Hey Feel Bracelet Review

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Our Hey Feel Bracelet review we take a look at something a little different that we have had the privilege of trying. The Hey Feel Bracelet is a long distant bracelet for couples. My partner and I have used these devices for over a month now.

Hey Feel Bracelet Review

Hey Feel Bracelet Review - Interactive Bracelets for Couples

Our Hey Feel Bracelet review is our experiences with this relatively new line of products. My partner and I both used this product and this is our experiences with it.

What is the Hey Feel Bracelet?

The Hey Feel Bracelet is a long distance touch bracelet for couples. The idea behind this product is that you and your partner wear a bracelet.  This bracelet is synced with an app on your smartphone which allows couples a way of discreetly sharing intimate moments. If one partner squeezes their bracelet the other partner will be able to feel their own bracelet gently squeeze them on the wrist.

Why Not Send a Text?

This is a fair point and something both myself and my partner thought before starting this Hey Feel Bracelet review. The difference between these interactive long distance bracelets for couples and text messages is simple.

If you find yourself thinking about your loved one and want to let them know you have to pull out your smartphone. You then have to type out the text and send it. Once that text message is sent your partner then has to pull out their smartphone and read the text. For both partners pulling out a smartphone may not always be practical or appropriate.

Interactive bracelets for couples allow you to tell your loved you are thinking about them discreetly. gently squeezing your own wrist allows a partner to feel that squeeze regardless of where they are in the world. It is secret moments like this that these bracelets actually provide you with.

What Are They Like In Use?

Hey Feel Bracelet Review - Interactive Bracelets for Couples

To be honest I personally was not expecting much from these bracelets. I really did think they were a silly idea. Perhaps a solution looking for a problem is the best way I can explain my thoughts on them before I started using them with my partner. With that said, having worn the Hey Feel Bracelet for well over two months now, I quite like them.

There really is a sense of intimacy about being able to squeeze your wrist and knowing your partner is feeling that in realtime. I cannot tell you the number of times I thought about my partner and gave my wrist a squeeze.

My partner lost her father just as we received these interactive couples bracelets to try. There was something extremely comforting for us both sending and receiving a gentle squeeze of the wrist at various points through the day. It really does feel like your partner is there with you whenever you need them. Whenever my partner or I would send a squeeze to the other we would always reply with a squeeze of our own. As silly as it sounds it really does increase intimacy between a couple. It also feels like that whatever the day happens to throw at you it is possible to have your partner there supporting you.

The Hey App

To make this interactive bracelet for couples work you need to install the Hey App on your smartphone.

This can be an iOS or Android based phone.

Hey Feel Bracelet Review - Interactive Bracelets for Couples

The Hey App records various pieces of information such as a record of the squeezes you give and receive. It also shows, if the location feature is enabled, where your partner is when they sent or received a squeeze. Personally my partner and I found the location feature a really great idea. It made it possible for us to get an idea of why the other had sent the squeeze.

Battery Life

Battery life on the Hey Feel bracelet is actually quite impressive. The company behind these bracelets claims that a 2 hour charge will keep it running for 2 to 3 days. In the real world they are indeed fully charged in as little as two hours. I found the bracelet would get between 1.5 and 2 days from a single charge. This of course very much depends on how much you use the bracelet.

I found it was best practise to simply charge the bracelets over night.

What We Liked About the Hey Feel Bracelet

The most obvious thing I found myself liking about this Hey Feel Bracelet review was the way it felt as though my partner was only ever a squeeze of the wrist away. As cheesy as this sounds it really was nice whether I was having a good or bad time throughout my day. Imagine being away from your partner and you watch the most beautiful sunset. Simply reach down and squeeze your wrist and your partner will feel that you are thinking about them and likely reply with a squeeze in return. The same applies if you are having a bad day or know your partner is having a bad way. What better way to let them know you are thinking about them.

I really like the fact they have actually made these gadgets waterproof. This means you can wear it all day without any concerns about damaging it.

Hey Feel Bracelet Review - Interactive Bracelets for Couples

I really love the fact it is available in different colors allowing you to choose one that suits your own personal taste.

The pure simplicity of the idea is also really appealing. It is quite literally the most simple of ideas yet it really does enhance intimacy in your relationship.

What We Did Not Like About the Hey Feel Bracelet

The one thing I think could be better about the Hey Feel Bracelet is its size. For me I felt the actual button which is squeezed rose just that little bit too much from the wrist. This is not a deal breaker is likely fine for the majority of people. However, for me I would have preferred it to have a sleeker design.

It would have also been nice if the battery life was a little better. While it is not a deal breaker having to charge it every day or two it would be nice to charge the gadget and have it last around a week.


Despite being skeptical about this gadget it really has won me over. It really is a great gadget to share with that special loved on in your life. The overall cost for a pair of these bracelets makes them exceptionally good value for money. They would most certainly make a fantastic gift idea for an anniversary or other occasion.

The bottom line is I really do think they are a fantastic idea for couples and would highly recommend them.

You can check out the best price for a Hey Feel bracelet and find out more about them here.

Hey Feel Bracelet Review - Interactive Bracelets for Couples

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