How Do I Purchase a Sex Doll Without a Neighbor or Delivery Man Knowing

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If you are going to buy a sex doll there is one worry pretty much every single person will have. That worry is about a delivery man or neighbor seeing a sex doll show up at your front door. You will certainly not be the first or last person to ask how do I purchase a sex doll without a neighbor or delivery man knowing?

How Do I Purchase A Sex Doll Without A Neighbor or Delivery Man Knowing

It is perfectly normal for a person to want to keep such intimate purchases private. The good news is that these few simple steps is all that is needed to make sure you have guaranteed intimacy when buying a sex doll.

Choose A Reputable Retailer

The most important thing if you value your privacy is to choose a reputable sex doll retailer. A reputable sex doll retailer will value your privacy as much as you do. Your sex doll will therefore be delivered to you in a large wooden crate which will be sealed. There will be no labels on the crate and no paperwork giving any indication as to the contents of the crate.

Another thing people who buy a sex doll worry about is what will appear on their credit card or bank statement. A reputable sex doll retailer will never give any indication that you have purchased a sex doll. Your bank statement will show a company name that has no connection with sex dolls or sex toys.

We would highly recommend Silicon Wives, Sexy Real Sex Dolls, or RealDoll. We have purchased many sex dolls from these three retailers and have always received world class customer service.

Plan the Delivery Day

You will be contacted well in advance to arrange a suitable day for your sex doll to be delivered. The day your sex doll is delivered will be as straightforward as any other delivery. However, it is worth making a few plans in advance.

When your sex doll is delivered to you, depending on which sex doll retailer you have used, it will be delivered to either your doorstep or dropped off at the roadside outside your house. Sex dolls are pretty heavy items weighing around the same as a real person. For this reason you will want to make plans for how you will get the crate inside your house. You do not want to be unpacking your sex doll on your front door. You also do not want to ask a neighbor for help as they will inevitably ask what is inside. You could perhaps arrange for a loan of a trolley of some description.

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