How a Sex Doll Saved My Marriage

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How a Sex Doll Saved My Marriage - Sex Dolls For Couples - Sex Dolls For Married Couples

I’m sure I am not the only one who has found themselves in a failing marriage. The stupid thing is my wife and I were once so much in love and could not keep our hands of each other. Four kids later, combined with careers and everything else in life that gets in the way, we were like two ships passing in the night. The good news is my wife and I managed to sort things out and are now more in love than ever. How did I save my marriage? Well, this is how a sex doll saved my marriage.

How a Sex Doll Saved My Marriage

I’m guessing the most obvious question you are asking is – how exactly did a sex doll save my marriage? You might even be sat there wondering can a sex doll save your own marriage or relationship Well, if you buy a sex doll it may not work for every couple. All I can tell you is that a sex doll certainly helped my wife and I. In fact a sex doll brought my wife and I closer than ever. This is how and this is why.

A Way of Sharing Sexual Fantasies

Possibly the most amazing thing about bringing a sex doll into any relationship is how they allow you to explore your sexual fantasies. If I am totally honest, like most guys, I always wanted to have a threesome. The idea of having two women at the same time had always been something that I found massively arousing. I’d guess that I am not alone in this.

When my wife and I finally got to talking properly about things a threesome happened to be a common theme. Obviously bringing a third party into our relationship was never going to be an option. When we decided to buy a sex doll we were able to explore this sexual fantasy together. No jealously and no insecurity. We were able to enjoy a threesome together without ever bringing a third party into our relationship. In fact we even decided to buy a male sex doll and a female sex doll. This allowed us to have a threesome with another woman and another man. How incredible is that? A threesome without the need to feel jealous or insecure

Never Left Unsatisfied

A common problem my wife encountered as our marriage progressed was that one of us was left unsatisfied. This post is all about honesty so I will say this. This was usually the case if I had been on the beer. I may have had a night out with the boys, sank one too many, and came home all horny. The majority of times this would lead to my wife finding herself spend yet I was was till to climax. In turn this would lead to me feel unimportant to my wife. I would often find myself getting up as she drifted off to sleep. I would then spend the next few hours annoyed and feeling sorry for myself.

She was completely oblivious to this as we were not communicating. I was frustrated and annoyed while she drifted off to sleep thinking everything was great between us. Of course this was not helped by the fact I often fakes my climax to avoid her feeling inadequate.

Now that my wife and I have communicated properly a sex doll has been a gift unlike no other. On these such nights I can can get up and make love to our sex doll when my wife is spent. She knows exactly what is going on and she is fine with this. In her opinion it is way better than sexual frustration and the temptation of cheating.

Cheating Without Cheating

Whether or not you agree with me on this next point will undoubtedly be a matter that could be debated for many hours. In my personal opinion every relationship has times where or both partners become a little bored with, not just the relationship, but life in general. Let us be honest. How many time do we hear of affairs starting on the basis that someone outside the relationship paid someone a little bit of attention. It is certainly more than fair to suggest we all crave attention and affection.

The truly great thing about owning a sex doll as a couple is that it really does stop things becoming mundane. If you are simply wanting some excitement outside of your marriage or relationship, for whatever reason, a sex doll is the most perfect sex toy you could own as couple. A sex doll allows both parties to experiment and do things that would usually be impossible without cheating. As long as both parties are aware and comfortable a sex doll could be just what your relationship needs. It certainly helps keep things extremely fresh in my own relationship. Not only that I often hear of other couples who feel exactly the same.

Maybe a sex doll will help your relationship but then again maybe it will not. However, with all of that said, if you are both comfortable with the idea it certainly cannot hurt. What have you got lose? You will certainly become closer as a couple simply by discussing the idea of buying a sex doll. And remember that it is growing closer that will ultimately save your marriage or relationship.

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