

3 – Sex Allows You A Happier and Fulfilled Life

There has always been a well documented link between sex and physical and mental health. Having sex certainly keeps our blood pressure in check and certainly boosts our mood. This is probably why sex gives us that radiant glow afterwards.

Most people think that the reasons sex is so good for our health is because it is primarily an enjoyable form of exercise. What they do not realise is it happens to be so much more than that. When we exercise and when we are intimate with someone our brain releases various hormones. These hormones are responsible for making us happy and stimulated. This is why a good old fashioned sex session is great for our mental health as well as out physical health.

If a sex doll teaches you anything it should be how sex is a great way to keep yourself healthy.

4 – The Best Sexual Partners Understand

Pretty much every sex doll owner will tell you the thing they love most about their doll is they never feel judged. Regardless of sexual preferences, kinks, or anything else, a sex doll will never ever judge you. They will never turn you down regardless of what you ask from them.

If we all had sexual partners who were totally accepting of all our sexual preferences would be amazing.

The lesson here is that a sexual partner who is understanding and patient is the best type of partner to have.

5 – Hygiene is Always a Priority

When you own a sex doll you very quickly learn that it is down to you to keep them clean. They must be cleaned and maintained after each use to keep them hygienic and in the best possible condition. Failure to do this results in their lifespan being dramatically reduced.

The point here is that if we fail to take care of our own hygiene we are not really taking care of ourselves. It takes no time at all to jump in theĀ  shower and get cleaned up. You will have to go a long way to find anyone who finds a dirty, sweaty, and unhygienic partner attractive. All this may look fine in a gym photoshoot but in real life this is not the case.

The last thing your partner wants is to come anywhere near you if you are dirty. Would you want to go anywhere near a sex doll that had not been cleaned? Remember this when you are next with a real woman. The cleaner you are the more likelihood of attracting a mate.

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