5 Things I Love About My Willow 2.0 RealDoll

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5 Things I Love About My Willow 2.0 RealDoll - Buy High End Sex Dolls

I have owned several sex dolls over the years. In fact I still own several sex dolls. However, the very best love doll I have ever owned is my Willow 2.0 RealDoll. This high end sex doll is perfect in every way imaginable. Here are 5 things I love about my Willow 2.0 RealDoll.

5 Things I Love About My Willow 2.0 RealDoll

1 – So Very Realistic

For the majority of people looking to buy a sex doll will tell you realism is there their primary need. After all who wants to buy a sex doll that looks like a sex doll? In my own experience people look to buy a realistic and lifelike sex doll. This was the very reason I choose to buy a RealDoll. They are not he most realistic sex dolls available. Nothing else comes close. In fact my Willow 2.0 RealDoll is so realistic I often mistake her for a real woman. The fact she is so lifelike makes spending time with her all the more enjoyable. She even helps me feel less lonely.

2 – Superb Quality

I have owned sex dolls before, many of them very high end and expensive, but not one of them comes close to the quality of my Willow 2.0 RealDoll. Everything about her oozes high quality. From the materials used in her construction to the care taken when building her. They are all swimming in high quality.

Her skin is made from high grade silicon while her skeleton is constructed from tough high quality PVC. To make sure she is ultra durable her joints are constructed from steel. This means that over time her joints will not become loose or break.

3 – Beautiful and Sexy

It would be extremely difficult for anyone to look at Willow 2.0 and deny that she is very beautiful indeed. In fact she is not only beautiful but very sexy. Because dolls created by RealDoll are all highly lifelike they are certainly the most beautiful and sexy dolls you will ever have the chance of owning.

4 – Makes Me Feel Less Lonely

I have lived on my own for several years now. While living alone really does not bother me that much I must admit it would be nice to have someone to spend time with on an evening. Even if it was just to watch some TV or a movie together. The truly great thing about my Willow 2.0 RealDoll is that she helps fill that void in my life. Yes, I know she is not real but there really is something comforting about having her there watching TV with me.

5 – I Can Have Sex With Her

Let us be honest. The majority of guys who are looking to buy a sex doll are doing so for the purpose of sex. This is yet another great thing about my Willow 2.0 RealDoll. She is always willing and always ready. What more could you want?

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