15 Reasons Why Men Love Sex Dolls More Than Real Girls

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15 Reasons Why Men Love Sex Dolls More Than Real Girls - Sex Dolls Vs Women

People often wonder how good a sex doll really is. They also wonder whether they are as good as a real woman. Well, here are 15 reasons why men love sex dolls more than real girls.

15 Reasons Why Men Love Sex Dolls More Than Real Girls

Over the past few years the sale of sex dolls has skyrocketed. Today more sex dolls than ever are being sold. What was once regarded a taboo product with a little stigma attached to it is now perfectly acceptable. In recent surveys with sex doll owners many claim they enjoy their sex dolls more than they enjoy real women.

We have asked real sex doll owners what it is they love so much about their dolls. We have picked the most popular 15 reasons why men love sex dolls more than real girls.

1 – No Risk of STD’s

When you engage in sexual activity with another human being there is always a risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease. These can affect both men and women.

The most common form of STDs are caused by bacteria, viruses, parasites, and yeast. There are antibiotics that can treat certain infections if they are caused by yeast, bacteria, and parasites. However, there are no antibiotics that can treat STDs caused by viruses. All we have is drugs that can help lessen the symptoms of an STD caused by a virus.

The use of condoms can help reduce the chance of contracting an STD but they do not eliminate the risk completely.

If you have a sex with a sex doll you are indeed eliminating the risk of contracting an STD completely.

Think about a sex doll like this. A sex doll is a virgin until the moment you get her home and make love to her. From that moment on she will not have sex with anyone other than yourself. Therefore there is no risk at all of an STD providing you clean and care for your doll correctly.

This is probably one of the best ever reasons why you should buy a realistic sex doll.

2 – They Are The Ultimate Faithful Partner

Probably the single biggest violation in any relationship is infidelity. While the most obvious part of infidelity relates to sex there are many ways a person can betray their partner. For example many people will feel betrayed if their partner shared an emotional connection with someone else. According to research, it is suggested that at least 60% of married people will commit some form of infidelity at some stage in their marriage.

Whether infidelity presents itself in a marriage in the form of sex or something emotional the pain is still the same.

This is another great thing about sex dolls as they are the most faithful partner you could ever have. There is no chance at all that a sex doll will cheat on you. She will never hurt you or share herself in any way with another man or woman.

With a sex doll there is no fear of getting hurt.

3 – Low Maintenance

The third reasons of our 15 reasons why men love sex dolls more than real girls is they are really low maintenance. Yes, the initial purchase of a sex doll is expensive. However, after that there is very little you need to worry about in the form of maintenance costs. This is undoubtedly an important reason behind the increasing popularity of sex dolls.

With a sex doll you only really need about cleaning her and storing her correctly. Everything else is pretty much hassle and cost free.

It is not simply their low maintenance costs that make love dolls so popular. They are also require no emotional cost to worry about. Obviously a sex doll is free from emotions meaning they will never get upset, depressed or even sick. Unlike a real woman a sex doll does does not need to be taken out on dates. She does not need treats or any other expensive gesture to keep her happy.

All you need to worry about once you have purchased your sex doll is only a handful of things. Maybe a few outfits for her to wear, a good storage box, a good water based lubrication, and some cleaning products.

It is certainly easy to see why this is number three on our list of 15 reasons why men love sex dolls more than real girls.

4 – You Know What She Will Cost

When you are in a relationship with a real woman there is no way of predicting how much that relationship will cost you. Gifts, nights out, and various other thing can end up costing you a small fortune in a relationship.

This is another great thing about a sex doll. Aside from the initial cost of purchasing your doll, there is little in the way of an additional cost. Sure, you may buy your doll some sex clothing but this is pretty much the only additional cost you will incur.

Easy to see why this is number four on our list of 15 reasons why men love sex dolls more than girls.

5 – Sex Dolls Do Not Need Attention

How many times do you hear a married man complain about his wife needing attention. He usually moans because she is wanting him to do this or do that for her. Perhaps she wants him to take her somewhere or do something with him. All he wants is to be left alone and for her to stop nagging him.

Well, you will never ever have this issue with a sex doll. You can certainly give your doll as much attention as you personally desire. However a sex doll will not nag you and complain if you do not spend time with her.

This is the exact reason many guys prefer a sex doll over a real woman. Sex whenever you want, spending time together on your terms, no nagging, what it to not love about this concept? my way!

6 – No Risk of Alimony

As sad as this is the majority of relationships and marriages will fail. When that happens, in most cases, the man finds himself having to pay alimony to his ex-partner. Alimony, if you do not know, is a legal obligation where you must financially support your spouse after you separate. This is usually more common when a couple separate and they have children together.

The risk of having to pay alimony can be a frightening thing for many guys. Imagine if a man was to marry and divorce more than once. The amount of money who would end up paying out in alimony could very quickly become very scary.

Yet again this is a top reason why so many men prefer sex dolls over real women. If you were to get bored with your sex doll and break-up there is absolutely no chance whatsoever that you will pay her alimony.

If this is not a great reason to buy a realistic, high end sex doll we really do not know what is.

7 – No Risk Of Child Support

If you find yourself having children with a woman who you later separate from you will find yourself having to pay child support. In family law child support is a regular payment paid by a parent. This payment is for the benefit of that parents child following the breakdown of a relationship.

More than $33 billion is paid out in child support payments each year. With sums of money like that it is easy to see why this made our list of 15 reasons men love sex dolls more than real girls. There is no chance at all that you will get your sex doll pregnant. Therefore there is no risk at all you will find yourself having to make child support payments.

8 – No Chance of Sperm Theft

You may or not realise it but sperm theft is actually a real thing. It usually describes one of two scenarios with both scenarios resulting in a woman getting pregnant.

The first scenario involves the woman falling pregnant after what the man assumed was protected. This often occurs when the woman tells her partner she is on the contraceptive pill when she is not.

The second scenario occurs when the woman steals a used condom after sex. She can then use it to make herself pregnant. Alternatively she may use the content of the condom as proof of cheating or as the basis of a child paternity test.

Sperm theft is actually a criminal offence and is considered extremely serious.

With a sex doll you have absolutely no risk of sperm theft in any form. Just make sure you clean your doll after you make love to her. That way there is no chance at all of anyone stealing your sperm.

9 – No Bitching

One of the most common reasons relationships fall apart is because of men spending too much time playing video games or with his friends. The number of arguments couples have regarding this issue is truly mind blowing. This is another great reason why many men prefer a sex doll over a woman.

Yes, guys understand that women need love and attention. The problem is that not all men are capable of offering this. For this reason the fact a sex doll will never nag or bitch at you makes them, for many men, so much better than a real woman.

10 – No White Knights

Strangely not many people have heard of this term. This term relates to a person who jumps in and snatches your partner when your relationship is in a difficult place. Imagine a scenario where you and your partner are arguing a lot. A White Knight may be a friend or work colleague. This person would be a shoulder to cry on. They will listen and sympathize with your partner telling them how they are right and you are wrong. This leads to your partner feeling an emotional connection to the White Knight as they feel only they can truly understand them.

Yet another great thing about a sex doll is she will be yours forever. She will never complain about you to someone else. Therefore she will never be at risk of a White Knight coming along and stealing her away.

11 – You Will Always Be Centre of Attention

One of the biggest turn offs for anyone is when their parter is more interested in something else other than them. The most common example of this is when you spend time with your partner yet they constantly play on their phone. Nothing makes a person feel less important than something like this.

This is yet another fantastic thing about a sex doll over a real woman. She will always give you her undivided attention. She will never ever be distracted and she will never make you feel second best.

12 – Your Commitment Will Never Be Tested

Unfortunately there are many people in the world who are insecure. In a relationship this can lead them to constantly testing their partners commitment. They may do this by trying to catch them out or creating situations where their parter is forced to prove their loyalty. As you may well expect when this happens in a relationship it can quite easily lead to a relationship breakup.

A sex doll will never ever test your commitment to her. She will never ask you to prove anything to her. You will never ever feel as though you are constantly having to prove your love. Because a doll has the inability to think makes them incomparably submissive to you.

13 – No Drama

I am not suggesting this applies to all women but it certainly applies to many. When many women are angry they will often go above and beyond to drive that point home. For some reason they are quite happy to drive a point home without any concern for consequences such as defamation or property damage. This may sound extremely sexist however there has been research carried out in the United States. This research indicates at least one out of every three women will act out of anger and create a dramatic scene.

Once again this is not something you will ever worry about with a sex doll. Your doll will never ever cause any drama and will never ever cause a scene in public.

14 – You Never Get a Batshit Crazy Sex Doll

Many men find women ridiculously difficult to understand. They simply cannot get their heads around the way women may act to certain situations. This leads to many men literally thinking the women in their life are batshit crazy.

With a sex doll you never have to worry about what seems like crazy decisions. A sex doll will always be level headed and as cool as a cucumber.

15 – Never A False Accusation

Our final reason on this list of 15 reasons why men love sex dolls more than girls is this one. It is certainly true that within a relationship women pay a closer attention to detail than men. This can easily lead to the woman making assumptions that will affect the relationship. Men on the other hand tend to be less sensitive. They can joke about pretty much everything. This difference can lead to a lot of resentment in a relationship. It can also lead to false accusations being made. The most obvious accusation will likely focus on cheating or caring more about something else than her.

Once again this is something you will never worry about with a sex doll. She will never accuse you of anything regardless of whether it is true or not.


Yes, women are fantastic creatures and men would certainly not want to be without them. However, there are certainly many benefits of a sex doll over a real woman.

While sex dolls were certainly once a taboo product they are becoming more and more acceptable by the day. The bottom line is if you buy a sex doll your life could be so much better.

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