Madison Ivy Fleshlight Review

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This Madison Ivy Fleshlight review looks at the signature Fleshlight product from Madison Ivy herself. As part of the best selling and hugely popular Fleshlight Girls range this male product has a lot to live up too.

Madison Ivy Fleshlight Review – Quick Look

The Madison Ivy Fleshlight comes in two flavors. There is firstly the Lady version which features the Beyond Fleshlight sleeve. Additionally there is Butt version which features the Wonderland Fleshlight sleeve. What really makes the Madison Ivy Fleshlight sleeve, in both variants, hugely appealing is that they are both moulded from the body of the adult film actress herself.

Madison Ivy Fleshlight Review – Lady Beyond Fleshlight Sleeve

Fleshlight Sleeve Beyond
Stimulation ★★★★★☆
Tightness ★★★★★☆
Suction Effect ★★★★★☆
Realism ★★★★☆☆
Cleaning ★★★☆☆☆
Overall ★★★★★☆
Madison Ivy Fleshlight Review - Lady Beyond Fleshlight Sleeve - Butt Beyond Fleshlight Sleeve

As you would expect from any product in the Fleshlight Girls range the opening of the Madison Ivy Fleshlight Lady variant looks and feels super realistic. Moulded to be an exact replica of Madison Ivy herself the opening of the Beyond Fleshlight sleeve feels inviting from the moment you touch it.

Chamber One

The walls of this first chamber are shaped as though they were moulded around a ball shaped object. This offers a widening followed by a narrowing. These walls are lined with a ribbed like texture which creates a wave like or pulsating effect as you glide through it. This first form of stimulation is moderately intense.

Chamber Two

Chamber Two of the Beyond Fleshlight sleeve is one of the tightest. It is a consistent width from start to finish and is lined with small yet firm ball shaped nubs. These nubs, combined with the tightness of the chamber, greatly increase the intensity of stimulation compared with chamber one.

Chamber Three

Madison Ivy Fleshlight Review - Lady Beyond Fleshlight Sleeve - Butt Beyond Fleshlight Sleeve

This third chamber is the longest chamber so far. It is lined with a rib like textures with the ribs considerably spaced out from each other. These ribs feel relatively stiff and increase in size as you progress through the chamber. This gives a sensation of tightening the further you move into this chamber as well as producing a highly stimulating pulsating sensation.

Chamber Four

Once you enter this forth chamber you will find the level of stimulation greatly increases as does the sensation of tightness. This sensation of tightness increases towards the end of chamber four as the nubs that line the walls grow longer.

The walls of chamber four are lined with long, slightly flexible, nubs which are positioned to point towards the opening of the Fleshlight sleeve. These nubs grow in length as you move through the chamber and flex ever so slightly in the direction you are moving. This creates a hugely stimulating sensation which feels tighter when moving into the sleeve and slightly looser as you move out.

Chamber Five

Madison Ivy Fleshlight Review - Lady Beyond Fleshlight Sleeve - Butt Beyond Fleshlight Sleeve

Chamber Five certainly feels the tightest part of this sleeve. The walls are lined with ball shaped nubs which start quite large then reduce in size towards the end of the chamber. These balls are positioned very closely together with no space between them. This creates an intense pulsating effect along with a pleasant squeezing effect at the very end.


The Beyond Fleshlight sleeve is certainly one of the more difficult sleeves to clean. Especially chamber five due to the tightly positioned ball shape nubs which provide the perfect place for lube to become lodged. You will undoubtedly find this chamber difficult to clean after use.

Chamber four is a little easier to clean but still requires a little attention to make sure you remove any lodged lube. The remaining chambers are relatively easy to clean and dry out quickly.


Madison Ivy Fleshlight Review - Lady Beyond Fleshlight Sleeve - Butt Beyond Fleshlight Sleeve

The Lady version of the Madison Ivy Fleshlight lives up to the reputation of other Fleshlight Girls products in terms of the stimulation it offers. It offers a wide variety of stimulation thanks to the multiple chambers throughout the Beyond sleeve. The varied stimulation does detract from the feeling of realism although what it lacks in realism it makes up for with the level of stimulation.

What really sells this Fleshlight is the way tightness and the level of stimulation increases the further you enter into it. This is partly down to the suction that is naturally created when in use and partly down to the texture of the sleeve.

Cleaning this sleeve can be a bit of a pain but this is a small price to pay for such a highly enjoyable product.

If you are looking for a super realistic Fleshlight we would advise you to choose a sleeve with less variation in the internal texture. However, if mind blowing stimulation and enjoyment is what you are looking for we would highly recommend the Lady version of the Madison Ivy Fleshlight.

Madison Ivy Fleshlight Review – Butt Wonderland Fleshlight Sleeve

Fleshlight Sleeve Wonderland
Stimulation ★★★★★☆
Tightness ★★★★★☆
Suction Effect ★★★★★☆
Realism ★★★★★★
Cleaning ★★★★★☆
Overall ★★★★★★
Madison Ivy Fleshlight Review - Lady Beyond Fleshlight Sleeve - Butt Beyond Fleshlight Sleeve

The Openings of Fleshlight Girls products never seem to let you down when it comes to the look and feel of realism. The Butt version of the Madison Ivy Fleshlight is no exception. Just like the Lady version of this product, the Butt version is moulded to be a perfect replica of the famous adult film actress. While still soft the opening of the Butt variant of this Fleshlight is slightly tighter than the Lady version. Just like the real thing.

The Butt Madison Ivy Fleshlight features the Wonderland Fleshlight sleeve which consists of one main chamber. While this may appear simple it is this simplicity that makes the Wonderland Fleshlight sleeve one of the best anal Fleshlight products available.

Main Chamber

The main chamber of this Fleshlight may at first seem basic, it offers a high degree of stimulation and realism. The basis of the internal texture of the Wonderland Fleshlight sleeve is a pattern that is repeated four times along the chamber. The main difference each time the pattern is that it twists around the sleeve.

The internal texture there is a raised section of the sleeve which runs length wise along the chamber. This raised section is lined with small ball shaped nubs which are very closely positioned together. This creates a wonderful level of stimulation on one side of the chamber. On the opposite side of the chamber is a ribbed texture which runs half way around the chamber. This adds a completely different, yet just as intense, form of stimulation from the other side.

Madison Ivy Fleshlight Review - Lady Beyond Fleshlight Sleeve - Butt Beyond Fleshlight Sleeve

The first time you encounter the repeated pattern the nub lined section is positioned at 9 o’clock on the sleeve wall. Then the second time it moves to 6 o’clock section, then 3 o’clock section, and finally midday section. This creates a snake like experience of high stimulation. It also makes this Fleshlight sleeve feel a lot more varied than it actually is.


The Butt version of the Madison Ivy Fleshlight is one of the easiest to clean. You will find that you have to pay a little extra attention to the nub lined areas. With that said a simple rub of your finger should be enough to dislodge any lube that has become lodged between the nubs.

The ribbed section of the Wonderland Fleshlight sleeve is exceptionally easy to clean. Even the drying time once cleaned is exceptionally quick with this Fleshlight.


As simple as the internal texture of this Fleshlight sleeve is it offers a huge degree of varied stimulation. Not only does it offer a varied form of stimulation throughout the chamber it the level of intensity is high.

What we really love about the Butt version of the Madison Ivy Fleshlight is just how real it feels. From the opening all the way to the end of the sleeve it feels as close to real thing as you could ever hope. So much so you could easily mistake it for the real thing.

We highly recommend this version of the Madison Ivy Fleshlight to anyone who is looking for a highly realistic anal Fleshlight. In fact everyone involved in our Madison Ivy Fleshlight review agrees that this is one of the most realistic Fleshlight’s available.

Madison Ivy Fleshlight Review - Lady Beyond Fleshlight Sleeve - Butt Beyond Fleshlight Sleeve

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