Schoolgirl Sex Doll

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If you are looking to buy a schoolgirl sex doll then you clearly love grown women wearing a school uniform. This is a classic fantasy that is shared by countless numbers of men. This is the great thing about sex dolls in the fact they can help you live out your fantasies.

Here are our choice of the best schoolgirl sex doll products that are available for sale. All of these realistic sex dolls are designed and manufactured by WM Doll, a world leading manufacturer of sex doll products.

Schoolgirl Sex Doll – Option One

Teen Sex Dolls For Sale - Buy Schoolgirl Sex Doll - High End Realistic Sex Doll

Without and doubt or hesitation this is the product we would most recommend as a schoolgirl sex doll.

The bottom line is that you could not ask for a more attractive, realistic, or sex doll. From the very second you set your eyes on her you will fall in love. She really is that beautiful. In fact you could not hope for a more beautiful or sexy woman.

This super sexy sex doll stands at 5 feet 2 inches tall which adds to her realism. She weighs 62lbs which is obviously lighter than a real woman. However, with that said it is worth pointing out that this is the most perfect weight for a sex doll. It is heavy enough to feel just like a real woman when in use yet light enough to move around on your own. This proves to be a godsend when it comes to placing the doll in poses, moving her around, or putting her into storage.

The doll has the most divinely hypnotic B-Cup breasts that look and feel every bit as good as the real thing. You really will be blown away when you see them.

Her bust measures 26 inches while her waist measures 19 inches and her hips measure 30 inches. These measurements give this schoolgirl sex doll a beautiful, thin, well-toned, and very sexy figure that is nothing less than a dream come true.

Schoolgirl Sex Doll – Option Two

Teen Sex Dolls For Sale - Buy Schoolgirl Sex Doll - High End Realistic Sex Doll

Another highly recommend option of schoolgirl sex doll is this stunningly realistic blonde doll. As you can see she is every last bit as beautiful, lifelike, and sexy as our first choice. Maybe you feel she is even hotter and could be your own personal number one choice.

She has skin, like all the dolls recommend here, that is made from high quality TPE. Her skin covers a skeleton that is made from lightweight, high quality steel that feature movable joints. These joints allow these dolls to be positioned in any pose that a real woman could achieve. This also means you are able to have sex with these dolls in absolutely any position you can imagine. If you can think it then she can do it.

She stands a highly realistic 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 72 lbs. This makes this doll a perfect choice if you prefer your women to be that little bit taller.

She has the most perfectly sculpted C-Cup breasts. They look and feel so much like the real thing you will have trouble distinguishing them from the real thing. These breasts really are that lifelike.

This doll has a 32 inch bust with a 21 inch waist and 33 inch hips. These measurements give this beautiful doll the most perfect figure you could ever hope to set your eyes on. Very much the perfect doll to act out any fantasy you can possibly imagine.

Schoolgirl Sex Doll – Option Three

Teen Sex Dolls For Sale - Buy Schoolgirl Sex Doll - High End Realistic Sex Doll

Once again this is another highly realistic and very beautiful blonde doll that would be an ideal choice for a schoolgirl sex doll.

She has the usual TPE skin and lightweight steel skeleton that can be moved into any imaginable lifelike position or pose.

Like all the dolls suggested here this doll can give you all forms of sex.

That means she can have vaginal, oral, and anal sex. Combined with the fact she can have sex with you in any imaginable position means these dolls are the perfect way to live out any fantasy you may have. They are always willing and always ready to try anything with you. She will never be tired, never have a headache, and never turn you down. The only real limit is your own imagine.

This beautiful schoolgirl sex doll stands 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 72 lbs.

She has beautiful and highly realistic C-Cup breasts which as you have probably guessed, look and feel just like the real thing.

This doll has a 32 inch bust with a 21 inch waist and 33 inch hips. These measurements give her a very sexy, well-toned, athletic, and highly realistic figure. You really will be blown away when you set eyes on this doll for real.

She is stunning!

Schoolgirl Sex Doll – Option Four

Teen Sex Dolls For Sale - Buy Schoolgirl Sex Doll - High End Realistic Sex Doll

If you love brunette women, love petite women, and love women with big breasts then this is very much the best choice of schoolgirl sex doll.

This is another highly realistic sex doll. She is both beautiful and very sexy. You could not hope to own or buy a better sex doll if big breasted brunettes tick your boxes.

Once again this doll has a skin made from high quality TPE which offers all the benefits of silicon with the advantage of being considerably cheaper. This in turn leads to a cheaper, better value sex doll overall.

The doll stands a petite 5 feet 1 inch tall and weighs 62 lbs. Perfect for those of you who love petite women.

What really makes this beautiful sex doll stand out is her highly realistic large DD-Cup breasts. Her breasts will have you feeling weak at the knees when you first see them. When you touch them you will likely struggle to remain standing up. Her breasts really are that hypnotically lifelike and beautiful.

She has a 32.7 inch bust with a 15.75 inch waist and 29.5 inch hips. These measurements give this doll an alluring curvy figure that oozes femininity. Even though this doll has curves in all the right places she is still well toned and appears highly athletic in her appearance.

The bottom line is that if big breasted brunettes are your thing then this is the perfect choice of schoolgirl sex doll.


There really is so many dolls available for sale that will make excellent schoolgirl sex dolls. In fact pretty much any doll could be dressed up in a school uniform just the same as any woman could. This is the truly great thing about any sex doll that is for sale. Whatever your sexual fantasy happens to be then a sex doll can oblige you and help you make it a reality.

If you buy a sex doll it really will change your life for the better. The only question is – what are you waiting for?

Teen Sex Dolls For Sale - Buy Schoolgirl Sex Doll - High End Realistic Sex Doll

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