Luna Star Fleshlight

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The Luna Star Fleshlight is a male sexy toy from the Fleshlight Girls range. It is available to buy in a vagina and butt version. Both version feature openings which are a perfect replica of this sexy porn stars own body. the lady vagina version uses the the Glimmer Fleshlight sleeve while the butt version uses the Gleam Fleshlight sleeve.

Luna Star Fleshlight - Lady Vagina Pussy Glimmer Fleshlight Texture - Glimmer Fleshlight Sleeve - Butt Gleam Fleshlight Sleeve - Gleam Fleshlight Texture

Name :- Luna Star

Birthday :- August 24, 1989

Zodiac :- Gemini

Height :- 5 feet 4 inches

Weight :- 112 lbs

Eye Color :- Dark Brown

Bra Size :- 32 DD

Luna Star Fleshlight

Luna Star is a Latina pornstar who also happens to be one of the hottest stars in the adult entertainment industry.

This truly stunning, drop dead gorgeous and very sexy babe entered the adult entertainment industry and world of porn back in 2012.

Having had a career in the industry as long as she has the only surprise is that it has taken this long for Fleshlight to create her own signature male sex toy.

Glimmer Fleshlight Texture

Luna Star Fleshlight - Lady Glimmer Fleshlight Texture - Pussy Vagina Glimmer Fleshlight Sleeve

The Glimmer Fleshlight sleeve is a truly awesome sex toy.

It offers a highly realistic sexual experience and your chance to feel what it would be like to make love to this drop dead gorgeous Latina pornstar.

What makes the Luna Star Fleshlight standout in a crowd is the way it gently squeezes the penis in all the right places.

One thing for sure is if you are looking for realism combined with an explosive climax this is the best male sex toy ever.

Gleam Fleshlight Texture

Luna Star Fleshlight - Butt Gleam Fleshlight Texture - Gleam Fleshlight Sleeve

The butt version of this Fleshlight Girls sex toy uses the truly wonderful Gleam Fleshlight texture.

To date it is more than fair to say this is one of the most realistic anal sex simulation toys that money can buy. You will find it hard to believe you are not inside the real Luna Star. With an opening created from this sexy girls own ass you can not get closer than ever to her.

Just imagine the fun you can now have while watching her anal sex scenes. You will be able to feel everything you can see.


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