Hitachi Magic Wand Review

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Hitachi Magic Wand Review - Best Magic Wand Vibrator for Women - Most Powerful Vibrator Sex Toy

Since you are here reading this Hitachi Magic Wand review you are obviously wanting to buy what is considered to be the best ever and most powerful vibrator that has ever existed. If you are wanting to quickly know whether this female sex toy is as good as the hype makes out the simple as is this. This vibrator is genuinely the very best in the world. It is not just the best vibrator in the world it is the original and very best magic wand vibrator ever.

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On the other hand if you want to know what makes this sex toy so awesome you can continue reading this Hitachi Magic Wand review.

Hitachi Magic Wand Review – Quick Look

The legendary Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator is the original and best want vibrator. It was released by Hitachi back in 1968 before vibrators were as mainstream as they are today. It is this specific vibrator that paved the way for each and ever vibrator that has hit the market since.

With its simple controls and deep, intense rubbles, even after many decades on sale, it is still considered to be the very best vibrator ever single released.

Mind Blowing, Most Intense Orgasms Ever

I can assume that everyone reading this Hitachi Magic Wand review understands the heavenly delights of achieving an orgasm. We all know there is not a sensation quite like it in the world.

But imagine if there was a heavenly sensation that was beyond the levels of pleasure you are familiar with.

This is the very reason that this vibrator is and, most likely, will always will be the best vibrator in the world.

When you use this vibrator you will genuinely be blown away. You will quite literally feel legs go weak at the knees as you experience a level of orgasmic pleasure that is only achievable with this powerful magic wand vibrator.

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Multi-Speed, Deep Rumbling Vibrations

Hitachi Magic Wand Review - Best Magic Wand Vibrator for Women - Most Powerful Vibrator Sex Toy

You really could not ask for an easier vibrator to use. Sure, these days there are some seriously futuristic female sex toys and vibrators on sale. However, who wants to be messing around learning which buttons do what or syncing a toy with a smartphone app when you are desperately in the mood to get yourself off.

The Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator features three simple buttons. The first button turns the vibrator on and off. The second and third buttons make the vibrations faster or slower. What could possibly be easier when it comes to controlling the worlds best female sex toy.

I will say one thing at this point in this Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator review. That even on the slowest setting this vibrator produces some insanely deep rumbles. It will take time for you to build yourself up to the fastest setting. These are rumbles that you will never have ever experienced with any other vibrator you have ever used.

High Quality Materials

It is true that there are cheaper magic wand vibrators available to buy. In fact it is true that in recent years the sex toy market has very much been flooded with wand style vibrators. While there are plenty of powerful magic wand vibrators available it is important to realise that they are not all created equally.

Pretty much each and every other version of this magnificent sex toy uses the cheapest components possible so the selling price or profit can be as great as possible.

When you buy the original Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator you buy a sex toy manufactured using the highest quality components. You very much get what you pay for in life and sex toys are no exception to that rule. If you want to buy a high quality vibrator that will last you a lifetime you need to accept no substitutes. There is no other vibrator that comes close to the quality of the original Hitachi.

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Mains Powered

Since you are here wanting to buy the best magic wand vibrator you most like already know they come in two versions. A rechargeable, cordless version and a mains powered version. This variant, the original version, is powered by a mains supply.

Hitachi Magic Wand Review - Best Magic Wand Vibrator for Women - Most Powerful Vibrator Sex Toy

You can be forgiven for thinking that a mains cord will be a pain in the ass. The truth is that you really will not notice it. And, if you did notice it you will quickly understand the benefits of mains powered vibrator over a battery powered alternative.

A mains powered vibrator produces much deeper rumbles. It is a lighter weight and you never ever have to worry about a battery loosing power half through a passionate session. This magic wand vibrator will always have maximum power and will be able to go much longer than you ever will.

Use Alone or With a Partner

As with all female sex toys they can be used solo or enjoyed with company of a partner.

Sex toys are truly wonderful to play with alone. But there is something so much better, so much extremely intimate when you enjoy them with a partner.

In fact a sex toy of this nature can be shared. It is capable of delivering an extremely pleasurable experience for both men and women.

Ideal for BDSM and Bondage Play

A magic wand vibrator is a truly awesome sex toy to use during BDSM or bondage play. If you are a man consider this. Could you imagine surprising your partner with a toy like this for the first time. Her response when she experiences this level of pleasure could be wonderful for you both.

On the other hand, if you are the woman in a relationship, just imagine being restrained. You are restrained and your partner surprises you with a toy this out of this world orgasmic. Would that be a turn on?

There are so many ways this toy could be included in your BDSM and bondage play.

Easy to Clean

We all know cleaning sex toys after use is always a pain in the ass. The good news is that this magic wand vibrator is probably the easiest sex toy in the world to clean.

Because it is only the beautifully shaped head of the toy that makes contact with your body it is simply a case of cleaning it with sex toy specific anti-bacterial wipes. If you have managed to get lube on the handle of the toy it is simply a case of using a cloth to carefully remove it.


As you have probably guessed the conclusion of this Hitachi Magic Wand review is overwhelming positive. In fact the very bottom line is that I can not recommend this female vibrator high enough. It really is the very best sex toy that money can buy. There is, put simply, no other toy, no matter how advanced, that comes anywhere close.

This is a simple to use, powerful vibrator that delivers a level of pleasure which will blow your mind. If you are looking to buy the best, most orgasmic, most reliable vibrator the world has ever seen this really is it. There is nothing else that comes anywhere close.

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Hitachi Magic Wand Review - Best Magic Wand Vibrator for Women - Most Powerful Vibrator Sex Toy

You can check out the best price for the Hitachi Magic Wand by clicking here.

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