Angela White Fleshlight

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The Angela White Fleshlight comes in various forms using several different textures. It offers you the chance to experience the heavenly delights of Angela White’s vagina and ass for yourself.

Angela White Fleshlight - Fleshlight Girls

Birthday :- 4 March 1985

Zodiac :- Pisces

Height :- 5 feet, 2 inches

Weight :- 120 lbs

Eye Color :- Blue

Bra Size :- 32G

Lady Texture :- Indulge, Lotus

Butt Texture :- Entice

Mouth Texture :- N/A

Angela White Fleshlight

Each variant of the Angela White Fleshlight features an opening moulded from this sexy adult film actress. Having a perfect replica of her sexy body brings you closer than ever to the sexiest export out of Australia in years.

Indulge Fleshlight Texture

Angela White Fleshlight - Indulge Fleshlight Sleeve - Indulge Fleshlight Texture

The Indulge Fleshlight sleeve is used for the Lady vagina variant of Angela White’s signature Fleshlight product.

This is a highly realistic Fleshlight sleeve which delivers a high level of stimulation and a exceptionally explosive orgasm.

The only possible thing that could be better of realistic than the Indulge Fleshlight sleeve would be the real Angela White.

Entice Fleshlight Texture

Angela White Fleshlight - Entice Fleshlight Sleeve - Entice Fleshlight Texture

Angela’s White’s anal butt Fleshlight uses the Entice sleeve. This is considered to be one of the most highly stimulating anal butt Fleshlight’s that the company has ever released.

The texture of the Entice Fleshlight sleeve has a texture which twists around the walls. This corkscrew pattern generates a feeling like a woman twisting her hips in circles as you fuck her.

You really must try this sleeve to fully appreciate how great it is.

Lotus Fleshlight Texture

Angela White Fleshlight - Lotus Fleshlight Sleeve - Lotus Fleshlight Texture

The Lotus Fleshlight sleeve is used for several different products including products in the Fleshlight Girls range. One such product is the Angela White Fleshlight.

The Lotus Fleshlight sleeve combines a highly realistic vaginal experience with an exceptionally intense orgasm.

Everyone agrees the thick ribbed like texture at the end of the Lotus Fleshlight sleeve is even better than the real thing.

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