How To Get Any Woman You Want

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How to Get Any Woman You Want - Learn How To Attract Hot Girls

Imagine a world where you were truly confident when it came to women. A world where you honestly believed you had at least a shot with pretty much any woman out there. Well, if this sounds an appealing concept keep reading to learn how to get any woman to want you.

How To Get Any Woman You Want

So, let us look at how to get any woman you want. There are no two girls the same. With that said the most important thing to remember is in most cases a woman’s needs and traits are very much universal. If you keep this in mind and use these specific psychological tricks you will be sure to impress any girl you choose.

1 – Your Own Brand is Vital

How to Get Any Woman You Want - Learn How To Attract Hot GirlsWhen it comes to learning hot to get any woman you want there is one rule that should always be at the very front of your mind. That rule states you should always pay particular attention to your own branding.

When thinking about branding think of a woman as a consumer and yourself as a company. It is down to the company to figure out what the consumers needs. Once the company knows this it can present itself as the only company in the world to satisfy that need.

Firstly the company should carry out some market research. It should pay close attention to its main competitors. When you apply this principle to a really hot girl who is single you realise she clearly must have had issues in previous relationships. Your market research should focus on where her previous boyfriend’s went wrong.

When it comes to personal branding make sure you come across as unique. Make sure you are 100% different to all the guys who came before you. If you know and understand what her previous relationships lacked you can work on filling that gap.

Try to learn about what she wants in a man. Does she want a guy who loves to party or a guy who prefers a Netflix and chill night? Is she looking for a long term relationship with security or is she looking for something casual?

Whatever it is she is looking for in a guy it is down to you to become that guy.

Far to many guys believe they know exactly what is romantic and what is not. Remember each girl will have their own opinion on this. In most cases a girl will want a guy deliver all their secret desires.

2 – Common Ground

How to Get Any Woman You Want - Learn How To Attract Hot GirlsDo not let yourself believe that old saying about how opposites attract. Sure, they do to a certain degree. However, statistically speaking the most successful relationships are between people who have lots of things in common.

If you are wanting to learn how to get any woman you want always look to find common ground.

Suppose she tells you how much she loves music. Tell her you feel everything sounds better on vinyl. On the other it is find to tell her you are not a lover of her favorite music genre. Just do not make a huge fuss over it. Of course if you do tell her this why not challenge her. Challenge her to recommend a band that will get you hooked.

Bear in mind a woman is more than likely to ask you about your own interests.  At this point you could recommend a certain band to her. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone.

This is a wonderful way to get to know each other.

Remember, if you show a genuine interest in what she likes she will find it flattering.

Perhaps after your date you could pick up a vinyl copy of her recommended band. This gives you a great reason to contact her and tell her what you thought.

3 – Work On Yourself

Women love a man who is self-assured and strong. Like it or not this happens to be a universal truth about women. Yes, there are some girls out there who love men who seem broken. Especially if that guy happens to have been broken by a certain traumatic experience. The best thing you can do with girls like this is avoid them. They will never have the savior complex satisfied. Save yourself the trouble and do not even begin trying.

If you happen to a broken guy do not let these girls trick you into believing you feel better. These kind of girls will never be happy when you are happy. In the long term they will just make you miserable and break you even more.

For this reason you need to make sure you can see right from wrong. Once you know this stick like superglue to your believes and values.

Any woman who is any good will not want a broken man. Nor will they want a sad, miserable guy. Accept who it is you are and be honest and upfront. If you do this you really can get any girl.

4 – Have Her Back

How to Get Any Woman You Want - Learn How To Attract Hot GirlsThis may vary depending on what you imagine as your dream girl but in general women love men they can rely on.

It is fair to say there are women out there who cannot stand a guy who cannot put up a shelf or fix a tire.

There are also women who hate men who will not take their side in an argument. Even if yhey are in the wrong.

There are women who despise men who cannot or will not sweep them off their feet.

You will not find any woman who does not want someone who puts them first.

A real woman will never ask you to or expect you to choose between a hobby, for example, her. However, a real woman will want to know when the shit hits the fan you will save them and not your stamp collection.

There is a possibility you will find a woman who loves your hobby as much as you. This is certainly a rare thing so do not sit around expecting this to happen.

How to Get Any Woman You Want – The Big Mistake

It is all well and good learning all the tips about how to get any woman you want. However all of these fantastic tips are useless if you make this one mistake.

When most guys wants to be with a specific girl they tend to make her the center of attention. They walk around on egg shells and feel they should do everything they ask.

The problem with this is it get old and boring quicker than you will believe. Not only that it shows you have a lack of backbone and little interest in your own life. With this approach you can be sure you are on a oneway road to destination friend zone. This is great if you simply want more female friends. However, since you are reading this I would imagine this is not the case.

Never go crawling to her and never smother her. Be sure to give her space and never ever give up your own plans or dreams.

Put all these things into practice and you have the winning combination and tools on how to get any woman you want

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