Nicole Aniston Fleshlight

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The Nicole Aniston Fleshlight comes in two variants, a Lady vagina and anal butt version, and gives you the chance to experience the heavenly delights of a sexy pornstar.

Nicole Aniston Fleshlight - Fleshlight Girls

Birthday :- 9 September 1987

Zodiac :- Virgo

Height :- 5 feet, 3 inches

Weight :- 138 lbs

Eye Color :- Green

Bra Size :- 34DD

Lady Texture :- Fit

Butt Texture :- Flex

Mouth Texture :- N/A

Nicole Aniston Fleshlight

Both versions of the Nicole Aniston Fleshlight are considered to be intensely stimulating. They both offer an exceptionally varied texture and both deliver an explosive orgasm. The only thing better than Nicole Aniston’s signature sex toy would be the woman herself.

Fit Fleshlight Texture

Nicole Aniston Fleshlight - Fit Fleshlight Sleeve - Fit Fleshlight Texture

The Fit Fleshlight Sleeve is used for the Lady vagina version of Nicole Aniston’s signature male masturbator.

This Fleshlight sleeve is made up from fur separate chambers all featuring their own unique texture.

It is fair to say this sleeve provides it all.

Twisting, throbbing, squeezing, pulsating, and more. There is quite literally everything going on with this sensationally enjoyable male sex toy.

Flex Fleshlight Texture

Nicole Aniston Fleshlight - Flex Fleshlight Sleeve - Flex Fleshlight Texture

The anal butt version of Nicole Aniston’s signature sex toy uses the Flex Fleshlight sleeve.

This Fleshlight sleeve is made up from four chambers each with their own unique texture and form of stimulation.

You will certainly never get bored with the Flex Fleshlight sleeve which is a product you really must try for yourself to fully appreciate.

Lotus Fleshlight Texture

Nicole Aniston Fleshlight - Lotus Fleshlight Sleeve - Lotus Fleshlight Texture

It is also possible to buy the Nicole Aniston Fleshlight in a vagina version which uses a shared texture. In this instance that texture is the best selling and hugely popular Lotus Fleshlight sleeve.

This sleeve has been used for several Fleshlight Girls products and has, ever since it was first released, been considered to be one of the very best to own and use.

It is a highly realistic sleeve which delivers a heavenly form of stimulation and the most explosive climax imaginable.

What makes the Lotus Fleshlight sleeve even better is that it is so easy to clean after use.

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