Can I Take A Bath With My Sex Doll

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Can I Take A Bath With My Sex Doll - Shower With A Sex Doll - TPE Sex Dolls - Silicone Sex Dolls

One of the the most common questions men ask about a love doll is – can I take a bath with my sex doll? Believe it or not most men buy a sex doll as something much more than a simply sex partner. They buy a sex doll for emotional support and companionship. For this very reason it is not uncommon for men to share intimate activities and moments with their sex dolls.

Can I Take A Bath With My Sex Doll?

So, in answer to – Can I take a bath with my sex doll – there are several things you should consider. After all the sex doll you buy will not be cheap. The last thing you want is to cause her damage of any form.

What To Consider First

Before you even think about sharing a bath or shower with your sex doll there are something you should consider. Firstly you really need to know what material your sex dolls skin is made from. If you own a silicone sex doll you will be pleased to know there is less to worry about. However, if you own or are going to buy a TPE sex doll there are certain things you most definitely need to be aware of.

TPE does not like heat. In fact it is only barely resistant to heat. For this very reason it is so important that you check the water temperature before bringing a TPE sex doll anywhere near it. Most people who own a TPE sex doll agree that if the water does not feel a little cool for human skin then it is too hot for their doll.

It is also very important that you realise certain types of soap can damage your sex doll. There are certain chemicals which are present in certain soaps which will impair or harm your sex doll. In most cases exposure to these chemicals will leave dents and other forms of irreversible damage.

The moral of this is that before you take your expensive sex doll anywhere near water make sure you do your research.

It is also worth taking the time to properly inspect your love doll after each bath or shower. Make sure she is completely dry and make sure no water has found its way into her internal structure. If your sex doll has any form of open damage then keep her well away from water. The last thing you want is her internal skeleton beginning to rust.

Ideas When Showering with Your Sex Doll

If you do find yourself showering with your sex doll you will most likely want to make things memorable.

Why not try increasing the temperature of your shower so everything, including the walls, is steamy and dripping with water. By doing this you really are setting the mood to be hot and passionate. We must point out that to enjoy a steamy shower with your sex doll then it should be only done with a silicone sex doll. Never take a hot shower with a TPE sex doll.

Perhaps you could add some candles and music before you get busy.

Best Sex Positions In the Shower

When it comes to having sex with your love doll in the shower some sex positions will work better than others. Here are some of the best sex positions to try with your silicone love doll in the shower.


This is a position that is every bit as romantic as it is erotic. The best way to try this position is to make the room all hot and steamy. Then sit on the toilet and have your sex doll straddle you with her face towards your own. Once you have her straddling you it is so easy to penetrate her from this position. This is a truly awesome position to get things started. It is certainly the perfect way to build up the sexual tension.

Upstanding Citizens

This position is probably one of the hottest you could try with your sex doll in the shower. It is certainly a great position to finish with. Basically you will be standing up and pick your sex doll up while she is in the sitting position. Her legs can wrap around you giving you easy access to her holes. If you are struggling with the weight of your sex doll push her up against the wall as you penetrate her.

The Chairman

This is another sexual position that involves you sitting down. Once you are sat down your sex doll then sits on you as though you are a chair. This allows you perfect, easy access for vaginal and anal sex. It also allows you the opportunity to kiss her neck while reaching around to fondle her breasts or clit. The easiest way to thrust into your doll is by pushing your legs up. Do this slowly and it will feel fantastic.

So, Can I Take A Bath With My Sex Doll?

The answer to this question very much depends on which type of sex doll you own or which type of sex doll you buy. There is a huge difference between a silicone sex doll and a TPE sex doll.

If you own a TPE sex doll be very, very, very careful with the temperature. TPE is a porous material that can easily be damaged by heat. The best option with a TPE sex doll is only expose it to lukewarm temperatures. Also bear in mind that once a TPE sex doll has been wet it will likely become sticky. This can easily be combated through the use of baby powder.

A silicone sex doll is much more tolerant to heat. If you are planning steamy showers or a warm bath silicone really should be your material of choice. Silicone is a much more forgiven material when exposed to both heat and water.

The bottom line is that you research and keep this information in mind before exposing your love doll to water. Sex dolls are expensive items so the last thing you want to do is expose them to anything that will or could cause them any harm. This could prove to be an emotionally upsetting mistake not to mention a hugely expensive mistake.

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