Fanatic Fleshlight Texture

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Anyone wanting to buy the Fanatic Fleshlight texture really is in for a treat. This is a Fleshlight sleeve that blow your mind and your load like you cannot imagine. The Fantatic Fleshlight sleeve is used primarily as the vagina version of the Henessy Fleshlight. It features an opening molded from her own vagina and is therefore a perfect replica. It looks and feels just like the real thing.
Henessy Fleshlight - Fanatic Fleshlight Sleeve - Fanatic Fleshlight Sleeve

Fanatic Fleshlight Texture Overview

The Fanatic Fleshlight sleeve is divided into five individual chambers. Each chamber has its own unique texture and form of stimulation.

Chamber one and two are lined with ribs which twist around the walls of the sleeve. As you move back and forth through this chamber a twisting sensation is applied to the penis. This twisting sensation feels heavenly when you first enter the Fanatic Fleshlight texture and the stimulation is applied to the most sensitive part of the penis.

The third chamber is lined with brick shaped nubs which stroke the penis while the forth chamber is lined with a net like texture.

It is the final chamber which really ramps up the pleasure senses. This is the tightest chamber of the Fanatic Fleshlight sleeve and is lined with a ribbed texture. These ribs generate a pulsating sensation. Since this is applied to the tip and most sensitive part of the penis you can be sure of the most insanely intense climax known to man.

Intensity ★★★★★
Stimulation ★★★★★
Penetration ★★★★☆
Suction Effect ★★★☆☆
Realism ★★★★☆
Variation ★★★★☆
Orgasm Rating ★★★★☆
Noise Level ★★★☆☆
Lube Use ★★★☆☆
Cleaning ★★★☆☆
Drying Time ★★★☆☆
Overall ★★★★☆

Fleshlight Girl

Henessy Fleshlight - Fleshlight Girls - Fanatic Fleshlight Sleeve - Fanatic Fleshlight Texture

Henessy Fleshlight

Henessy entered the world of adult films back in 2008 when she was a mere 18 years of age. She travelled through various countries in Europe shooting scenes as she went along. Enjoying modest success she decided to land herself on American shores and try her luck shooting scenes for American based studios.

She worked with the likes of Rocco Siffredi and Pierre Woodman which led to her career exploding. Now, thanks to Fleshlight, you can experience the heavenly delights of this beautiful woman for yourself.

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