Kissa Sins Fleshlight

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The great thing if you are looking to buy the Kissa Sins Fleshlight is that it comes in two variants. A vagina version which uses the Insatiable Fleshlight sleeve and a butt version that uses the Sinner Fleshlight sleeve. Whichever version of the Kissa Sins Fleshlight you decide to buy you can rest assured that they are both unbelievably enjoyable. In fact they are both so good you may want to buy both versions.

Kissa Sins Fleshlight - Fleshlight Girls

Name : – Kissa Sins

Birthday :- June 22, 1987

Zodiac :- Cancer

Height :- 5 feet, 1 inch

Weight :- 120 lbs

Eye Color :- Brown

Bra Size :- 32C

Lady Texture :- Insatiable

Butt Texture :- Sinner

Mouth Texture :- N/A

Kissa Sins Fleshlight

The super sexy Kissa Sins began her career in the adult film industry much later in life than most girls who choose this line of work. Even though she had a relatively late start she still managed to rise to the very top of her profession in record time.

She has worked with some of the biggest stars and studios in the industry and has also been nominated for and won the majority of the industries top awards. Such awards include awards from XBIZ and AVN.

On screen Kissa Sins has quite literally done it all. Everything from straight up girl on boy to girl on girl to bondage scenes. Now, thanks to Fleshlight, you can experience the heavenly delights of been inside this beautiful woman.

Insatiable Fleshlight Texture

Kissa Sins Fleshlight - Insatiable Fleshlight Sleeve - Insatiable Fleshlight Texture

The vagina version of the Kissa Sins Fleshlight uses the highly stimulating Insatiable Fleshlight sleeve.

This sleeve is mad up from five individual chambers with each chamber being lined with its own unique texture.

Each chamber and texture produces its own form and level of stimulation. This is considered to be one of the most enjoyable vagina Fleshlight sleeves

Sinner Fleshlight Texture

Kissa Sins Fleshlight - Sinner Fleshlight Sleeve - Sinner Fleshlight Texture

The butt version of the Kissa Sins Flehslight uses the highly stimulating Sinner Fleshlight sleeve.

This sleeve is insanely stimulating and highly realistic. Like the vagina version the opening of this version is an exact replica of the adult film actresses own body.

Everyone who has owned the Sinner Fleshlight sleeve agrees that not only is it highly simulating and realistic but capable of generating the most intensely explosive climaxes you could ever experience. You really need to experience this sleeve for yourself to truly appreciate just how good it is.

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