Kendra Sunderland Fleshlight

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The Kendra Sunderland Fleshlight comes in a vagina version. This highly pleasurable males sex toy uses the Angel Fleshlight sleeve. The Kendra Sunderland Fleshlight features and opening which is moulded from the adult actresses own vagina making it a perfect replica. It looks and feels just like the real thing.

Kendra Sunderland Fleshlight - Fleshlight Girls

Name : – Kendra Sunderland

Birthday :- June 16, 1995

Zodiac :- Gemini

Height :- 5 feet, 9 inches

Weight :- 125 lbs

Eye Color :- Hazel

Bra Size :- 32G

Lady Texture :- Angel

Butt Texture :- N/A

Mouth Texture :- N/A

Kendra Sunderland Flehslight

Sexy Kendra Sunderland filmed her debut scene back in 2016 for Vixen. This scene made her an instant hit with adult entertainment fans all over the world and led to the studio inviting her back to film more scenes. Each successive scene proved to be even more successful than the previous one. This led to her being awarded the title of VIXEN Angel Of The Year for 2017. In the years that followed she appeared in some of the most successful porn movies ever created. This propelled her to the very top of the adult film industry.

Now, thanks to Fleshlight, you can experience for yourself exactly what it is like to be inside this super sexy woman.

Angel Fleshlight Texture

Kendra Sunderland Fleshlight - Angel Fleshlight Sleeve - Angel Fleshlight Texture

The Kendra Sunderland Fleshlight uses the Angel Fleshlight sleeve. This is considered to be an exceptionally enjoyable sleeve to use and own as well as highly realistic.

The opening is an exact replica of Kendra Sunderland’s own vagina. It looks and feels unbelievably like the real thing. In fact it is so lifelike we would challenge anyone to touch it and tell the difference between it and the real thing.

This sleeve is divided into four individual chambers, each with their own unique texture and form of stimulation. You will not believe how much this sleeve feels just like the real thing.

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