The Best Way To Tell Your Wife About Your Sex Doll

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The Best Way To Tell Your Wife About Your Sex Doll

If your wife or girlfriend does not know you own a sex doll you may well want to tell her. For many guys this can be an awkward thing. So, what is the best way to tell your wife about your sex doll.

The Best Way To Tell Your Wife About Your Sex Doll

There are many reasons why your wife or girlfriend may not know about your sex doll. Maybe you purchased your doll before you were with your partner. On the other hand you may have simply been to embarrassed. Whatever your personal reason happens to be the important thing is that you tell her.

Here are three tips for you to find the best way to tell your wife about your sex doll. These tips will also work if you want to tell your wife about your intention to buy a sex doll.

Tip One – Understand Her Sex Partner Preference

The best thing you can do is take the time to learn and understand your partner. Make a special effort to understand exactly what she looks for in a sexual partner. Once you know and understand that you can buy a sex doll that would be well suited to both you and her. Your best option is to buy a sex doll that you have customized. Make sure that you customize it to suit her desires as well as your own. Then you will be able to give it to her as a gift on a special occasion as a way of spicing your sex life up.

Your best option is to give it as a gift on an occasion where your partner will feel loved. This way she will be more likely and willing to accept and appreciate the gift. Whether her fantasy is sex with a ripped guy or a specific type of girl you can buy a doll to suit this fantasy.

Tip Two – Buy a Custom Sex Doll As a Surprise

You may find this point difficult to believe but it really is true. We all know that sex dolls are beautiful and highly realistic. What you probably do not realise is that women actually love these dolls more than men.

Imagine if you buy a male sex doll. I guarantee your partner will love it and accept it as an intimate loving gift. After all what girl does not love when her man brings home a sex toy to use on her?

The simple truth is sex dolls are no longer the taboo subject you think they are. All you need is to have a wonderful, loving, understanding partner who’s thoughts and feelings you have a good understanding of and you are set.

Tip Three – A Threesome

A huge number of people, both male and female, have had a sexual fantasy about having a threesome. While this is a really common fantasy when it comes to making it a reality things can quickly become complicated. As soon as you introduce a third party into your relationship all kinds of problems can arise. This leads us to the perfect opportunity to introduce a sex doll to your partner.

Perhaps you could give your partner a call or drop her a text. Tell her you have surprise for her in the bedroom this evening. Something you have bought for her. Maybe she will be surprised for a moment. But when the pair of you start having sex I promise you she will soon get herself into the moment.

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