How to Buy A High End Realistic Sex Doll

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If you are looking to buy your first sex doll it is okay to feel a little overwhelmed. Knowing how to go about things, which retailers to trust, and actually choosing a sex doll can be a daunting process. You are certainly not alone. Many people get confused and wonder how to buy a high end realistic sex doll.

How to Buy A High End Realistic Sex Doll

Before we go any further take a moment to take a deep breath. Relax! Buying a sex doll does not have to be complicated or scary.

Choose a Reputable Sex Doll Retailer

The first thing you should do is settle on a reputable sex doll retailer. As you probably already know there are plenty of online sellers out there. However, not all are reputable. There is not just a concern about a company taking your hard earned money and disappearing with it. You will likely be concerned about how sex doll will be delivered to your home. Maybe you are worried about the quality of the dolls a company sells. Perhaps you are concerned about customer service.

Over the years I have personally purchased sex dolls from various retailers. I would highly recommend Silicon Wives and Sexy Real Sex Dolls. I have used these retailers several times and have had nothing but first class service from them. I would also highly recommend RealDoll who are perfect if you are looking for an extra special, highly realistic sex doll.

Choose A Material

You pretty much have two choices of material that can be used as skin on a sex doll. Silicon or TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers) are your choices. Whether you choose silicon sex doll or a TPE sex doll will most likely be dictated by your budget. A silicon sex doll is, in most instances, more expensive than if you were to buy a TPE sex doll. With that said while TPE offers many of the benefits of silicon you will usually find silicon sex dolls are more realistic.

The main disadvantage of a TPE sex doll is that they are more difficult to clean than alternatives.

Choose Your Sex Doll

Yes, for anyone wanting to know how to buy a high end realistic sex doll this is undoubtedly the most obvious part. Once you have settled on the online retailer and between silicon or TPE it is time for the fun stuff. Choosing which sex doll you are going to buy!

The best advice I can give here is make sure you choose a doll that you are sexually attracted to. Do not buy a sex doll just because it is within your budget. If your dream sex doll is a little to expensive then I honestly recommend that you wait and save up so more money. Sex dolls are certainly not cheap so it is important that you get your purchase correct the first time.

I would also highly recommend you make sure the sex doll you settle on can do everything you want it to. It is no good if you want your sex doll to give you oral sex only to find out that she is not capable.

What to Expect After Ordering

Once you have ordered and paid for your sex doll you will be given an order number and a confirmation email. This confirmation email is pretty much an order form with all your details and the details of your new sex doll.

If you have chosen to buy a sex doll that is readymade and in stock you will receive your doll quite quickly. On the other hand if you have chosen to buy a customized sex doll delivery will take a little longer. In most cases you are looking at a wait of between 4 and 6 weeks. In this time the sex doll retailer will send you regular updates regarding the creation of your sex doll. You will even receive photos of your sex doll to make sure you are 100% happy with the finished product.

The most common thing people worry about when buying a sex doll is about the shipping of the doll. Not many of us would want a delivery driver or our neighbor to know that we are buying a sex doll. The good news is that the likes of RealDoll, Sexy Real Sex Dolls, and Silicon Wives all take customer privacy extremely seriously. What arrives at your door will be a simple wooden create. Yes, it will be heavy. But there will be absolutely no indication on the crate as to what is inside. There will also be no indication that you have purchased a sex doll appearing on your bank or credit card statement. The only person who will know is you.

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