How Much is A Sex Doll

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How Much Is a Sex Doll - What Does A Sex Doll Cost

Sex dolls are growing in popularity each year with more and more men buying them. If you are one of the many guys out there who is considering buying a sex doll your first question will likely be – how much is a sex doll?

How Much is a Sex Doll

So, how much is a sex doll? That very much depends on various factors including the quality, realism, and material that the doll is made from. In this article we will look at what determines the price of a sex doll. Hopefully this will help you make a decision on buying your dream love doll.

What Determines the Price of a Sex Doll?

Creating a sex doll these days is anything but easy. There is a lot of work that goes into making one especially high end sex dolls like those available from RealDoll. Because sex dolls require so much work and skill to manufacture the price of them can vary dramatically.

Here are the most important attributes which dictate the price of a sex doll.


Pretty much every sex doll that you see for sale is made from one of two materials. This is silicone or TPE (thermoplastic elastomers). Which of these materials are used for the skin of a doll plays a huge part in determining its price. If you are wondering how much is a sex doll the biggest single influencing factor is that material.

In most cases you will find silicone sex dolls to be the more expensive option. These dolls have a rubber-like feeling to them. They are fairly resistant to heat and, depending on the mold, can be very soft or very firm. They are excellent at retaining their original shape over long periods of time. Even if pressure is applied to them they still manage to retain their original shape.

Another great thing about silicone is that it does not react with the majority of chemicals. This means it is much less likely to be damaged than a TPE doll. There is also the fact silicone is not very porus. What this means is silicone sex dolls are less likely to harbor harmful bacteria.

In most cases silicone sex dolls are the most realistic dolls you can buy. You will usually find silicone sex dolls are considered to be high end sex dolls.

TPE sex dolls are usually cheaper than silicone dolls. They feel more lifelike and realistic than silicone dolls, are softer, and usually lighter. TPE is more flexible than silicone which means you will have no trouble putting her into pretty much any sexual position you can imagine. However, it is worth pointing out that TPE is much more sensitive to pressure than silicone. As a result they are much easier to damage so you will have to be a little more careful when using her.

Heat is sometimes an issue with TPE as the material is much more sensitive to heat. You will certainly not want to leave a TPE doll in direct sunlight or any nearby heating source.

TPE is a somewhat porous material meaning it requires lots of care when cleaning. The fact it is porous means it can quite easily harbor bacteria.

The positive side of buying a TPE love doll is they are considerably cheaper than their silicone counterparts. They also ten to be lighter which many people like as they are then easier to move around, position, and store.

Weight and Size

If you have a larger sex doll it will be heavier and therefore more expensive.

Apart from considering your budget when buying a sex doll there are other things you should certainly take into consideration. Here are two important factors relating to the size and weight of your sex doll for you to consider :-

  1. How is your physical strength and energy.
  2. How much available storage do you have for your sex doll.

It is definitely worth understanding that a full-sized sex doll is going to be heavy to lift. If you feel you may struggle to lift such a heavy object you should certainly consider buying a smaller or mini sex doll.


How much is a sex doll can depend very much on the orifices. It is not simply a case of the more orifices a doll has the more expensive it will be. Obviously this does have some effect but it is down to the options and detail of an orifice that increases the price.

The most basic orifice on a sex doll are simple and fixed permanently to the doll. There is however the option with most sex dolls to have removable orifices. These obviously cost more but are well worth considering. Not only do they make cleaning easier they can also be replaced should they become damaged.

Most sex doll manufacturers offer upgraded orifices which look and feel more realistic. These upgrades offer features such as a tongue and teeth in the mouth for example.


In recent years sex dolls have become extremely lifelike. A growing number of them are able to perform sophisticated movements that mimic those a human can perform. There are even dolls that are able to talk, hold a conversation, and remember things. The very best sex doll robots that use robotics and artificial intelligence are manufactured by RealDoll.

Some high end sex dolls are equipped with built-in heaters and self lubricating vaginas.

All these features can dramatically increase the price of a sex doll.


High end sex dolls are ridiculously lifelike and detailed. Many of them have so much detail they could easily be mistaken for a real woman. With attention to detail like this the price of a doll can increase dramatically.

With a high end sex doll you can expect pretty much every minor detail to be perfect. Super realistic eyes, eyelashes, nails, hair, makeup, pubic hair, and more all play a part in determining the price of a sex doll.


Most guys who buy a sex doll choose to customize her in some way. Should you choose to customize a sex doll you should expect the price to increase.

Usually attributes that can be customized are the dolls skin, hair, eye color, nails, breasts, and body type. There is also, with many doll manufacturers the opportunity to upgrade your sex doll. For example WM Doll offers you the chance to upgrade the dolls feet so she is able to stand on her own/

How Much is a Sex Doll?

With all of this in mind the obvious question that still remains is – how much is a sex doll?

Here is an idea of the cost of a sex doll and what you should expect to get for your money.

Up to $500

When you consider sex dolls can quite literally cost tens of thousands of dollars $500 is a very attractive price. A doll this price is certainly something that should be considered if you are not wanting to spend the price of a new car.

Dolls that cost $500 or less are usually small or mini sex dolls. In some cases they are a sex doll torso without legs. It is also worth pointing out that it is possible to buy just the lower portion of a sex doll. This will likely be an attractive product should you have a foot fetish or happen to love women’s legs.

Dolls in this price range are great if you are not wanting to spend a fortune and if you are limited on the amount of storage space you have.

$500 – $1,200

If you are able to spend up to $1,200 you should be able to find a decent mid-range sex doll. A mid-range sex doll will be manufactured from good quality material. However, the attention to detail on such a doll will be basic.

A decent mid-range sex doll will usually have features that make it obvious that it is a doll. It will certainly be realistic and lifelike but you will be unlikely to mistake it for a real woman.

$1,200 – $2,000

Dolls in this price range are not considered high end but they are also not considered mid-range either. These dolls fit somewhere in between. You could look on them as a basic high-end doll.

These dolls will be much more realistic than a mid-range doll. Extra care and attention to detail will be obvious. Things like eyes, fingernails, toenails, skin, and facial features will all look highly realistic. These dolls could quite easily be mistaken for a real woman.

You will find that dolls in this price range are constructed from a high quality skeleton. Their skin on their body will usually be TPE combined with a silicone head.

$2,000 – $10,000

These love dolls are the very best that money can buy. If you spend this sort of money on a doll you really will be getting an extremely high end sex doll. These dolls are so lifelike and realistic they could easily be mistaken for a real woman. They really are that good, not just how they look but how they feel as well.

In many cases dolls which fall into this price range will include features such as a self-lubricating vagina and built-in heating. They will also likely be equipped with a robotic skeleton, head, and face allowing the doll to move and perform facial expressions. These robot sex dolls will also feature high end artificial intelligence which allows them to talk and remember things. It is even possible to give these dolls their own unique personality to suit your own personal tastes.

What really makes these high end sex dolls stand out is their ability to feel your touch. This allows the dolls to respond as your perform sexual acts on them. They can even be made to orgasm as you have sex with them and talk dirty in the process.

What is a Good Price for a Sex Doll?

In our opinion a decent price for a sex doll is between $1,500 and $2,100.

Yes, some dolls in this price range may be a little less realistic but overall they are usually excellent value for money. Especially dolls created by WM Doll. Obviously if you are wanting to buy a super realistic doll that looks human the one and only choice is RealDoll. So if money is not an object RealDoll is here you should be heading. You can check out there range of dolls here.

We would certainly suggest that any full size doll costing less than $1,200 will be a huge disappointment


Everyone will have their own opinion as what is a decent price for a sex doll. At the end of the day there is so much truth in the saying – you get what you pay for. This is especially true when it comes to sex dolls. In most cases spending that little bit more will be well worth it.

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