Do Sex Dolls Make Good Companions

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It will probably come as little surprise to hear that the majority of men do not buy sex dolls just to have sex with. Most men actually but a sex doll as a friend and companion. The obvious question is do sex dolls make goo companions? Is it possible for sex dolls to help combat the curse of loneliness?

Do Sex Dolls Make Good Companions

Do Sex Dolls Make Good Companions - Buy a Sex Doll Because You Are Lonely

It could be argued that a sex doll would make a very poor companion. After all, unless you buy a robotic sex doll equipped with artificial intelligence, they cannot talk back or hold a conversation. However, with that said it is worth pointing out that many lonely people get themselves a dor or other pet to keep them company.

Why should a sex doll be any different?

Modern sex doll happen to be extremely realistic and lifelike. Some high end sex dolls like those created by RealDoll can easily be mistaken for a real living woman. For this reason sex dolls could well be the perfect solution for lonely people. Especially those who desperately wish for something with human characteristics. Even the most loyal dogs in the world cannot offer this.

If a standard sex doll simply does not cut it there is the option of buying an artificially intelligent sex doll robot. The best artificial intelligent sex dolls are made by RealDoll. These dolls are programed with at least 18 different personalities. They are also capable of holding conversations with you and remembering things you tell them. Over time they learn more and more about you. You can check out the awesome range of artificially intelligent robot sex dolls from RealDoll by clicking here.

So, yes, sex dolls really do make great companions and genuinely help people to feel less lonely.

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