6 Ideas for Long Distance Intimacy

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A long distance relationship is anything but easy. Couples in such relationships simply do not have the same luxuries as those who live close to each other or together. With that said this does not make relationships over distance impossible. You simply have to be creative by trying things like these 6 ideas for long distance intimacy.

6 Ideas for Long Distance Intimacy

Remember it really does not matter what your specific circumstances happen to be. All you really need is a few ideas to help make you and your partner feel closer regardless of distance. Hopefully these 6 ideas for long distance intimacy will help you whether you are horny, lonely, or simply want to feel your partners touch.

1 – Wear Couples Touch Bracelets

We al sometimes crave a touch from our significant others. Even when we live in the same house we all find ourselves, at some point during the day, longing for the touch of our partner. Now, thanks to a relatively new gadget, you can tap or squeeze your wrist and they will feel it.

Touch bracelets enable you and your partner to sync this wearable device. Once synced together using an app on your smartphone it is possible for couples to communicate with messages in their very own vibrating language. One partner taps or squeezes their bracelet and the other feels it through a vibration.

Couples may decide that two taps means they are feeling horny. They may decide that three taps means you wish you were in bed together. There is no limit to the language couples could create with these devices.

The very best vibrating bracelet for couples is the Hey Feel Bracelet. You can check it out here.

2 – Use Remote-Friendly Sex Toys

Possibly one of the biggest problems for couples in a long distance relationships is the lack of sex. The good news is that, thanks to modern technology and the internet, there are some seriously awesome haptic sex toys available. These toys allow couples the ability to have sex without been in the same room. In fact give couples the ability to have sex from anywhere in the world there is a WiFi signal.

These toys are available for men and women. They are synced together using an app that is installed on your smartphone. Once connected there are two ways of using them. Firstly couples can control their partners toy using the app installed on their smartphone. Alternatively couples can both use their toys at the same time and feel exactly what the other is feeling in realtime.

These toys are fantastic if you are sexting or video chatting.

The very best remote friendly sex toys on the market come from Kiiroo. You can check out their range of remote friendly sex toys here.

3 – Make Time For Erotic Conversations

Believe it or not but voice-only erotic communication is extremely evocative. This is especially true if it is done in the right way. The truth is sexual intimacy does not have to solely rely on touch and visual stimulation.

It is perfectly normal to feel a little weird the first few times you experiment with erotic talk. In fact it is skill that takes a fair bit of practice to master. Once you manage to master it will prove to be an extremely useful skill. It will certainly become more natural and, when done correctly, can be so sexy and intimate.

4 – Notes In Your Lovers Suitcase

Anyone involved in a long distance relationship will tell you that when you are together you must make the most of every single second. If the opportunity to extend any time you have together presents itself you should grab it with both hands.

A perfect way to do this is to slip a simple note into your partners suitcase before they leave. You can make the note something sexy or something romantic.

5 – Naughty Photos and Videos

Surprising your partner with nude photos or a naughty video is a great way to keep the spark alive. It not only adds a little excitement into your long distance relationship it lets your partner know you are thinking about them.

Although this is obvious we will point it out anyway. Do not send nude photos to someone you are in a new relationship with. No one wants intimate photos of themselves shared around and it does happen. Also be mindful about where your partner may be. They might be with family and not appreciate receiving such photos or videos in that specific situation.

6 – Post Treats To Them

We all love to get things through the post. Well, everything other than bills. Why not try sending a naughty photo through the post to your partner. Perhaps you could send them some sexy underwear with a note asking if they will send you photos of themselves wearing it. You could evenĀ  send a sex toy as a gift to your partner. A great choice would be a haptic sex toy that you could use together regardless of where you are in the world.


These are only 6 ideas for long distance intimacy. There are plenty more ways you can keep things fresh regardless of the distance between you. The only real limit is your own imagination.

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