Cowgirl Sex Doll

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Anyone looking to buy a cowgirl sex doll undoubtedly has a certain thing for a Daisy Duke type of girl. Maybe that or maybe you are into Miley Cyrus when she was all about that country music style. Whatever the reason behind you wanting to buy a cowgirl sex doll this is the perfect choice.

Cowgirl Sex Doll

Cowgirl Sex Doll For Sale - Buy Country Girl Sex Dolls - High End Sex Dolls

This highly realistic, very beautiful, and very sexy cowgirl sex doll has been designed by WM Doll. Anyone familiar with the sex doll industry will undoubtedly already be aware that WM Doll is one of the worlds leading manufacturer of sex dolls. They specialize in high end sex dolls that are among the best value and best priced in the industry.


Just a quick glance at this beautiful country girl sex doll is enough to see just how realistic and beautiful she is. She has long blonde hair and the most beautiful facial features you could ever hope to set your eye upon. In fact, in our opinion, there is a small likeness to singer, Miley Cyrus. This is a doll that will have you falling in love with her. Her sweet and innocent girl next door looks will make you feel weak at the knees

The doll has a thin body which is well toned, athletic, and very sexy. Her big breasts highlight her natural feminine curves and add to that country girl look.


If the reason you are wanting to buy a cowgirl sex doll is because you love a body like that of Miley Cyrus or Daisy Duke from the Dukes of Hazzard this doll is the perfect choice.

The doll has a thin, athletic figure with large E-Cup breasts. What everyone will love about the breasts on this doll is the realism. They feels just as realistic as the look. In fact we would challenge you to tell the difference between how they feel and the real thing. We bet you struggle to tell the difference between them and the real thing.

Cowgirl Sex Doll For Sale - Buy Country Girl Sex Dolls - High End Sex Dolls

This cowgirl sex doll has a 32 inch bust with a 22.5 inch waist and 32.8 inch hips. These measurements give the doll that athletic figure we have mentioned many times. You could not ask for a doll with a more stereotypical country girl look about her.

The doll stands at 5 feet 4 inches which, in our opinion, is a great height for a cowgirl sex doll. It adds to that country girl or girl next door look this doll has.

She weighs 88lbs which is obviously a little lighter than a real woman. However this proves to be ideal for a sex doll. It is heavy enough to make the doll feel just like a real woman when in use yet light enough to move around without the need of a helping hand. This is something you will be so grateful about when it comes to putting the doll in poses or away into storage.

TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) Skin

Rather than using silicon for skin this cowgirl sex doll uses a material known as TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). TPE offers pretty much all the benefits of silicon when used as sex doll skin. It looks and feels very much like real skin. This is especially true when the skin has been heated either by an external tool or an in-body heating option.

TPE is a much easier material than silicon to work with. It is also considerably cheaper which means you always pay less for a TPE sex doll over a silicon sex doll. More importantly you are able to buy a TPE sex doll cheaper with no reduction in quality. These really are exceptional value for money.

Lightweight Steel Skeleton

Cowgirl Sex Doll For Sale - Buy Country Girl Sex Dolls - High End Sex Dolls

This cowgirl sex doll features a skeleton that has been constructed from lightweight, high quality steel. The skeleton features movable joints in all the exact same locations a real human skeleton has joints. These joints are also lockable. This means you can place the doll in any lifelike position a real woman could achieve. You will be blown away how great this feature is. After all it does allow you to have sex with this doll in any position you can possibly imagine.

Can Have All Types of Sex

Another truly wonderful thing about this cowgirl sex doll is that she can have all forms of sex. That means she offers you vagina, oral, and anal sex. Combine this with what we have already stated about how she can be positioned and you have a doll that will make all your sexual fantasies come true. She will always be willing and always be ready to try absolutely anything you desire.

Her vagina and anus are 6.7 inches deep whereas her mouth is 5,1 inches deep. We would highly recommend paying for the upgraded mouth with this cowgirl sex doll. The upgraded mouth features a tongue. It also feels so much more lifelike and realistic when you kiss her or have her give you oral sex.

Options and Customizaton

Cowgirl Sex Doll For Sale - Buy Country Girl Sex Dolls - High End Sex Dolls

Like all WM Doll products this cowgirl sex doll can be customized in pretty much every way possible. Should there be any attribute of this beautiful doll not to your liking then, at the point of purchase, you can easily customize this.

It is possible to alter such attributes as her hairstyle and color, her skin tone, eye color, fingernail and toenail color, pubic hair, and more. You can pretty much make this cowgirl sex doll into your ideal woman.

This doll has several options that are available. We would highly recommend that you choose the upgraded feet. These upgraded feet option allow the doll to stand up without any support. This option quickly becomes a blessing in disguise when you get her home. Especially if you want to have sex with her standing up.

We would also highly recommend the removable vagina option. It is impossible to tell that the vagina is removable but it offers the benefit of making the doll so much easier to clean. Simply remove the vagina, clean it, then refit it.

If you are wanting to make this doll even more realistic it would also be worth choosing an option for heating. It is possible to buy an external heating wand or an in-built heating option. The in-built heating option is, as you would expect, slightly more expensive but well worth the extra cost.


The bottom line is if you are looking to buy a highly realistic cowgirl sex doll this WM Doll is nothing short of perfect. She has the most beautiful facial features and the sexiest body you could ever hope for. The fact she is capable of giving you all forms of sex is a huge bonus to an already fantastic doll.

The fact she is so well priced, making her exceptional value for money, means this doll should be your number one choice.

Cowgirl Sex Doll For Sale - Buy Country Girl Sex Dolls - High End Sex Dolls

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