Lana Rhoades Fleshlight

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It is not just her fans that buy the Lana Rhoades Fleshlight. This Fleshlight girls product comes in a vagina and a butt version with both variants been among the most popular of the entire Fleshlight Girls range.

Lana Rhoades Fleshlight - Fleshlight Girls

Name :- Lana Rhoades

Birthday :- 9th September, 1996

Zodiac :- Virgo

Height :- 5 feet, 4 inches

Weight :- 114 lbs

Eye Color :- Blue

Bra Size :- 34DD

Lady Texture :- Destiny

Butt Texture :- Karma

Mouth Texture :- N/A

Lana Rhoades Fleshlight

There are not many girls out there as perfect as the stunning Lana Rhoades. She was raised by extremely religious parents and always gained top grades at school. It is hardly any surprise that in the adult entertainment world she is considered to be the perfect girl next door and all America girl.

Lana Rhoades claims to have had her first girl on girl encounter before even reaching puberty. She was a huge fan of porn by the time she reached the age of 18 years old and since she was so open minded and free spirited she lost her anal virginity before she lost her real virginity.

Having left high school she worked several jobs including waitressing but quickly decided to follow in the footsteps of her favorite porn stars. The rest, as they say, was history.

Destiny Fleshlight Texture

Lana Rhoades Fleshlight - Destiny Fleshlight Sleeve - Destiny Fleshlight Texture

The Lady vagina version of the Lana Rhoades Fleshlight uses the Destiny Fleshlight sleeve.

This sleeve is made up from five individual chambers which each have their own unique texture, form, and level of stimulation.

Anyone who has had the pleasure of using and owning this Fleshlight sleeve has stated it is not only one of the most realistic sleeves available but also one of the best all round sleeves.

It is easy to clean and maintain and is insanely enjoyable to use.

Karma Fleshlight Texture

Lana Rhoades Fleshlight - Karma Fleshlight Sleeve - Karma Fleshlight Texture

The butt version of the Lana Rhoades Fleshlight uses the Karma Fleshlight sleeve.

This sleeve has quickly become one of the best selling butt sleeves available. It is considered one of the most realistic butt sleeves and is capable of producing the most insanely intense climaxes you will have ever experienced. You really have to try this sleeve for yourself to fully understand just how fantastic it really is.

Not only is the Karma Fleshlight sleeve an absolute delight to own and use it is one of the easiest to clean and maintain.

All around this is considered to be one of the best sleeves currently available.

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