Best Medical Fetish Sex Toys

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Check out our reviews of the best Best Medical Fetish Sex Toys. This will help you buy the best equipment and toys for any part of this bondage or BDSM fetish.

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Best Medical Fetish Sex Toys

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Check out the best medical fetish sex toys at the best prices by clicking here.

What is a Medical Fetish

As with all fetishes, a medical fetish is when someone has a sexual attraction to something that is related to medicine, as I indicated before. However, the lines can become a little hazy because of the wide variety of tools and jobs in the medical industry.

There doesn’t always have to be a sexual connotation to a medical fetish, despite the fact that some people associate it with gynecologists or getting a physical.

It’s critical to realize that there is no proper or improper method to indulge in a medical obsession. The job titles alone may arouse you, or perhaps the idea of some of the equipment being used on you really gets your blood boiling.

If you really have a medical fetish, you should figure out what aspects of the medical profession make you feel sexy and then figure out how to recreate those feelings for your spouse in bed. As with any fetish, consent between the participants is crucial to ensuring everyone is at ease.

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What Makes People Love BDSM Medical Play

There are many reasons why people love BDSM medical play. Here are the main reasons most couples enjoy this type of play.

Its a Form of Power Play

At some point, all of us have visited a doctor. The circumstance is well known. Additionally, it’s one of the few occasions where someone else has a lot of control over us in our daily lives.

Your doctor (ideally) has a much greater understanding of the human body than you have. If they suggest that you have a rectal exam, an x-ray, or a lengthy term of forced celibacy… Who are you to argue, I suppose?

In a very real sense, doctors have control over us. We’re aware of and agree with it. because of this, it may be a lot of fun to explore a darker interpretation of that power dynamic through imagination.

The Pain is Interesting

A sadist typically enjoys discovering new types of pain in addition to spanking. Yes, spanking has a purpose and many people enjoy it. Having said that, there are a ton of more creative methods to harm someone.

Engaging in medical play provides numerous possibilities to investigate compelling suffering. You can enjoy using needles, enemas, ice-cold speculums, staples, and a variety of other things on your spouse (or vice versa). There are so many interesting options to consider!

Humiliation and Embarrassing

During a medical play examination, a patient may be stripped naked, probed in every crevice, asked intrusive questions, inspected closely, and talked in-depth as if they were not present. The use of medical play to degrade, dehumanize, and humiliate someone is very effective.

Play Doctors and Nurses or Mad Scientist

Your body is an odd, strong, and inexhaustibly fascinating vessel. You’ll gain a better understanding of it by exposing it to a variety of events. and perhaps even find some odd but intriguing easter eggs.

For instance, you might discover that needle play causes you to nod off into a relaxing drowsy subspace that you can’t enter in any other manner. Or you might discover that, for purely nonsexual reasons, you truly like and wish to do an enema on a regular basis.

For its own sake, exploration is beneficial and useful… and playing doctor is a great way to learn.

There is also the fact that playing doctors and nurses is always a very sexy game. How could anyone resist a sex nurse in stockings or a handsome doctor?

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Examples of Best Medical Fetish Sex Toys

Here are some examples of the very best medical fetish sex toys. These are the kind of toys, devices and equipment that you need to get started.

Latex Gloves

Any medical procedure begins with latex gloves, which are the absolute essentials if you want to accurately simulate the experience of a doctor and patient. They are really simple to use and find.

Despite the fact that latex gloves are safe for the human body, I do need to point out that some people can experience skin rashes or allergic reactions after using latex gloves.

I always advise taking a few minutes to check to see whether you or your spouse are having any latex reactions. An allergic response on your genitals is the last thing you want, and I believe I can speak for everyone in this room when I say that.

Other than that, feel free to indulge your medical fetish in any use of latex gloves. It may easily be included into virtually any medical fetish situation because it is such a straightforward device.

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The pinwheel may appear to be a frightening device, but it is a fantastic piece of gear for those who have a fascination with medicine.

It is a gadget that is employed for sensory evaluation in medical offices, and you can utilize it for the same purpose.

Take hold of a pinwheel and slowly spin it on your partner’s nipples or the tip of their penis. You don’t need to apply a lot of pressure to feel the sensations you want.

Your companion will get incredibly energized and shivered by a simple, light movement.

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Center Stage

A replica of the table you lay on when visiting the doctor is in the middle of the stage. Depending on what you need, center stages can be placed on top of your bed or on the floor and come with a lot of padding.

As an extra benefit, the center stage has connectors on the sides that can be used for straps and bondage games. If taking center stage is what you’re about, you can be restrained and made completely visible. A booster that may be used to lift any body part during sex is also on the main stage.

Massages and other forms of relaxation can be performed on the center stage. It is a really adaptable piece of gear, and its applications go far beyond BDSM and medical fetish play, I must add.

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Posture Collar

A equipment known as a posture collar was used in the medical field to maintain patients’ necks straight and stop them from squinting.

A posture collar, as its name suggests, was created to assist with a patient’s posture, particularly following a major accident.

You can use this in the field of medical fetish if you want to rule over your patient. Use the belt clips to secure it on your partner.

Since they can’t look at you or see what you are doing, you may then move around their entire body and tease them.

You can add another level of medical immobilization for an enhanced experience by combining the posture collar with splints and casts.

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Drum Wheel / Rolling Drum

Another sensory tool utilized in medical fetish play, the drum wheel or spinning drum is comparable to the pinwheel.

A drum wheel rolls and turns when it comes into touch with your partner’s body, unlike a pinwheel, which has several points of contact that alter as it spins.

I should also mention that if you’re trying to introduce someone to the realm of medical fetishes, the drum wheel can be a wonderful alternative to the pinwheel because it doesn’t appear as daunting.

It can assist activate sensitive parts of the body with a little pressure, just like the pinwheel.

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Tantric Chair / Bed

One of the go-to accessories for medical fetishes, or any fetish in the BDSM universe for that matter, is the tantric chair or bed.

These sex chairs may be utilized in many different positions and can be used to tie down people thanks to the abundance of connectors that are dispersed all around them.

In the medical field, you might need to stoop or spread out so the doctor can see what they are inspecting more clearly. This tantric chair can enable that to occur, and as was already indicated, you can be bound and stretched out for everyone to see.

Even if you don’t have a fascination with medicine, the tantric chair has a ton of other applications.

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Vaginal / Anal Speculum

This can be used in conjunction with your tantric chair or center stage to elevate medical examinations.

To stretch open body parts and enable a thorough inspection by the doctor, a vaginal or anal speculum is employed.

Speculums can be inserted into a partner without endangering their health; simply lubricate it first, then begin rolling the pin to spread the needles open.

You may study your spouse in the best way possible by combining this with the tantric chair, as I already said.

You should include this piece of equipment in your toolbox if your medical fetish revolves around spreading your partner out and investigating their body.

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Check out the best medical fetish sex toys at the best prices by clicking here.

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