Best Sex Wedge Pillow

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Since you are here you are obviously looking to buy the best sex wedge pillow. Here we have looked at, tried and tested and created a review of the very best products that money can buy. Here, there is something for every budget.

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Best Sex Wedge Pillow

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What is a Liberator Wedge Pillow

Although they can be used for kink play, a liberator wedge pillow are is actually just a tool to assist you arrange your partner’s or your own body in various ways. Ways that make sex better and more comfortable.

In general, a liberator wedge pillow is comprised of stiff foam that is encased in padding and covered with a detachable cloth or plastic. Although they can be found in a variety of shapes, the cube, rectangle, wedge, ramp, bar, and chaise are the most common. Most wedges are available in standard or larger sizes.

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How to Use a Sex Wedge Pillow

Sex wedge pillows aren’t simply for lounging on! You can put them in many ways because they have such a wide range of shapes.

They’re all meant to aid sexual positions and encourage comfort.

The chaises may accommodate numerous positions and frequently have bondage rings built in. The cubes and bolsters can be fantastic to lean on or hug during rear-entry. The ramps and wedges are great for elevating the hips and/or supporting the back. Additionally, some sex pillows come with pockets or other add-ons to help situate sex toys for simpler use.

However, these aren’t rigid guidelines. Select a shape you prefer, then try out various positions.

Despite being only “pillows,” they are nonetheless tools, thus you should read the directions before usage.

When first utilizing them, exercise caution. Take things gradually, experiment with your spouse, and always stop if something doesn’t seem right.

Not all straight couples use sex pillows. For same-sex relationships or solitary encounters, they can be equally useful.

Why Should You Buy and Use a Sex Wedge Pillow


To increase their comfort during sex is the main reason people use sex wedge pillows. To discover your optimum situation, you can use it to change your posture, angle, and depth of penetration.

Since many people find it difficult to enjoy climax or sex when they are uncomfortable, this is not only nice but also vital. He continues, “You shouldn’t just put up with difficult or painful sex.”

Sex may continue longer if you’re more at ease during it.

Reduction in Pain During Sex

The pelvic floor muscles may be to blame for the one in three women who experience pain during sex.

All of the pelvic organs are surrounded by this group of muscles, which can become tight or stiff and create “penetrational dyspareunia,” or discomfort that penetrates deeply.

With the aid of sexual health professionals, we can frequently assist ladies in having sex without experiencing any discomfort. The best sex wedge pillow frequently allow couples to try out different positions.

Greater Sexual Enhancing Pleasure

Not all women experience orgasms while serving as missionaries. Sex wedge pillows can assist you in finding a posture that facilitates simpler oral sex, more effective penetration, or greater clitoris stimulation. Additionally, using sex toys—alone or with a partner—might be made simpler.

Great for Kink Play

Before you realize your bed is too shaky or has nothing to tie to, it sounds lovely to get tied to it.

With their extensive selection of loops and attachments made for bondage and other forms of kink play, sex pillows offer a safe and simple solution to this issue.

Perfect For Those With Mobility Issues

Sex can be uncomfortable and difficult for people who suffer from back pain, arthritis, or other medical conditions. Sex wedge pillows can relieve joint pressure, support your back and hips, and provide a wider range of motion than you could do on your own.

A Great Pregnancy Sex Aid

Nearly everything is uncomfortable by the time pregnancy is over, so spending a lot of time flat on your back is not advised. You may still have fulfilling sex while getting into a comfortable and secure posture with the aid of a sex pillow.

Improves General Health

Regular, fulfilling sex is healthy for both your physical and mental well-being. Your bond with your lover and with yourself is strengthened. A sex cushion is worthwhile if it enables you to engage in more satisfying sex.

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Things To Consider Before You Buy the Best Sex Wedge Pillow

A Good Quality Cover

A detachable, washable cover is essential. You’ll want to be able to quickly and easily clean yours because sex can be messy.


Order a pillow that will be as firm or as soft as you require because pillows range in hardness.


For information about the filling, look at the tag. Some people are allergic to or irritated by specific pillow fillings. When it comes into contact with your most delicate parts, it can be really painful and cause problems.

The Return Policy

Although some adult shops sell sex wedge pillows, internet retailers have the most options. Choose a trusted manufacturer instead of dodgy Amazon merchants, advises Queen. Since most companies have a return policy if anything doesn’t come out as you’d like, you will know exactly what you are purchasing.

Discuss Things With Your Doctor

Consult a sex therapist or your doctor about the size and design that will work best for you if you’re using the pillow to treat pain or a medical condition.

The Sex Aid That Everyone Needs

When your sexual life is fulfilling, it can enhance every aspect of your life. When it’s terrible, it can have repercussions that extend well beyond the bedroom. Everyone deserves to have a fulfilling and healthy sexual life, and fortunately, there are many options available today to support you in doing so. The best sex wedge pillow products are underutilized items that can be quite helpful. Sex specialists believe they are nearly mandatory because of how great they are at reducing discomfort, enhancing pleasure, and accommodating a wide range of health conditions.

Where Can I Buy the Best Sex Wedge Pillow

There are plenty of online sex retailers where you can buy a wide range of products. However, not all of them are what you could consider reputable.

We would highly recommend as your choice of retailer to buy the best sex wedge pillow. You can check out the LoveHoney website by clicking here.

You can check out the best sex wedge pillow products at the very best prices by clicking here.

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